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  1. Dish has ~8 million customers. I don't expect Dish to have the growth that TMobile has had. Lets say Dish is lucky to add an average of 1M customers a year for 5 years. That puts them only at 13M customers. Even if they were TMobile like in the ability to add at least 1M new customers a quarter, in 5 years that is 20M + 8M, so 28M. Whatever network they build I think it'll focus very much just in the big cities where they have the most customers right now and plan to push sales the most. It doesn't make sense for them to build a nationwide network and use all their bands. It doesn't even really make sense to build a low-band network to hit their 70% pop coverage. I could see Dish coming to an agreement with TMobile to broadcast their spectrum. Like why would they need to cover 70% pop if they have few customers. Also I could see if Dish continues forward in good faith and the deadlines are near that the FCC could be willing to come to some form of agreement with Dish to not penalize them if they are unable to get TMobile to host use their spectrum.
  2. So they have pdfs of their coverage, but the map still isn't updated. They added a few more cities. They are now at 179 million people. Expanded DSS. https://www.att.com/5g/coverage-map/ https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/at-t-expands-5g-to-28-new-markets-continues-dss-deployment
  3. Wonder how they will move on their network. If they deployed it like TMobile is deloying 600MHz, I'd put a line on them.
  4. I don't even think this was a big deal. There was no required purchase needed until July 1st. Analysts "predicted" it would be earlier, they were wrong so "OMG. DISH IS DOING WHAT DISH DOES". If the prediction was closing on July 1st, like the agreement states, we'd have less click bate. For Dish, I think they have valid concerns with a Boost handoff. Wasn't until mid June that DOJ confirmed TMobile was compliant. If I was Dish, I wouldn't hold TMobile at their own word that they were complaint so the DOJ stepping in a good thing. Plus in the mean time Dish could argue the value of the Boost business has decreased but I wouldn't expect much room there for them to haggle that. If I knew Dish was rapidly building out their network I'd put on a line on them just out of curiosity.
  5. Roaming agreements. Possibly target hotspots. I also think that if they can put 3.5GHz in their modem's, they could improve coverage/handoff significantly over 2.4/5GHz WiFi. Further increase the amount of data offloaded onto their network. But in CBRS, they don't NEED a license. They have 80MHz of unlicensed spectrum to work with. So I'd think picking up licenses is more so that they can swap for better MVNO deals.
  6. AT&T seriously not update their coverage map yet to reflect this new 5G coverage? Im still waiting...
  7. It'll be interesting to see the net jobs of TMobile over the coming years. In 3/4 years time will it be a net increase or decrease. One thing I've been curious about is these job promises. I highly doubt it requires a net increase. So if you promise 10,000 jobs, layoff 15,000 and over the next few years you hire 10,000 people back, you fulfilled your promise even at a net decrease of 5k people. It's a similar situation at whatever states were promised. You just move people around or layoff and rehire to hit your 1000 new employee goals for that state.
  8. I'd imagine that we have so many registered bidders because they were already using this spectrum space. Filling to bid just to see if they can get licensed space on the cheap. Some businesses might feel like they can benefit by moving to licensed space too. Just a taught here: Comcast (and other cable mvnos) have millions of wi-fi APs that are used to subsized cellular use. What if they got a license say 20MHz wide of CBRS in their coverage territories. Then add CBRS to their wireless cable modems. These could be at higher power output which would improve coverage over 2.4GHz and improve utilization being on LTE/5G technology over WiFi. I don't really see cable co adding these to poles and such, but feel like the above is more likely.
  9. Why is pcmag showing a map of possible 5G on 700 when AT&T? As at least we know, AT&T is deploying 5G on 850 where they too lack nationwide license coverage.
  10. 137 New 5G markets, 160+ Million covered. https://about.att.com/newsroom/2020/5g_announcements.html Coverage map still not updated.
  11. TMobile has the capex, we will see if they can execute. Sure they have spectrum now, but before Sprint they had LTE spectrum on par with VZW. Half the customers and their data speeds were only on par. With VZW deploying CBRS, I expect them to take away a lot in Auction 105 of which this spectrum has been deployable since January. So Im not sure how much of a head start TMobile has even on the 2.5GHz deployment front. VZW is supposed to launch 5G in Q3 so we will see how much work they have been doing behind the scenes if any at all. Hopefully it will be straight to SA, non of this NSA nonsense. For me personally 5G has been about the SA. I want to be able to turn off LTE and really see 5G-only coverage/speed.
  12. Yeah, it would be kinda nice if the FCC just went a head and repacked it so you can easily make 5 5MHz blocks in SMR. Redo the band plan, revoke 5MHz and auction that off. Then use those precedes to pay the former A and B license holders. Allow for smaller license holders with deployed spectrum to have discounted rates. Have exceptions for smaller outfits to seek additional funding if they need to completely replace equipment and/or utilize a different band, or even have priority access. It seems like it would be something the FCC would be interested in as they seek additional spectrum.
  13. That signal is a lot worse than B66. How far are you from the tower and what kind of obstructions you have? From my understanding, the B48 equipment is power limited to 50W. So you have to setup your configuration within that power envelop. So it is either more carriers for faster speeds nearer the tower or less carriers so you can maximize coverage. I figured 40MHz would be kinda default to best optimize coverage with speeds. Guess not.
  14. Hopefully. VZW still seems to be betting them in overall data performance. Seems like with the Sprint merger they are now on an even playing field :P. I expect VZW to walk away with 40MHz in all the top pops in Auction 105, I wonder if TMobile has any plans to buy or use unlicensed. Seems like it would be better to use that than 5GHz.
  15. I don't know about. From what I have seen 2G->LTE was cheap. Strictly just enough to enable LTE New LTE coverage being just a single band, in a lot of cases just PCS or AWS 700 being just sprinkled around. Its a lot better now, but taken a long time to get to where it is now, but in many cases still very much so lacking due to lack of deployment. Especially new coverage that lacks it. 600 very much a sprinkle but the map makes you think they are done with it in a given area with it. Reguardless of how fast it takes, still gotta sit through another full buildout of 2.5GHz. 😕 65k towers, gotta average 1800 sites a month for 3yrs to get a full 2.5GHz buildout on TMobile sites. However, with how the currently build out, I wouldn't expect them to do a full build out of it. I can see a lot of low band sites not getting midband at all still and midband only sites getting added just 600MHz. Then at levels smaller than macro, will TMobile be able to just import those sites into their core or do they gotta do another build out there? Aug 2019 Sprint reported 32k small cells which is actually way more than TMobile's listed 25k small cells.
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