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  1. Capacity isn't going to be an issue on C-Band. All they are doing is hurting capacity < 3.5GHz.
  2. https://www.fiercewireless.com/regulatory/fcc-concludes-epic-800-mhz-rebanding-program
  3. I haven't been able to find the research article, but it was from a vendor such as the likes of Nokia. They were testing real world scenario of 3.5GHz coverage and said that it performed very similar to 2.1GHz. There will be marketing from everyone, but I don't think that 3.5GHz is going to be this horrible band that 2.5GHz was originally made up to be by everyone just because some company said it wasn't good or didn't buy it. Technology has come a long way, we have many macro and micro sites now. Even if it has coverage shortfalls that doesn't matter because we have equipment to f
  4. They can infill with micros instead of dropping a macro. Upgrading existing macros will improve total coverage as well. VZW has been able to do extremely well with the macros, spectrum and customers that they have. So where ever they put their money they clearly show that it is a working strategy. I wouldn't be too concerned with the lack of additional macros.
  5. End of 2023 is a long time from now. Will wait and see how coverage really is. In my area, TMobile still has a hell of a lot of work to do to be on par with AT&T/VZW. Hopefully the extra 20k macro sites are strictly for suburban/rural coverage. Here where I am, if they end up keeping the Sprint sites that don't have TMobile on them they will do very well. But hopefully sooner than later.
  6. For Auction 107, TMobile's approach makes way more sense. Like why need 200MHz in all of Montana, North Dakota, etc? Just seems odd. Does this spectrum have build-out requirements?
  7. They may get it cheap, but I'd doubt that means they would deploy a lot of it. Maybe more a protection thing so they don't have huge headaches with possible interference. In rural and smaller towns I go to, TMobile now is far from deploying their entire pre-Sprint spectrum portfolio. I go to places and all they do is deploy just a single band. If they go back with 5G they just add one more band (600). Or they have all but one band deployed. Unless they are going to do B41/n41 on every tower like Sprint was wanting to do, I wouldn't keep my hopes up for a ton of rural 2.5. You'd
  8. Auction 107: Hit $80.9B. Now going to enter the assignment phase where bidders can bid on specific spectrum blocks. Wonder how fast this will get online this year. TMobile's head start with 2.5GHz is gonna get challenged. I could see them taking the lead in wireless tests in 2021 but then the gap close in 2022. Auction 108: Three blocks. 49.5, 50.5 and 16.5MHz. I wonder how heavy TMobile will buy here. It'll sorta clean up their holdings and I could see down the road if they don't bid they have to invest more time keeping interference out of the current existing
  9. I just switched my parents from VZW to US Mobile on VZW. Their plans are $15/mo for 2.5GB, $30 for 10GB, $40 for unlimited and discounts with unlimited family. They opted for the two lines $70/mo unlimited. Good to know that Ting exists. Looks like some decent pricing for VZW network, includes hotspot which is nice. I think US Mobile it is an add-on feature.
  10. Comcast and Charter do not overlap but do touch each other. So my Mom has Comcast but you go down her road 2 miles, Comcast ends and Charter begins. The area is old AT&T phone/dial-up service they shut down in like 2013 or so that they never upgraded to DSL. They deployed FTTH after the DirecTV merger so there are a few places where this new deployment overlaps Comcast and Charter but this is just areas where AT&T needs to go through to get to areas that were unserved.
  11. $43/mo is the regular rate for 25Mbps. $63 regular rate gets you 100Mbps. We have Charter here too and it is a couple dollars more than Comcast for 100Mbps regular rate. I know TVision is a thing. Is TMobile doing bundling discounts though? Older folks also want their channels that they watch and these "skinny" packages tend to miss one or more major channels of interest so TVision likely isn't going to be a reasonable choice. Plus there is a ton of competition here. TVision is also very sports heavy. Live TV+ with 56 channels, 24 are sport channels. 4 Big 10 and 8 ESPN College Extra.
  12. That $100+/mo is for those crazy high speeds. Even Comcast's 600Mbps regular rate is under $100 at $93/mo. At least here. The cheapest offering is 25Mbps for $43/mo. But then talking 60+, these people want their traditional cable TV. Comcast will have the power of bundling. Not sure if TMobile is there yet across their services.
  13. When I switched to RedPocket GMSA in December from Sprint using a Verizon Palm Phone, VoLTE was working through February before it was disabled. That was a RP sim card straight into the Palm and activated in the Palm.
  14. Would have been cool if they had merged with Appalachian Wireless. Maybe it is only a matter of time until they fall. I dislike seeing these smaller carriers kick the bucket. I have not looked into rural carriers profitability in their roaming contracts. But with Sprint now not being a major roaming partner for these regional carriers, I would not surprised to see more fall in the short term. With hindsight, maybe we could have expected this. They did not secure any 600 licenses while Appalachian Wireless secured a number of licenses. Has anyone looked into this? Regional c
  15. TMobile and Verizon will be all VoLTE here soon. I don't see why AT&T couldn't. Though they have a very tee tiny list of VoLTE capable devices. Some kind of technical issue because of some piece of hardware/software they opted for years ago? They don't want to put the extra effort into it? Use this as an opportunity to sell phones? They already have a decent number of markets that lack 850. It sucks going from a very usable LTE 700 to not being able to place a fall call due to the lack of 850. I have even noticed that AT&T 700 LTE coverage is better than their 850 HSPA coverag
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