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  1. Will my LG V30 finally get Android 9 and also have B66 and B71 unlocked? TMobile's could have B25 and B26 unlocked.
  2. I think AT&T generally has enough spectrum to not really worry about DSS.
  3. feature request: cloud saves between devices.
  4. Shentel Capex is pretty interesting. From 2018 to 2020 Wireless capex is going from $80M to $40-45M. That difference is going into fiber and fixed wireless along with the planned increase in capex. They did acquire 2.5GHz licenses of their own. I wonder if any of the spending on fixed wireless would benefit cellular wireless? Split deployment costs across the two groups. At least once they figure out if they are keeping their wireless business or not. I'd imagine if they are keeping their wireless business that there would be a lot of movement on the cellular side. If they keep the cellular business, it'll be interesting if the agreement continues to maintain the option to expand cellular into eastern part of KY.
  5. Pop in at r/nocontract. Should get a lot of good feed back for exactly what you are inquiring about.
  6. Yeah, I can see TMobile enabling that 1.5Mbps video throttle asap on plans that are no longer available. My last unlimited plan was 8Mbps video. TMobile's network would initially get crushed if all these new Sprint subs can steam full HD, lol. Will not surprise me at all if TMobile does this.
  7. There has actually been quiet a bit of BRS/EBS available throughout the years. I've been monitoring this site which is a portal for those interested in buying/selling/leasing spectrum. They have even held 2.5GHz auctions. There used to be a lot more available through this portal. https://selectspectrum.com/2500.html
  8. So we know TMobile will push updates to Sprint phones to brand them TMobile and enable VoLTE for the new network. I'm curious how far can we expect TMobile to go? I have the LG V30+ the US998U. It supports VoLTE on Sprint but not on TMobile. I fully expect it to get VoLTE update. However, the US998U and TMobile's V30, the H932 vary on their supported LTE bands. US998U has B2,4,5,12,25,26,41 H932 has B2,4,5,12,41,66,71 Can we expect TMobile to recertify these devices to enable all New-TMobile's LTE bands?
  9. There is no point. They already have 700 gear up using it. They can still grab more 600. They won't gain anything from selling it but some cash which they don't need. The offloaded 800 to help please those needed to make this merger happen. AT&T already has B12 and Lower 700D. They could go ahead and moved forward with this new LTE band you want or push for B12+B29 CA.
  10. Why does it need to be nationwide? Rural areas will be served plenty fine with existing holdings. They need holdings for populated areas, just so happens where Comcast owns a lot of stuff. There are many deal possibilities between Comcast and VZW. I can see VZW picking up 600 only if is extremely favorable price wise and I think Comcast is the only one that could offer them some type of deal. No need to sell 700A. TMobile will be ready for when USCC falls. Until inter-band CA in 700 is possible, B12+B29 won't be possible. Though I think we are almost there. Just saw a report of successful 700+800 CA across LTE and DSS 5G.
  11. I do think VZW pushed themselves into a corner. They have a fantastic network, being the most spectrum constrained, having 65million more customers than uncarrier and still delivering speeds on par with uncarrier. But damn, New-TMobile is going to have 50 to 80MHz of 5G SA here soon. 😮 It'll take time for TMobile to merge and optimize the additional ~45million and spectrum. I only see VZW getting this 600 from Comcast if they get some kind of great agreement. But yeah, I think VZW will go big on CRBS and then go even bigger making sure they secure the first available 100MHz in C-Band.
  12. AT&T is at 50 million now covered in 5G.
  13. How do you identify this? Almost all the current AX stuff out there doesn't do OFDMA and even one does OFDMA only on the DL. Are you able to distinguish the difference and maybe add a note if OFDMA is actually being used?
  14. Are you on AT&T proper? You try different APNs?
  15. I thought we were supposed to have some news (a decision) by now? Did it get pushed back to February?
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