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  1. When will all of PCS go towards LTE? I know the 3G shutdown is far into the future, but they still could refarm the rest of it. My friend has been traveling around and was running into capacity issues on LTE. I turn LTE off when this happens and tend to get the 2Mbps on EVDO since no one is on it anymore. So I suggested he do the same so he could at least get a little internet. Well, there was no EVDO waiting for him, but just 1x. I know the CDMA shutdown is near for consumers so this makes sense. This makes me think that even their B5 is at a full 10x10 now and they are just running on a single 1x carrier. Sprint has there sliver of 1x 800MHz. Even though Sprints 3G shutdown is far into the future, refarming all of PCS for LTE could give them a nice boost. Though I guess they need to get all compatible phones enabled for VoLTE first.
  2. Was thinking about this. Sprints 2.5GHz really is gold, even vs 100s of MHz of mmWave. Im not sure the TDD config on mmWave and Im also not sure what speeds 5G is expected to have over LTE, so I am using LTE known speeds and config 1.? So bare with me on these rough estimates. ~115Mbps at 20MHz carrier. So VZW is 115Mbps x5 (for 100MHz) x 9 (for 900MHz) mmWave is 2x2 MIMO. So theoretical maximum would be ~5.2Gbps. *However, current Snagdragon X50/55 only do 8xCA on mmWave (4.6Gbps). Sprint 2.5GHz is 32x32MIMO on 40/60MHz is ~3.7/5.5Gbps capacity. So Sprint will be limited on the device side due to 4x4 MIMO. But capacity wise, Sprint is ready to take on mmWave with the massive mimo gear they are deploying.
  3. The Snapdragon 855 has the X24 modem which does support 3xCA UL. Are the phones not coming out of the FCC with full support? The speed problems are solved just by having a larger dedicated channel at lower frequency for supplemental UL. Having 15MHz at 1695-1710 solves that. Maybe could even use it to increase the range of B41/N41? Im not saying 35MHz UL would be bad or anything or not for 35MHz UL. But people don't UL as much as they think they do. Facetime, Duo, Skype, etc don't use as much data as people think they do. Sprint's UL is not at capacity. This is why UL on the other carriers FDD has plenty of speed behind it, even with the DL is slammed. The low speeds are a connection/time issue which on Sprint gives huge inconsistencies. 15MHz easily solves the low speeds, gives plenty of additional capacity and fixes consistency issues within B41/N41 coverage area. But considering the DL capacity that is now available on these new massive mimo sites... what is another 20MHz. But if Dish keeps this stuff to build out their network, they totally want all of AWS4 for DL. Im working here with bands that already exist. AWS3 UL only exists in B70. If you went B23, 15MHz AWS3 gets orphaned off as B66 does not cover that range. Making it TDD would not be a good idea either because then the FCC and those adjacent will want guard bands, especially next to AWS1 UL. It also won't solve the issue that Sprint has with TDD unless a configuration is picked that makes most the airtime for UL. But then you are still wasting a lot of airtime for DL that isn't needed.
  4. Superbowl is a great example. No matter how much technology they deploy, they are at a huge UL disadvantage reguardless. If just a few people can max out a 9Mbps UL, then 65,000 people should easily be able to kill Sprint's UL capacity. This did not happen. What I find in my testing is B41 really needs a very good signal to pull in at least ok uplink speeds. I might be able to pull in 30~70Mbps DL but my signal isn't really that great so the UL suffers hardcore. A lot of times I'll just get 0.01Mbps on Speedtest. But if I can get close to the tower and get a nice clear signal I will be at 4~9Mbps. So my original 0.01Mbps is not a result of congestion. It's the same effect of say a 5MHz DL channel. Close to the tower you get 22Mbps DL, back up some and now you get 2~5Mbps. Same thing is happening on B41 but in the other direction and more pronounced due to lack of UL air time. Has Sprint even enabled 2xCA and 3xCA UL yet?
  5. I do not see a need to be concerned about upload. 15MHz is loads of upload. I work for an ISP and it's always between 8:1 and 10:1 ratio when every subscriber has symmetrical internet. If upload was an issue we would see Sprint's UL slammed on B41 right now. The poor speeds come from not having the best of signal. But even at the last superbowl, Sprint doing speedtests around the stadium with solid signal they were still pulling in 2~3Mbps. When real world best you can get is generally just 9Mbps. If UL is an issue you'd expect UL to be practically 0.
  6. B70 25x15 (using all 1995-2020) and then CA that with B66 2180-2200. Don't need an UL carrier on the second or higher carrier. Then you just waste 5MHz on the PCS-H UL.
  7. Dish paid a premium for PCS H to extended the buildout deadlines of 700/AWS4. Money talks. Might be able to come to another agreement, especially if Dish is putting forth good faith and getting their protection site network built out. TMobile would like more spectrum sure, but I think it is so much more than that. If VZW is comfortable with their position and twice the customers, TMobile should be able to do well. No other carrier than Sprit has huge chunk of midband for NR, especially spectrum that doesn't need to be refarmed. Sprint is doing just 40MHz in places, of which Dish has. Carriers are looking at 3.5GHz, but depending who bids and who gets what, there isn't really a lot of spectrum there to be had. Just that it will likely be cheap. ATT doesn't have to put all their spectrum on air across the nation. TMobile isn't even doing it for new coverage areas. ATT even said that B14 was going to be targeted deployments and only added where the capacity was needed.
  8. Why would they want to do Band 23 though? They can use 1995-2020 as DL. Do B70+B66.
  9. Nice stuff! Wonder how Amphenol prices compare. They trying to be a market disruptor? To go 8x8, does VZW go that route more on an as needed basis? Also very cool all LTE. I would have figured AT&T or TMobile to be the first. If this stuff is getting a major deployment in your area, would be interesting to know how many 3G sites they are running off of now.
  10. Im skeptical of TMo News because they list cities constantly. ATL is like on half the update pages. It's like a few sites get upgraded (we don't know extent of upgrade) so gets listed. Not like back when spectrum refarm, mimo or qam was changed in mass. With how far it is into it, I think the merger will happen. Im split on it however. I do like that we will get movement from Dish. Whether they sell out in the future or not, it will be exciting to see Dish actually move forward with something. I like Sprint's regional roaming agreements and the fact that I use them and support local business if you will. I'm sure these will go away and will be missed. I've never liked TMobile's 'no service' status on my phones when they could easily at least roam on a regional carrier. Whether prices go up or down, they won't be where we need them. They won't go down to what we we think if fair. If the merger happens, once my phones get updated for TMobile VoLTE I think we'll switch to MintSim. I pay $90/mo + tax for two lines and use ~12GB total. It's way too much for essentially internet access, and most places we are on WiFi anyways. I feel like all the carriers keep adding more and more features or limits to these plans that very few actually use to keep prices inflated. Make you feel like you get a lot so are ok with it, even though you actually use a little.
  11. Outside MetroPCS acquisition which gave TMobile some 700A, they started in earnest getting 700MHz like 5yrs ago now. It doesn't matter if it is just 5 or 10MHz wide or that they don't have a 700A license that USCC holds. It's the fact that they have many 700A licenses, have had it for many years now. Yet a lack serious deployment to cover their gaps, lack of deployment in totally new coverage areas, etc. Sure, TMobile is getting 600MHz up there and quick. I expect them too. Just like they did with 700. But will it be above and beyond 700s deployment and be closer to ATT/VZW/Sprints level of deployment where low-band is essentially on every tower or just end up being a sprinkling. The 700 experience or lack there of, for me, does not instill confidence in complete and total commitment. The merger hasn't gone through, but when it does, 3yrs may not be enough with how many years TMobile has had with 700. Over those three years there is going to be loads of work at all levels for TMobile so who knows where resources are going to get diverted.
  12. What are they? The max allowed isn't much and APs tend to not get close to max allowed specs for 5GHz. If they do even twice what APs do, being outside, a good AP is going to be sensitive enough to know that something is there taking up airtime. Half the time I see pictures of these it looks like they are just in some neighborhood. 😕 I was up at Cocoa Beach this summer I had a bad time on Sprint and my family was having a bad time on VZW. At least on Sprint one step you are on 1x800 and the next step you could have B41. I started looking for towers and only found a few. The ones I found were barely taller than any of the buildings and would have 3 or 4 carriers on them. The place also doesn't have very many tall buildings to put sites on so the sites were very short.
  13. Seems like a nice sized massive mimo deployment is going on in Chattanooga. Every time I get out in town I spot a new 5G MM antenna. Performance is awesome. First time in this city I have gotten over 100Mbps. Actually on the 8T8R gear I have really only seen 60Mbps peak. Figured backhaul on these sites was limited. These new antennas, I ran just two tests and peaked at 140Mbps. Metro city is ranked 100, City is ranked 144 in pop size. If this city is getting 5G stuff, I can only imagine the rest. This deployment makes me kinda oppose the merger a bit.
  14. Well, TMobile still has a LOT of work to do in low-band. If the merger went through today and 800MHz was lost today, I'd take a serious hit in coverage, reliability and usability inside and outside the city because TMobile's 700 is extremely lacking. This holds true for everywhere I travel in East TN. If 600MHz deployment is like their 700, it's gonna suck. And in new coverage areas I visit like East KY, did they forget they own 700A there? So many new sites that are rubbish and make for a horrible inconsistent experience because of the lack of 700. If TMobile can't up beef up 600/700 by the time 800 is unusable, it's gonna not be great. If they have a ton of work in places I routinely go or visit, I can only imagine what the rest of the network is like.
  15. Wow. They are in WiFi Channel 153 and 157. Unless you go with a 20MHz channel below or above there is no way to avoid interference specifically from LAA. 40MHz channel will overlap these. 😕
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