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  1. Any inside word if this will come to Sprint and will it be this year? It not only does both Sprint and TMobile LTE bands including B71 and HPUE, VoLTE, but it also supports CDMA 0,1,10.
  2. Some of the areas I visit was VZW only, and with the latest coverage map update, it appears that service may not exist now or very soon. I haven't verified yet, but it is a concern. It isn't a huge concern right now because of the other roaming agreements (not including TMobile). But once TMobile takes over, if roaming goes away, that is a huge hit on my coverage of areas I actually go.
  3. So, here I've been planning to switch over to MintSim if the merger goes through once my phone gets updated. That is, if I jump off the New-TMobile. However... TMobile's claim that 99% of the population is now covered, maybe if you are a few hundred feet above tree level? Where I live and where I go, TMobile is a distant fourth place compared to Sprint+Roaming even before TMobile roaming. TMobile roaming has been more an annoyance really as their performance and coverage is subpar to the regional carrier. Sprint is already chopping VZW roaming. I imagine the new Tmobile will kill all of Sprint's roaming. It'll be time to switch to ATT/VZW MVNO 😕
  4. That isn't just giving them money though. Nothing is ever for free. It looks like part ownership and part financing. Softbank already did something similar with Sprint after they bought the,. Sprint's did huge lease backs with Softbank shell companies to raise billions of dollars, almost $7 billion that I am aware of.
  5. Can't find a spec sheet. AirUnity 5G https://www.airspan.com/portfolio-items/airspan-networks-5g-airunity-powered-by-qualcomm-technology/ Display is huge on it. When can we expect this?
  6. Seems two fold. IIRC they were going to shut down business/m2m 12/31/21 and consumers 12/31/19. Seems like they both now have the same date. VZW though seems like they are still killing the roaming because they want devices off the 3G network. According to my VZW buddy, EVDO is already dead. I'd expect them to run just 1 carrier in SMR were they can.
  7. I wouldn't even consider SiriusXM a monopoly anymore. Maybe after they merged yes. Having a satellite capable device to get SiriusXM radio isn't a requirement. These days, it just so happens that they also offer satellite as an available method (which still heavily relies on ground based towers) to receive the service but it is by no means essential to have the service.
  8. Back when sat radio merged, both companies were bleeding money and almost filed for bankruptcy after the merger still. Many analysts thought two weak companies were merging to make a weak company. This was more than a decade ago. Their arguement to the FCC was that the merger was needed just to survive. If they didn't merge, they could have both disappeared or we still only end up with one service provider in the end. Since then, they have like almost 30 million subs and almost $6billion in revenue. But this still needs to be broken down as you don't have to get the signal from satellite to be a SiriusXM customer and this likely includes Pandora subs as well. These days, their radio is transfered just like everyone else's via an app. You can be a subscriber and get your entertainment through you ISP or Cellular provider. Shoot, I wouldn't be surprised if SiriusXM coming with your new car goes over LTE.
  9. Softbank did invest in Sprint. Softbank is an asset holder, putting money into a company is an investment. They just don't hand out free money, and it would take at least two years worth of capex to get Sprint somewhere substantial where that money spent would actually make them money long term. Even things like Softbanks $100B IT fund, they are just exchanging money for ownership where it is buying a large portion of a public company like ARM to get majority ownership, or a small startup that needs money and is willing to sell a portion of the company to get the money they need. There is nothing left to buy from Sprint unless they want to take Sprint private. Sprint's contingency plan is to operate as normal, like they are now. They can keep going. We'd see a Chapter 11 or Softbank taking Sprint private before a complete full on asset sale. Sprint's disaster apex would be when they can no longer raise money and take on debt. When there is a full on loss in confidence. Things can't be all too bad. Sprint's numbers still aren't in the black, but they would easily have been if they didn't spend the few billion extra on capex. But you gotta spend money to make money and it is great that Sprint's capex isn't complete garbage anymore. Marcelo really might have had to trim capex way back just to keep the books not as deep in the red and sustain Sprint, but it cost Sprint a lot of time. I think would would help Sprint greatly is removing CDMA requirements for devices to be on their network. Having a CDMA requirement is ignoring tens of millions of potential line additions and flat out throwing away tens of milions of others. MVNOs have switched over from Sprint to TMobile. New MVNOs are more likely to be a TMobile MVNO. People can't just take whatever phone and say "make it work". If CMDA exists on the device, even if it lacks BC10 should just be more a bonus for Sprint. Sprint used to be the MVNO king, but TMobile has really been able to pick up Sprint's slack.
  10. Have, will or why hasn't Sprint been leaving up their 8T8R gear where they have the extra spectrum?
  11. Im sure you are aware, but I'd also keep in mind that the hotspot can't CA. IMO the device is meant more for coverage awareness. If you want to test speeds, grab a TMobile sim and drop that into an unlocked phone. Speedtest app is whitelisted.
  12. red_dog007

    LG V30

    They are keeping up with their quarterly patches on the Sprint V30. Wish they weren't so far behind on Android 9. Been looking at the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and boy is that sucker tempting.
  13. So what is like the theoretical maximum DL/UL for a 20MHz 5G channel with 256QAM, 4x4MIMO with the current TDD config Sprint is running?
  14. Is there a map source that lets you disable LTE on the legend to view just 3G coverage? But even that coverage may not differentiate between EVDO and 1x.
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