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  1. When I switched to RedPocket GMSA in December from Sprint using a Verizon Palm Phone, VoLTE was working through February before it was disabled. That was a RP sim card straight into the Palm and activated in the Palm.
  2. Would have been cool if they had merged with Appalachian Wireless. Maybe it is only a matter of time until they fall. I dislike seeing these smaller carriers kick the bucket. I have not looked into rural carriers profitability in their roaming contracts. But with Sprint now not being a major roaming partner for these regional carriers, I would not surprised to see more fall in the short term. With hindsight, maybe we could have expected this. They did not secure any 600 licenses while Appalachian Wireless secured a number of licenses. Has anyone looked into this? Regional c
  3. TMobile and Verizon will be all VoLTE here soon. I don't see why AT&T couldn't. Though they have a very tee tiny list of VoLTE capable devices. Some kind of technical issue because of some piece of hardware/software they opted for years ago? They don't want to put the extra effort into it? Use this as an opportunity to sell phones? They already have a decent number of markets that lack 850. It sucks going from a very usable LTE 700 to not being able to place a fall call due to the lack of 850. I have even noticed that AT&T 700 LTE coverage is better than their 850 HSPA coverag
  4. Any of those phones do VoLTE on AT&T? Where I go often, AT&T doesn't own CLR so HSPA coverage is very poor. I have a V30 US998 that works just fine on VZ VoLTE but AT&T does not. Very annoying to have a good B12 signal only for it to drop to no service when trying to place a phone call. 😕
  5. When we talk prepaid here, this includes Verizon Prepaid + their owned MVNOs such as Visible and Yahoo Mobile? So with the Tracfone purchase those users would be considered prepaid?
  6. Man, they should do like at least like a $20 credit on your account if you bring it into a store. Don't think it is responsible of them to make a million paper weights that will significantly end up in the trash. Can we expect another 20MHz to get added to 5G!?
  7. Still get higher prices to whomever might buys DirecTV. Might either be a foreign company or a sat company who doesn't care about the TV service. What spectrum does DirecTV use/own? FCC could put in the agreement for no price increases for so many years.
  8. This is something Dish should have gotten. That would have put them at 30M subs where they could offset data usage with their own coverage. Don't have coverage, no problem, just roam on one of the big three. I think they missed a huge opportunity here to help subsidized their network buildout. Is there a list or data anywhere on like the top 10 MVNO groups by subscriber count? edit: not including prepaid or carrier owned MVNOs (Visible, Cricket, Metro, etc). What would be funny is if VZ actually pushes those 13M users off their network. VZ is doing fantastic with their limited re
  9. Fiercewireless article states that where VZW may not have 850 license, VZW will use PCS or AWS for DSS.
  10. It is enough coverage to hit 200M pops so there is that. Seems more important and gets VZW up there into AT&T/TMobile in terms of covered people. Plus these sites likely have been getting strong builds to where VZ needs it to keep their LTE strong.
  11. https://www.verizon.com/coverage-map/ Any ideas what they are doing? 10x10 DSS on 850MHz?
  12. It can't be too much of a disaster. The only requirement for TMobile is to send you an LTE modem rather than a cell phone. All the carriers are doing this. I just wish they were more transparent in the WISP coverage. Right now it is yes/no based on your address. It would be nice to also have the ability to request a site review (say a couple houses over gets it but you don't). I also hope that carriers put effort behind it. I hope it encourages them to do fuller builds and fuller upgrades.
  13. Yeah, maybe after the iPhone 12 is released we can see more spectrum transition to 5G, or see widespread DSS.
  14. Yeah, I've been waiting for this to happen. Surprised it has taken so long. But then I also wonder what the site requirements are to be part of this and what areas this is actually available in.
  15. IMO I say look at AT&T or VZW MVNOs if you can't do TMobile. Sprint is going to be moved as rapidly as possible to really only be a network that supports calls and text. All TMobile needs to keep the Sprint network up and phones running is 800MHz. If that is all you need and get by with < 3GB of data, then sticking with a Sprint MVNO should be cool. In these cases though I'd be concerned with how rapidly TMobile forces MVNO hands to shift networks when it is their turn and how agressive TMobile is in forcing their hands.
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