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  1. Maybe it is spectrum limitations in Birmingham. I know when I travel there I connect to 2.5GHz when I think 2.6GHz is more common. Think that is due to limited holdings? For this tower, the section that facings Birmingham might have different spectrum allocation/deployment than the other side of the tower not facing Birmingham.
  2. Near an airport is defined as within 5 miles of one. You can still probably fly, but you have to call and notify the Airport Operator or Air Traffic Control. Also, don't forget to add while you are at it: Be 13 years old. Need to register your drones with the FAA. Need to mark the drone with its FAA number. Best to have an Armature Radio license just encase. Never fly above 400ft. Never fly over people. Never fly near emergency response efforts. And don't fly under the influence.
  3. I wonder what Sprints timeline is to shut down CDMA completely. VZW CDMA is dead EOY 2019. ATT looks like they will kill HSPA EOY 2021. Think Sprint would be in a great spot if they could do it in a few years. Once the market is full of 5G phones. B26 could go down to 1.4MHz for LTE and add 5MHz for 5G. Any of the newer dual-band/tri-band equipment easily upgradable for 5G? At least not requiring a tower climb?
  4. The help will just come down to software, and besides setting up any required GPIO, software configuration will be the same. It'll be like having a PC with Intel vs AMD but in this case Broadcom vs Amlogic. With the ODroid I'd have less GPIO setup. I think I only immediately need the GPIO for the LCD. I'd go with the Pi3 Model A+ due to size. The RAM is the biggest reason against the Pi3. It only has 512MB. The C0 still has the full 1GB like its bigger brother the C1+. I could go with the B+ and remove connectors to fit in a smaller package. But it's a little more and I'd need/want to buy a few more components for it. Plus ODroids support eMMC which is great for increased reliability over microSD. Im not 100%, but I think the Amlogic CPU has a bit more horsepower behind it over the Broadcom as well.
  5. Incorrectly reported I guess. earfcn of 40978 is TDD. Though FDD could be possible if you are nearer to Canada as they use Band 7 (FDD) and Band 38 (TDD) for 2.5/2.6GHz.
  6. If T-Mobile wanted it bad enough, their name would be on the application. With them owned 40MHz of 600, and there still being extra 600 to be had in the areas, getting 700 may not be as urgent for them as it once was.
  7. It is interesting that it is looking specifically at 700. AT&T is acquiring twice as much PCS+AWS. Wonder who it isn't fair for. AT&T will have 73MHz average in the effected counties of low band, up from 68MHz. Looks like VZW has 49MHz and TMobile 40MHz. So give it to Sprint!? lol
  8. It isn't much PCS really and where it is it is just in AL, AK, and FL. I didn't look up those specific counties in those states, but I'd assume C Spire is pulling out of FL and AL. Don't think they offered anything in AK. The 700MHz they are dumping is in the Memphis area within MS which is a bit interesting. AWS is interesting cause it includes MS, but most of it is just 10MHz. When Sprint acquired PCS/700 in Memphis area a few years ago, it included C-Spire gaining access to Sprint's spectrum portfolio in a handful of counties. Not sure which counties these are but it would be interesting to go back and look that up.
  9. Think Im going to get an odroid-c0 and the rtl-sdr. Get it working and programmed, then build it into a nice handheld radio. Thing is pretty nice. It's a clean board with few components so can do slim profile. 2 USB, UART, power switch, rtc and battery connector. Lot more powerful and flexible than the Pi Zero W. https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-c0/
  10. So I recently got into drones. Got my first one built. So I got my FAA license which is 100% needed now. Looking around, there is an argument for needing an amateur radio license. Seems like general consensus on regulation interpretation is you are better off having it. People getting their amateur license has been on the increase for about a decade now hitting record numbers year after year. Would be interesting to know how many of these numbers are for drones.
  11. Two questions: 1.) What are the feature differences between Yaesu, DMR, and D-Star? I can't really find a good source that talks about the features/capabilities fo these digital technologies and how they compare. They all seem the same in terms of capabilities and features. The only thing I have been able to find that different between them is that with D-Star you can call from one repeater to another repeater. 2.) Im wanting to get a "police" scanner whether I get a handheld radio or build a SDR. On radio reference I am a bit confused on Motorla Type II SmartZone and Project 25 Phase II. Any APCO-25 will pick both up right?
  12. There is a local hamfest in the morning. Going to be hitting that up hopefully. Im not really sure what my next radio is going to be. I went to a local club meet and they were demonstrating DMR. Unfortunately don't know how it's features are any different than D-Star and Fusion. We have repeaters in the area for all, but D-Star is the most popular still. I need to talk to some local guys to see if those on Digital are all part of talkgroups. Going digital seems like things can just get siloed off. One thing that Im not 100% sure on, my work uses DMR. At first I thought I could just get a DMR radio, tune in and listen. But I'd have to figure out their ID and talkgroup? Lot of cool features with digital, but being solo at this there is no point really. Plus I am more interested in local things, and lot of people still on analog, and a lot of towers really only get used by their owner. Ive been looking at a Yaesu analog 2m only mobile radio, and a little more expensive 2m/70cm C4FM capable radio.
  13. Im not sure where China is in regards to 5G, but I can see them blitz past anyone and everyone. When you look at some of the things they are accomplishing, its really amazing just how much and how fast they are doing things over there. If they apply this to 5G. China Tower said they just need 3 years. With how fast infrastructure goes up over there, I'd believe it.
  14. Everyone posting their call sign. lol. Something I'd do over PM. Search for call sign, get address. I think I'll just end up getting a Yaesu mobile radio. I think at least one of them can be modded for GMRS (have a few repeaters in the area for this) but not sure if those support C4FM as well. I'll just consider C4FM as a bonus. It seems very much like a mess on the digital side. Totally not good for new HAMs. Seems like once you get into it, then choose a digital. Seems a bit more silo'd off from good old analog. But handheld digital radios are much cheaper now, so new HAMs will be more likely to have digital capabilities and not really fully understand what they want or what they have.
  15. http://www.bluegrassars.org/ They might know of some other local clubs you can see about when they have tests.
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