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  1. You won't be charged roaming while in the USA. Period. End of story. Turn on data and enjoy. Talk and enjoy. Text and enjoy. VZW/ATT data will be slow/unusabled and you only have a 100MB bucket. After this bucket is used you are cut off. Everyone else data experience should be usable and treated as if native.
  2. How big is the marketing department? It is less than 5% of that number. Say it's 200 people, less than 10 people got laid off/fired. Yeah...
  3. For LTE yeah. Sprint has real 5G NR, just like everyone else. The difference is VZW/ATT/TMobile are aggregating multiple (4 and 5) 50/100MHz channels. Sprint is deploying 60? MHz for 5G. Nothing wrong with the 60Mhz since we are talking UHF vs K/Ka bands. Pros and cons to both deployments.
  4. The idea is someone wants a 4th carrier to be happy. Selling Boost as an MVNO doesn't make a 4th carrier. You need a network. Boost might fail, might get bought out. Wouldn't matter too much because a huge network is about to be decommissioned anyways.
  5. You don't want to force TMobile/Sprint to spin off assets to create a new company but you want to force Dish or Comcast/Charter to enter the markets as a 4th player (their own network) as part of the merger? Right. Boost, PCS and a network. As you read in my post ( I hope ), that any would be decommissioned site goes to Boost ownership. As we know, there is plans to decommission tens of thousands of cell sites and rack spaces. These leases and equipment ownerships would be transferred to Boost.
  6. This is well outside the scope of the merger though. Because Sprint/TMobile want to merge, you can't force Dish or the cable companies to become part of the deal or force some action as a result of the merger.
  7. So Im on Freedom unlimited. It is $65/line1 and $45/line2 = $110. $10 off for autopay. $10off for corporate discount. I pay $90+tax. I get 50GB Hotspot, and 8Mbps video steaming speeds. So I'd get Magenta Plus which would put me at $140/mo for two lines (includes autopay). The maximum discount I'd get is $30. Puts me at $110/mo flat. So I'd save $7/mo due to the $17/mo I pay Sprint in taxes. My line is paid off and then the S10 on lease still has $787.49 on it. Will I get to do a clean trade to a TMobile S10? Don't want to owe anything to Sprint on the phone.
  8. How would any anti-trust case be successful? Going from 4 to 3 is still no monopoly. It is still far away from being one. And the chances of any of the 3 carriers merging is nill. Is there a point in anti-trust lawsuits that says you can only have no less than 4 direct competitors? I don't think the grounds of a monopoly would be very sound when each carrier will essentially have 33% of all subscrubers. In light of competition, there isn't any really even now. I don't call the carriers being the same price to $20 difference depending on your plan (non-promo) competition. The only way I'd see competition increasing is if the merger happens, New-TMobile gets to a 1:1 parity in coverage, has way more 5G coverage and speeds 2x or 3x faster than VZW/ATT. Then on top of this, they seriously drop prices. This is the only way that TMobile will be able to hugely and negatively impact VZW/ATT subscription levels. No one cares to switch if they are only going to save 20 bucks. Is the big and serious concern really on the MVNO front? Wont the combined company have like >80% of all MVNO subscribers? This is why there are talks to spin off Boost? Instead of just spinning off Boost, that should be an independent subsidiary (where they own at least a majority) that gets all would be decommissioned sites. Boost gets say at least 10x10 of PCS, maybe some SMR and BRS/EBS. Once New-TMobile is done integrating the two networks they sell it. If no one buys it, they spin off Boost debt free with $5billion in cash. Whether it is sold or just spunoff they have a 7yr dirt cheap roaming agreement. Loads of different ways to handle concessions. If it happens, it'll be very interesting to read the bullet points of all the concessions.
  9. Seems like a slap in the face really. Doesn't Ligado own 34x34 (entire LTE B24) but GPS sits right in the middle. How much more do they own? B24 goes up to 1660.5MHz. This win is 1675-1680MHz. Not even close to B24.
  10. How much would they really lose? Say you sell Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, they are still going to use your network. They are still going to be paying New-TMobile. :/
  11. This is a load. 5G is not about servicing rural communities. LTE has been able to do this forever. TMobile does not need Sprint and their spectrum to do this. TMobile is as spectrum constrained as VZW. They can compete better because VZW fixed-wireless plans suck. TMobile could start doing full rural buildouts. They could use 5GHz like WISPs use all the time. There is loads of 2.5GHz left in rural markets that TMobile could have and still can be buying/leasing up.
  12. Here is some 900MHz for mobile broadband, maybe just for CI. Would be a 3x3 block at 897.5-900.5 / 936.5-939.6 initially between reallocation of 896-901 / 935-940. If future need warranted, they have the option to add a second 1.4x1.4 channel. This possible 10MHz for LTE would put this in LTE Band 8. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-356298A1.pdf IIRC Sprint owned 3x3MHz in 900MHz range. What frequencies was that at?
  13. The problem here is New-TMobile will get to charge whatever they want. TMobile and Sprint have been able to do what they have on limited capex. There will be less need to be resourceful, innovative, offer more for less. Sure there is a verbal "promise". Even if the Feds make this verbal promise a binding physical contract, that will expire. Look at the Charter/TWC/BH merger. Feds limited Charter from doing data caps for 8yrs. Guess the first thing they will do once those 8yrs are up. Add data caps and data overages. After the merger, the first thing New-TMobile will do as soon as soon as any contract is up (even if they bother to honor a verbal contract) is raise prices. It always happens and this will be no different. A New-TMobile could easily charge more than VZW/ATT and still be fine even if they stop attracting customers the shareholders will love the increased rates and the stock will still go up. I'd rather have two companies that have some constraints vs three that can get away with whatever they want.
  14. So they could still do three blocks off that, beings that it would be 5MHz blocks instead of 6. It would be just like Lower 700MHz except with 1MHz guards on both sides maybe. Or even like 600MHz, 10/11MHz in the middle of guard band. Looking at it, why does 700L allow for 12x12 as usable DL spectrum between the links, but the 600MHz guard band is just that, guard band.
  15. https://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/docs/T-Band_FactSheet_July2016.pdf Possibly 42MHz added for cellular from 470-512MHz here? Would this be TDD? https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-19-330A1.pdf After 2024, does this mean that any licenses remaining can be purchased and utilized for cellular? At this time, would Sprint be able to purchases licenses from any PS or CI license holders? This covers 809-815MHz. Not sure if using the expansion band or guard band would be possible (815-817MHz), though that is largely where SoLinc sits now? Do we know if Southern Linc has any intentions to participate in these auctions and widen their license holidings?
  16. And why you don't spend billions of low-band. If Sprint participated, it would have increased the prices. When/If Sprint focuses on rural, or wants extra urban low-band capcity, there is still extra low-band to be had. I personally don't mind if they stay #4. This idea that they can't be, or survive on their own as #4 I believe is a fallacy. The only thing I'd be concerned with, in regards to revenue, is them deploying more and more equipment (like the tens of thousands of small cells). If they have to support more infrastructure with the same revenues, that will only become more costly. They have to think of ways and make successful deals that help keep costs low. I think 2.5GHz will go a long ways in helping keep costs low. Their position puts them in such a way they can only get so much revenue out of 55million customers.
  17. http://maps.spectrumgateway.com/comcast-600-mhz.html Mostly likely won't use it. Either try and sell it later when deadlines are near, and/or make deals for roaming.
  18. That advantage of having so much BRS/EBS, they can turn large amounts of 5G without refarming spectrum. AT&T isn't in a horrible state because they can refarm spectrum a bit easier. Even though TMobile is saving a chunk for 5G on 600MHz, it isn't really anything to talk about other than for coverage map coverage. TMobile and VZW I think will have the roughest time refarming their spectrum. I wouldn't be surprised to see them wait until the iPhone has 5G. Do something like 10x10 lowband and 10x10 in PCS/AWS at that time, minimum for 5G. Makes it rough on VZW/TMobile because 40MHz is 30~50% of their spectrum in any given market. We know mmWave isn't an answer for a macro solution, and there isn't any other midband coming up. Gotta make due with what you got.
  19. Oh, that. C Band is 4-8GHz. That 3.7-4GHz portion is in the S Band. I know that 3.7-4.2 is being called C Band atm (maybe cause they are looking at making the 200MHz free from 4-4.2GHz?), but with the recent FCC wanting to make open 1.2GHz in C Band (5925-7125MHz), that is what I was thinking. That would make things interesting. Finding a quick article, sat companies said it would take 18-36months to move though. This will happen after the FCC makes a decision, holds an auction and then tells the sat companies to move. So if this spectrum does go through, it'll be a long time before it can be used.
  20. The more sub 6GHz spectrum the other carriers pick up, the less advantage Sprint has. That advantage holds a bit tighter though for anything above 2.5GHz for realistic urban full on coverage. However, it's a long ways to get there. CBRS is 150MHz right now, that will get split up once it goes up for auction. And it's a full 1GHz spread from 2.5GHz. Then C-Band that is being looked into like 6GHz, you are looking at similar limitations that are on existing 5GHz. Unlicensed, low power output of 1w or 250mW. With current considerations there will be at least 850MHz for 1w output, but that is still just 1w.
  21. If you read the internet, for the last 7 years I have been a Sprint customer, every quarter I have been told that Sprint was going to go under and file for bankruptcy. Their position isn't pretty, but it isn't like Sprint is in some unique position. People like to be like, debt, debt, debt, but having more debt than revenue is pretty common. Look at Charter. $40billion in revenue but they have $70billion in long term debts. A company like AMD couldn't make any money for like a decade before their recent turn around. They sold, leveraged and won some key lawsuits that helped them stay afloat. Now they are kicking ass and taking names. This idea that Sprint needs to be at the same coverage level as AT&T or VZW to survive I think is a fallacy as well. They have great roaming agreements. This is how the dozens of regional carriers survive.
  22. That's nuts. Didn't know this.
  23. Is there a reason why it wouldn't? I've been using VoLTE on my V30+ for a while now.
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