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  1. That signal is a lot worse than B66. How far are you from the tower and what kind of obstructions you have? From my understanding, the B48 equipment is power limited to 50W. So you have to setup your configuration within that power envelop. So it is either more carriers for faster speeds nearer the tower or less carriers so you can maximize coverage. I figured 40MHz would be kinda default to best optimize coverage with speeds. Guess not.
  2. Hopefully. VZW still seems to be betting them in overall data performance. Seems like with the Sprint merger they are now on an even playing field :P. I expect VZW to walk away with 40MHz in all the top pops in Auction 105, I wonder if TMobile has any plans to buy or use unlicensed. Seems like it would be better to use that than 5GHz.
  3. I don't know about. From what I have seen 2G->LTE was cheap. Strictly just enough to enable LTE New LTE coverage being just a single band, in a lot of cases just PCS or AWS 700 being just sprinkled around. Its a lot better now, but taken a long time to get to where it is now, but in many cases still very much so lacking due to lack of deployment. Especially new coverage that lacks it. 600 very much a sprinkle but the map makes you think they are done with it in a given area with it. Reguardless of how fast it takes, still gotta sit through another full buildout of 2.5GHz. 😕 65k towers, gotta average 1800 sites a month for 3yrs to get a full 2.5GHz buildout on TMobile sites. However, with how the currently build out, I wouldn't expect them to do a full build out of it. I can see a lot of low band sites not getting midband at all still and midband only sites getting added just 600MHz. Then at levels smaller than macro, will TMobile be able to just import those sites into their core or do they gotta do another build out there? Aug 2019 Sprint reported 32k small cells which is actually way more than TMobile's listed 25k small cells.
  4. At least it isn't a cut. That's roughly $12B a year. Sprint and TMobile combined where already at this level. Just getting shuffled around now to new priorities. It's kinda unfortunate cause Sprint almost finished their Tri-Band build out and now we have to sit through it yet again with TMobile.
  5. For markets that TMobile is already using n41, are they refarming spectrum from Sprint's side, spectrum sharing or just using unused spectrum?
  6. Might save a tee tiny bit of battery life as the phone isn't scanning through unused frequencies.
  7. From what I understand, in January FCC allowed cellular commercialization while maintaining rules outlined in the tiered strategy. So that puts all carriers into the General Authorized Access tier if they utilize CBRS now. Through the auction scheduled in July, they have the opportunity to upgrade to the Priority Access tier thus securing dedicated interference free spectrum.
  8. Yep, that's the one that talking about 200 120 miles away. Chattanooga was hit a couple weeks ago and took down Verizon in the greater area. You'd think we'd be routeable through ATL. I wish I had a line on Sprint back in March as well. I think they have a major hub in Nashville. I at least didn't hear about Sprint being down.
  9. I've had a line on AT&T since December. I must say, either they have been lucky or their network is pretty robust. I have been extremely impressed with them. Coverage is consistent. Always have a pretty solid signal. But there have been some incidents lately were VZW has just been down for days due to weather. TMobile has even been impacted but not to the same extent. So far this year VZW has been down for almost 10 days. A tornado 200 miles away impacted my entire areas service. Metro area is like 350k people. You'd think that they could reroute traffic that went over the fiber they lost in that storm. Then a recent tornado here took them down again. TMobile went down this time as well but they went to zero service for a few days. The local ISP lost 125miles of fiber, and a major line with 825 fibers had to be reran and spliced in. So the damage done to others was pretty intense. But no relief trucks from TMobile or VZW. I didn't see one either from AT&T but their service was up and usable regardless.
  10. Oh, it didn't click with me that those are two different things. I saw that and assumed "oh wow, that tmobile router is made by Quectel!". What are you gonna put that RM500 into out of curiosity? I have been thinking about doing an LTE router or just dropping a modem into my pfsense box for backup purposes.
  11. It makes since. Kinda funny too cause when your device says 5G, but not actually connected to 5G that's even worse than AT&Ts 5GE icon.
  12. Do you happen to know which Quectel modem is in that router?
  13. Can a phone not connect to LTE on Tower 1 and 5G on Tower 2? With how dispersed 600MHz deployments are, seems like this would actually improve n71 coverage on NSA devices. Might be a trade off worth having? Otherwise n71 coverage really goes down the toilet.
  14. I get where dan is coming coming from. Sure the networks are "mergering" but it's really refarm Sprint's spectrum, shut down 3G, shut down 1x, give B26 to Dish, combine sectors, shut down towers, hand tower leases over to Dish, stop using Sprint's core, etc. etc. Eventually I'll stop connecting to current Sprint sites and what not. Eventually EVDO will no longer be available. As these things happen, this seems like a place to put it. But it will also coincide on the flip side with "TMobile's New Network" page.
  15. Selectively. 2G upgrades everywhere near me only saw PCS LTE. No AWS was added. 700MHz has been slow going. Dropped here and there. Taken a long time to get where it is at today. Then looking at new deployments a lot of sites are just low band or mid band. Where my brother lives in KY, brand new deployments in his area and the sites only have AWS or PCS, not both and not 700A when they own the license and KY terrain very much needs low band. Then I have seen other sites that only get 700A deployed. Sites that aren't full builds are only getting 600 added and nothing else.
  16. Will my LG V30 finally get Android 9 and also have B66 and B71 unlocked? TMobile's could have B25 and B26 unlocked.
  17. I think AT&T generally has enough spectrum to not really worry about DSS.
  18. feature request: cloud saves between devices.
  19. Shentel Capex is pretty interesting. From 2018 to 2020 Wireless capex is going from $80M to $40-45M. That difference is going into fiber and fixed wireless along with the planned increase in capex. They did acquire 2.5GHz licenses of their own. I wonder if any of the spending on fixed wireless would benefit cellular wireless? Split deployment costs across the two groups. At least once they figure out if they are keeping their wireless business or not. I'd imagine if they are keeping their wireless business that there would be a lot of movement on the cellular side. If they keep the cellular business, it'll be interesting if the agreement continues to maintain the option to expand cellular into eastern part of KY.
  20. Pop in at r/nocontract. Should get a lot of good feed back for exactly what you are inquiring about.
  21. Yeah, I can see TMobile enabling that 1.5Mbps video throttle asap on plans that are no longer available. My last unlimited plan was 8Mbps video. TMobile's network would initially get crushed if all these new Sprint subs can steam full HD, lol. Will not surprise me at all if TMobile does this.
  22. There has actually been quiet a bit of BRS/EBS available throughout the years. I've been monitoring this site which is a portal for those interested in buying/selling/leasing spectrum. They have even held 2.5GHz auctions. There used to be a lot more available through this portal. https://selectspectrum.com/2500.html
  23. So we know TMobile will push updates to Sprint phones to brand them TMobile and enable VoLTE for the new network. I'm curious how far can we expect TMobile to go? I have the LG V30+ the US998U. It supports VoLTE on Sprint but not on TMobile. I fully expect it to get VoLTE update. However, the US998U and TMobile's V30, the H932 vary on their supported LTE bands. US998U has B2,4,5,12,25,26,41 H932 has B2,4,5,12,41,66,71 Can we expect TMobile to recertify these devices to enable all New-TMobile's LTE bands?
  24. There is no point. They already have 700 gear up using it. They can still grab more 600. They won't gain anything from selling it but some cash which they don't need. The offloaded 800 to help please those needed to make this merger happen. AT&T already has B12 and Lower 700D. They could go ahead and moved forward with this new LTE band you want or push for B12+B29 CA.
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