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Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6


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We have started a new thread for KAW-DAW. The previous thread is over 7,000 entries and has been closed.  It ran for three years! 

If you've never played Keep a Word, Drop a Word before, it is really simple. See below...


Example Post 1: customer satisfaction

Example Post 2: tough customer

Example Post 3: tough break

Example Post 4: break wind


Comprendo? See, it is really simple.

  • For each new post just keep a word from the previous post and drop the other and replace with a new one.
  • Please KEEP your posts to JUST 2 WORDS, but if you are stuck and must to, you can include a "helper" word, like: a, the, an, etc. BUT the next post CANNOT use that "helper" word as the one they keep for the next post.
  • You can however use the same "keep" word as the previous poster if you want to.
  • Otherwise just have fun with it and let's see where it goes? If things get stalled out just start a new line of thought by making a new 2 word saying.

I will kick off the game below...


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