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  1. Any of you experiencing your S10 dropping LTE for no reason? Mine has done it three times while at home and I am in a area that has a good signal -99dbm or lower, my S9+ has never done this. Kinda odd.
  2. Well I pulled the trigger I got the regular S10 (prism black) instead of the + model this go around. So far the RF experience seems to be on par with my S9+ I have really noticed much a difference yet but Sprint's service here as always been good. VoLTE calls connect instantly and sound great! Really digging this fingerprint scanner under the screen!
  3. I have the Galaxy Forever, I am still debating on pulling the trigger on the S10. Is it worth it for any of you coming from an S9+
  4. I noticed after the recent update, I still have the Samsung members app. I thought they would get rid of this after the final release??
  5. Just got the S9+ Pie update, really no VoLTE? Geeez
  6. I had to work on the issue first hand back in 2009/2010 when I was on the communications board for my county. Back then our county operated a Motorola SmartNet Type 2 800 system that was experiencing this Nextel interference issue after Sprint purchased Nextel. I suspected that Nextel knew about this becoming problem later down the road due to the fact that Nextel had went all around buying up 800 licenses for their iDEN network. Sprint not only had to pay for the re banding of our system but had to purchase our county entirely new radios both portable and mobile units due to the fact that the current configuration on the radio system which was built in 1997 wouldn't take the re-banded frequencies.
  7. The first chapter needs to be about Gary Forsee, chapter 2 should mention the word Nextel. Sprint was on a roll with 3G EV-DO back in the day and one of the best 3G networks back then, I believe Sprint would have been a competitive and strong company if they stayed away from Nextel and focused on additional 3G sites and future spending on new spectrum. Instead Sprint devoted their time to purchasing Nextel's lackluster 800 iDEN nework that ended up causing more headache once it was known that it was causing interference with 800 public safety radio systems.
  8. Go to settings ---> display ---> tap auto brightness ---> reset usage patterns See if that helps
  9. Gonna be a lot of empty racks on cell sites, *cough* *cough* Dish Network.
  10. Son not gonna give up that treasure trove of 2.5 spectrum for cheap, $12 per share minimum. Gonna love my May 2018 calls! Cha-ching!
  11. So far it seems like the S9+ keep a more stable signal on 2500MHz.
  12. Android 8.1 Oreo has been released for the Essential.
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