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  1. Will do I drove by the other day and there is actually 4 antennas per sector, ill snap new photos once they are done.
  2. Noticed a crew here in the middle of town yesterday that completely ripped and replaced this entire site that was GMO 1900MHz LTE only, I don't keep up with T-Mobile's gear but they were putting up this brand new configuration today.
  3. Nice, I'll PM you have a question about a cell site.
  4. Was AT&T previously on this site? This almost looks like a new build
  5. Either the site is down for upgrades, or your connecting to a cell site that has had recent capacity upgrades and your phone is preferring it over the closer site. Band 2 1900MHz is T-Mobile's primary LTE band with B66 AWS 1700/2100MHz as an extra capacity layer, you could have been connecting originally to the closer site that potentially had 700MHz LTE. Best way to look at PCI's and frequency band indicators is going into your iPhone's dialer and typing *3001#12345#* and go to the LTE section and start tracking the PCI's near you. T-Mobile might be a challenge because their PCI's all over the place (at least here they are).
  6. I ended up bailing with 3 lines to AT&T, I can attest that AT&T has been busy adding capacity to its network. When I left AT&T back in 2016 only LTE band was 700MHz and a couple sites had 1900MHz for capacity. Since I've came back to AT&T every site here has B2 1900MHz, B66 AWS, and some B30 WCS sprinkled in along with FirstNet B14. I get speeds well over 100Mbps pretty much everywhere I go, and I'm not use to that lol
  7. TMobile's LTE network is in no shape to take on an influx of Sprint customers right now. The couple times I have forced my Galaxy S10 onto T-Mobile's network while the signal was strong there was a lot of congestion. B2 was terrible and saw speeds less than 2Mbps and B12 was sorta better usually hummed around 10 to 15Mbps. I quickly jumped back over to Sprint's network and tend to stay on it as long as possible until I am forced over and if things are not better by then I will bolt to AT&T.
  8. Hmm odd, yes I turned off WiFi and it populated instantly...
  9. Mike how have you been? Its been awhile! Anyway one of the last updates has borked SCP, I do not get any LTE info and it takes a few trys of reopening the app to get it to work. Background services and location are all enabled as I haven't messed with any settings, is this a known issue?
  10. No risk, when your done just update your data profile and it will restore the settings.
  11. Pretty sure Legere mentioned this a while back, 2500MHz would be used for LTE and 5G NR.
  12. ##DATA# passcode 000000 go to LTE disable bands 25, 25, and 41 and restart your phone. You should come back to riding on T-Mobile's network. You'll have to re-enable all Sprint's LTE bands or just do a data profile update to get back on Sprint's network. I put my phone back on Sprint's network as T-Mobile still has the data speeds capped to 5Mbps here.
  13. For those of you with Galaxy S10's ##DATA# passcode 000000 --> LTE --> and disable LTE bands 25, 26, and 41 and you will connect to Tmobiles network. I have been hanging out on it all day connected to B2, B12, B66, and even found 600MHz out in the wild. I must say locating Tmobile sites is difficult PCIs are all over the place and not sure how their GCIs correlate to each sector. Their network is dense AF here which makes it harder to pinpoint their sites. Also speeds are still capped to 5mbps but found some neat configurations such as B2+B12 15+5MHz CA
  14. Meh looks like I will be hanging on to my S10 for a while longer, no 5G here and that 120hz display is sorta disappointing due to its only capable at 1080p, smart money will be grabbing the S10 once the S20 drops. I will wait for a price drop or when they offer a better deal later on in the year
  15. Simple economics here; 3 carriers all happy with their subscriber base, or four carriers two bigger and two smaller that can compete enough to pull subs from the bigger two. For the last 8 years I've heard Sprint wont be around in the next two to three years yet here we are. Sprint would need to completely do a 180 with their board with an energetic CEO. Legere was successful because he appealed to millennials Sprint needs a Legere plain and simple.
  16. This merger is dead IMO, Son penny pinched just to get what he ultimately wanted. Sons statement on paying back on bonds is the nail in the coffin. 30% chance this merger is approved
  17. Sprint can't afford to go private, they can't afford to buy back shares from stockholders, going private won't happen. Either the merger will pass (60/40 chance at this point), if not Son will find a buyer for Sprint and take a loss (hello WeWork) and as a trader the way Sprint's shares are trading its almost as if market makers are already pricing in a merger failure. Sprint would have to do some serious trimming off its balance sheet, sale portions of its network and subs, or even file Chapter 11. I don't really see Sprint filing bankruptcy I've seen companies with worse earnings and survive. Son just wants out of the U.S. wireless market and merging with T-Mobile is the fastest way to do so all while pitching this "5G for all" bs <--- I don't even have faith in T-Mobile post merger if it happens. Sprint needs someone with deep pockets like Altice or another large cable company (and most certainly not Dish).
  18. Time decay can be a pain though, this is why I stick mainly to stocks rather than options.
  19. Yea options can net you big money during large mergers, or large cap earning season (Google was another money maker). Its the only time I start targeting options, I mostly only trade small and midcap stocks that are not range bound.
  20. One options contract allows you to control 100 shares of a "x" stock, option calls are for when you believe the price of the stock will go up, option puts are for when you believe the stock price will go down. I do not trade options much but this was a easy give me free money that this merger was going to get approved. Basically I purchased 300 option calls at a strike price of $8.50 to control 30,000 shares of Sprint. These options as of yesterday were only $.03/ per option = $3.00x300 per contract for a total of $900.00. When the merger was announced at 11:30AM and as Sprint's stock started moving towards $8.00 per share these option calls increased in value. My $900.00 entry netted me close to $8,000 within 24hrs. Easiest trade I have ever made in my trading career.
  21. Love it! 325% on my option calls, thanks T-Mobile and Sprint you have paid for my wireless bills for the next 10 years! 🤑 Exciting times!
  22. I have several option calls on $S and $TMUS and I need this merger to be done like....yesterday... lol
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