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What's your speed like RIGHT NOW?

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Interesting information for sure.

I do have to say I've learned more from the site in the past couple of months than I have since I worked at Sprint as far as how their network works (especially 4G)...prior to finding this site, I was completely mystified why there was 4G service at two locations in the OKC metro and nowhere else even though we were not an "official" 4G city and also why data speeds were so inconsistent on 3G...now I know!

Speaking of data speeds, I've been up on the 3rd floor of my work frequently in the past week and have done many speed tests while on 4G and all have been between 6.5 and 7.5 Mbps down and 1.0-1.5Mbps up, so my physical location definitely seems to be one where being higher up helps!

I'm still eagerly awaiting Network Vision here in OKC but from everything I can find online it looks like we'll be later this spring or early summer, but I can't wait to get consistent 3G speeds over 1.0Mbps.

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I appreciate your feedback about how S4GRU has helped you. That's why we started the site. Sprint has been very poor at providing info. I was spending hours a day scouring the web for info. And I was running into folks in forums all over the place who had no idea what Sprint was up to. I was responding to everyone individually, when it dawned on me I could just tell everyone from one central source. :idea:


Thanks for joining us here. It's a fun ride on the Wild Broncin' Buck that is Sprint! :cool:


- Robert, S4GRU

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I was surprised by all the additional band-aid capex they are spending just months in advance of Network Vision. Especially in markets where NV is already under way. But I guess they figure they have to do something about the network, especially with all these new iPhone users staring at them, asking "WTH???"


I was definitely shocked about the thought of forced WiMax offload. If I hadn't seen the Sprint documentation with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.


Why can't they use Wimax as backhaul for 3G? Especially since their contract with Clear allows for unlimited Wimax?

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Why can't they use Wimax as backhaul for 3G? Especially since their contract with Clear allows for unlimited Wimax?


It makes more sense to do WiMax backhaul. That seems like a smarter idea.


What we are referring to here is forced WiMax offload. Where they will force WiMax devices into WiMax mode and get data through WiMax instead of through 3G EVDO. It's mentioned in the bottom of an article we posted last Friday about Chicago Network Vision details.


- Robert

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Just did a speed test:


Peoria, AZ 2/8/12 5:10PM MST


Downstream: 52 kbps

Upstream: 19 kbps


Pathetic and representative of speeds lately.




Down: 567 kbps

Up: 541 kbps


5:16 PM


Down: 893 kbps

Up: 640 kbps


5:17 PM


Down: 485 kbps

Up: 746 kbps


I don't get it.


Edit: Buckhunter, Me too. The speed in Phoenix Metro seems to wildly inconsistent. I could be streaming music just fine pulling 600kbps and for no reason the speed crashes to 56kbps or less. I still have 3G, still have full bars, I am sitting at my desk. It's crazy. I have never seen better than 1.2 Mbps

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Those slow speeds remind me of what I had occasionally during November and early December (although I seldom saw less than 100-150kbps download).

However, since then I have seen improvements though not consistently.

The tower near my work however IS consistently good: I can almost always hit between 700kpbs to just over 1.1mbps on 3G, and if I'm up on the 3rd floor I get blazing fast 4G.

This may be due to the fact this tower is near a major Interstate (I-44), whereas the tower I hit at home is near a college and might be more congested all the time, especially when it comes to data.

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Past week. Not too happy in Westford, Massachusetts area. Same results even at night at around 12 am. Network Vision better bring consistent, fast 3G speeds.


It's going to, in most places. However, there are going to be some cells (especially in dense urban environemnts) that will just have too many users even after Network Vision. Sprint will need to add cell sites in these instance and divide up the users in the cell in the instance where these occur. It appears that Sprint is in a wait and see mode of how Network Vision is going to perform before identifying and doing something about the cells that need to be split.

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I'm in Visalia right now and tonight I have .93mbps down and .11 up. Pathetic for the upload, but the download is doing better, little by little.


Approx 1MB download speeds are definitely usable. I run 1MB to 1.3MB most of the time at my home and my office. I think that's reasonable for EVDO.

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This is my current which is low compared to my normal speeds. I blame the Grammys and social media hogging the network.


The Android Strikes Back 4G


How can you blame the Grammys? They are in LA, not Indiana, lol.

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    • Was in Red Hook again and I swear there are more Link5G sites as there are Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T small cells combined in the entire neighborhood. It seemed like every other street I turned down had one installed. Hopefully carriers will start hopping on them soon. Seems like a lot of effort to go through for no one to use them.  — — — — — T-Mobile converted the Sprint site on top of NYU Langone Brooklyn in Sunset Park. I first mapped one sector of it back in November 2023 but I thought it was a small cell so I never pinned it but I ran into another sector today which caught me off guard. I'm unable to find a permit for the conversion so it's definitely a surprise. There's another T-Mobile site 1 block away that T-Mobile initially installed back in 2019 so I'm kinda surprised they're keeping both considering the Sprint conversion is on a much taller building and could potentially provide much better coverage to the entire area.  — — — — — The old permit expired for this site without any work being done but a new permit was just approved a few days ago for a T-Mobile site at this address. Description mentions 3 antennas with 2 RRUs per sector. My guess is they're doing something similar to what they did at 360 Furman St in Brooklyn where they broadcast Band 2/66 and n25/41 from one antenna. It's a bit of a downgrade considering the site it's replacing was a full build with Ericsson 6449s. 
    • Still not seeing any ULS postings for pending T-Mobile UScellular merger in Dane county Wisconsin.
    • Came across another Crown Castle Solutions multi-tenant oDAS node in Brooklyn. Located at 40.7002286, -73.9612666. Nothing on T-Mobile or AT&T so I'm assuming these are all Verizon nodes that Crown Castle is anticipating another carrier will hop on down the line.
    • Same with factory unlocked
    • June security update is out (S22U TMO)
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