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  1. Pre-Paid is the new rage ting.com and Straight Talk. People are more willing to buy devices since the plans don't include a "phone on layaway". Hopefully this will propel the Nexus line And lots of people are buying iPhones full price to use on T-mobile. So it's turning around in the US that people are getting used to the idea
  2. Just throwing around some numbers. If you have a, lets say, 10 Mbps LTE connection (yes I know it can be faster or slower), the most data you could use (e.g. saturating it) per month is 3,000 GB or about 3 TB anyway. On my 20 kbps 3G connection, if I saturated it I could still use only 6 GB a month.
  3. The only way Wifi offload would work is if Sprint offers incentives (e.g. discounts) to off-loaders, or forces it (via handset software or threatening to terminate service), or institutes data caps. Otherwise, if Sprint is faster than people's Wifi people will use Sprint and turn off Wifi. It's all about incentives. Econ 101 and /thread
  4. Wow, lack of svdo & svlte is a deal breaker for me. Bummed HD voice is incompatible too. Guess it'll be awhile before VoLTE comes to fruition in the US.
  5. I have a hunch that the camera (and to a lesser extent the display--resolution, color accuracy, etc.--and camera/filter/photo editing apps) is what sells the iPhone. Ever since the 4 and in particular the upgraded camera on the 4S, the iPhone sales really have taken off.
  6. http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/13/sprint-confirms-hd-voice-incompatible-with-iphone-5/ Sprint confirms its HD Voice is incompatible with the iPhone 5
  7. The 4S failed to impress, but then sales catapulted AAPL sky-high. Money talks; pubes walk. -Ali G
  8. Hopefully Opus codec will be deployed for HD Voice some day.
  9. /agree I might go to the iPhone 5 from the Galaxy S III Also, unrelated, I hope Opus Codec is added to LTE Voice or HD Voice or whatever in the future.
  10. I suspect VZW and ATT will randomly offer "double data" promotions to keep/gain subscribers as needed.
  11. I get poor call quality on the Verizon Galaxy S III in places where Sprint worked great on the Nexus S 4G and the iPhone. I get poor call quality (dropouts and garbledness) where it's about -100 dBm or less, especially jumping around -105 to -111. I'm just curious why, and I feel like Sprint has just better call quality in general. My GS3 in unusable for phone calls in my house on Verizon, but the iPhone on Sprint was fine. The house is stucco over wire mesh so I don't expect wireless to work well in the house.
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