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  1. I've definitely been getting Sprint LTE on B26 in several West and North Valley locations. I've visited a friend who has an apartment near I-17 and L-101 on two occasions over the last few weeks. The signal was a moderate, with usable data transfer. I've also seen it pop-up here and there while I've been out-and-about in town. Back to my friends location in far North Phx: The apartment complex is (was) a dead zone for all 4 of the big networks. ATT and Verizon get some signal while outside. T-Mo gets "1 bar" of LTE on her Samsung SGS7, assuming you're lucky enough to live on the 3rd fl
  2. Sounds like Sprint is making some good and promising changes on the business end of things, too.
  3. Nothing "died." Topdownat4 is keeping us very well updated in the PHX/AZ thread found in the sponsors forums.
  4. This Open World has really become quite impressive. I never would have guessed Sprint would have such good international roaming agreements included in their standard plans. Anyways, I've had the chance to use Sprint Open World in Mexico a few times now. The first time, I activated Open World at Sprint.com before I left Phoenix, I got the Welcome to Open World text from Sprint within minutes of crossing the border, I had to reboot my phone a couple times to get data to authenticate on Movistar, and it's worked flawlessly ever since. Usually get 2-6 meg's/sec on the downlink while on Movis
  5. The 5X works great on Movistars GSM and HSPA+ in Mexico, FWIW.
  6. If you live in Litchfiled Park, I think you'll find that t-mo's network leaves a lot to be desired in the West Valley. I'm just a few miles North of you in Surprise, on Litchfield Rd, and t-mo is 2G in my house with unusable data. Sprint's got 2 B41 carriers and B25. Just sayin, t-mobile is not going to solve your problem in West Phx.
  7. I've used Diztronic on my last 4 or 5 phones and like them as well. Bargain priced, too. I've got one on my Nexus 5X and it's great like always.
  8. Well, I took the bait and ordered the 5X today. Really looking forward to it.. Ya can't beat the value here, that is for sure. Funny story (or, so I think): I was watching hulu via Chromecast when the Nexus 5X commercial comes on. I pick up my Android phone and activate the Sound Search for Google Play widget to find out what song was playing (Lean On). I immediately purchased the song through Google Play/Music. Two hours later, I get on my Chromebook, go to Google.com and purchase a Nexus 5X. At least when they evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising.. and services & pro
  9. Interesting concept but, how would Sprint market and get people to pay extra for something like that without making their Nationwide Network look bad?
  10. I agree with you on that. Also, I think that Sprint's new service goes much further than its face value. Yes, there may be a niche market for this new service. However, those who are interested are bound to like it. I mean, I would never use it but, it is a cool concept! If even just a fraction of that "niche" group use and have a good experience, they're likely to tell their friends/fam about this cool new service/experience from Sprint in a positive way. Thus improving the brand image of Sprint.
  11. I agree with that. For example, When I'm at work, inside I get 0 to 1 "Bar" (about -110 to -114) on B41 yet, I still get download speeds over 10mbps.
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