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  1. Sprint has come a long way in much of the Phoenix market except where it counts for me. My portion of the metro has awful tower density and many non-NV towers. I moved over to T-mobile with a lot of consternation. Luckily, it's been a good move and T-mobile has better LTE coverage and speed than Sprint (in my work/live/play areas). That said, I have no hard feelings towards Sprint and if the price is right and the service is continued to be improved, I'll look at Sprint again in 2 years. For now, I'll take my chances with T-mobile. I talked with a rep around the 1st of December and he said his store didn't have one person take on the 50% switch offer. To be fair, this was a Sprint store in an area that only gets 3G and sporadic LTE (poorly covered west valley of Phoenix). So I imagine it is hard to sell a phone/service when you can't really experience the improvements.
  2. +1 Healthy competition is good for the consumer.
  3. And I don't want to be a naysayer! I want Sprint to be great, at this time I just can't wait for it any longer.
  4. I turned off that layer because it said the whole area is shown as GREAT LTE Plus/Spark. That's nowhere near accurate and I've reported this area via the app a number of times. I think Phoenix is a "spark" market (or LTE plus if they are calling it that now) however the map doesn't show any light yellow in this area. Also, no permitting issues in this area to my knowledge. Other towers in these jurisdictions are fully NV ready. Edit: I'm also done hijacking this thread. I apologize to everyone!
  5. I'm learning that the east valley has substantially better coverage than the west valley. The fine print on Sprints map says this is ideal outdoor coverage. We all know that reality doesn't give coverage as good as illustrated. Here's my neighborhood. I can get B41 in only a couple places when very close to the towers.
  6. The only thing I'd like to see here is a 4G map without spark. The spark coverage area shown for Phoenix is laughable and exceptionally unrealistic.
  7. I'm glad it works for you. I went on a road trip this summer to the Arizona Mogollon Rim. Not a lot of sprint service, however I did get a nearly 4-bar Verizon roaming signal. I tried to text. failed. I tried to check email. timed out. I rebooted the phone. Same results. Asked my wife if she could do anything. Same problems. Phone calls went through, but took a very long time to connect and quality was awful. Battery got drained like it was searching for a signal. Roaming has never worked well for me.
  8. In my experience the roaming experience across multiple devices has been terrible. data at 1x speeds. Unable to make calls or dropped calls. I found roaming to be rather pointless.
  9. https://www.google.com/maps/@33.498766,-112.3328413,15z at Valley Golf Center. It serves an area about 1.5 mile radius of it. Nearest towers are over 2 miles from it. Still 3G. No NV. Virtually unusable data 3/4 mile from the tower.
  10. I really don't know what to do then. Sprint has a monster hole near me with unusable inside and outside data. Apparently, no plans to fill the gap or upgrade the lone non network vision tower supporting the area. Verizon for some reason is usually 1x in my house, 3G outside it. T-mobile has poor tower density and apparently similar problems as sprint. ATT is god damn expensive. It really bothers me to be unable to stream music or get navigation directions and regularly drop calls with my sprint phone within the first 3 or 4 miles of my commute. My friends have T-mobile and their service has always been faster than mine. Went to the movies this weekend with them at Park West. They have 4-bar LTE indoor, I had 2 bar 3G.
  11. I got a 6th line exception, but I'm required to secure the phone through telesales or a sprint store. Unfortunately, they just don't have competitive pricing on 2 year agreements. I'm looking at the $1 Best Buy Iphone 6.
  12. As an ED1500 plan holder who is ready to jump ship to T-mobile, everything you say is true as long as the network is in good shape. I have the unfortunate circumstances of living next to / in a big donut hole of coverage in the suburbs. Also, I need a 6th line and I can't add it to my plan.
  13. Honestly, instead of dealing with the hassle and waiting for reliable LTE (currently still slow 3G around and in many stores/businesses I frequent) to deploy in my area, I'm going to leave Sprint. It sucks because I don't want to walk away from my plan, but I need my 6th line (big family, another kid needs a cell phone). Sprints plan upgrade options for an existing ED1500 customer with contracts are terrible. It would be cheaper to go to Verizon (which is still too expensive). I'm just going to have T-mobile eat my ETFs.
  14. Just returned from best buy and tried to add a new line with the iPhone 6 promotion and it didn't work out. Calling Sprint again to see what's up.
  15. Just spent about an hour working through Telesales to try to add line 6 to my ED1500 plan. They said I got a one-time exception for a 6th line since I've been a 14 year customer. I should be able to go into Best Buy and have no issues.
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