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Network Vision/LTE - Lower Central Valley Market (Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia)


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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:47 AM






Protection Site Black List! These cities will not likely be getting protection sites. The reason is, in these cities Clearwire is already broadcasting on 2.5GHz. So they are meeting FCC licensing requirements for minimum coverages already in this spectrum. The problem for Sprint users, is that they are broadcasting their legacy Pre-WiMax signals here. Not WiMax. So your Sprint devices don't detect it!

  • Aberdeen/Hoquiam WA

  • Anchorage AK

  • Anderson CA

  • Bend OR

  • Carson City NV

  • Central Point OR

  • Chico CA

  • Chippewa Falls WI

  • Clarkston WA

  • Cohasset Beach/Wesport WA

  • Corning CA

  • Dayton OH

  • Duluth MN

  • Eagle River AK

  • Eau Claire WI

  • Fernley NV

  • Grants Pass OR

  • Hermantown MN

  • Klamath Falls OR

  • Incline Village NV

  • Jacksonville OR

  • Lewiston ID

  • Longview TX

  • Madras OR

  • Medford OR

  • Middletown OH

  • Minden/Gardnerville NV

  • Moscow ID

  • Myrtle Creek OR

  • Orland CA

  • Paradise CA

  • Prineville OR

  • Proctor MN

  • Pullman WA

  • Red Bluff CA

  • Redding CA

  • Redmond OR

  • Reno/Sparks NV

  • Roseburg OR

  • St. Cloud MN

  • Shasta Lake CA

  • Sisters OR

  • South Lake Tahoe CA

  • Springfield OH

  • Stateline/Kingsbury NV

  • Superior WI

  • Wenatchee WA

When Clear first started deploying their WiMax networks, they started with their Pre-WiMax markets first. Many, like Boise, Idaho and Jacksonville, Florida had their towers coverted from pre-WiMax to WiMax. However, about halfway through these conversions, Sprint started releasing WiMax devices and pressuring Clear to switch to major metro areas (which of course makes a lot of sense).




And then, as we all know, about halfway through the major market rollout, Clear started running into financial problems. Since they were running out of time to meet FCC Minimum Coverage Standards, they have largely abandoned Major Market Rollouts and running around and setting up Protection Sites.




However, the cities listed above are likely not to ever get protection sites. The Old Clearwire Pre-Wimax signals are still being broadcast in these cities, and they have pretty substantial coverage areas. So Clearwire is just going to jump right over them.




And since Sprint (and likely Clear too) are migrating toward LTE, it is likely these cities WILL NEVER see WiMax signals. Sad!




Cities the size of Dayton, Anchorage and Reno are secondary markets. This is a major oversight by Clear and Sprint. Tsk, tsk! Not to mention the major oversights of the primary markets of San Diego, Phoenix, Detroit, Memphis, Indianapolis, Birmingham...

Simple. Throw up LTE equipment, hook to existing backhaul and hit the road. Bolt on, done. They aren't swapping everything.

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Not sure why you think Sprint has to come before Tmobile, especially when it's well documented that Tmobile basically ignores cities outside of a select few that get HSPA and LTE upgrades. The fact that Fresno is even on that list should be considered an internal error that Tmobile hasn't discovered yet.

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Sprint as well had ignored outside of cities

This isn't true at all. Sprint has 5x the rural 3G coverage of Tmo. And soon will have 5x the LTE coverage. Your negative posts flirt with the line of being posting violations. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1197-s4gru-posting-guidelines-aka-the-rulez/


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I've been with sprint for 7 years outside Fresno coverage is sporadic this needs to change. I'm hoping NV will change this

Except for the dead spot in Tehachapi that I have to roam on Verizon, I have native Sprint service everywhere I go in the Lower Central Valley, and my voice service has been great. Data, not as much, but I won't complain about that since Visalia is blanketed by WiMax, and my iSpot works great for data service even though its slow.



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Any 800mhz towers up around the valley yet ?

Please stop the repetitive back to back posts. It comes off as an obnoxious chihuahua.


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Fixing that is kinda the point of the NV project. Any "stop gap" fixes would only serve to delay the NV upgrades. Not that it would be possible to have a "stop gap" fix that adds 800 service, and 800 wont initially be used for anything beyond 1x anyway.

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Checked out the site on Acequia in Visalia today, and in order for them to do Network Vision, it looks like they will have to take the down the site to do the work. The fenced in area is really small, and the legacy equipment takes all the space up, except enough to walk around, and you might have to be skinny to do that. :( Didn't see new cabinets yet. I'll keep an eye on it. Hopefully soon.



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Considering NV won't come here for anther 5 no or so a stop gap wouldn't be too out of the question

Network Vision is underway now in the Lower Central Valley market. Samsung is working in all their markets now.


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Did you notice any USA markings on the ground near the site? I drove by there yesterday, too (god we're nerds) but I couldn't slow down enough to look at the site very closely.


No, didn't get a chance to stop and really look at it. We were already late to a job in Tulare, and as a result we have to go back Sunday to finish. Oops! But it sounds like the job is going to grow, so :) .

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Any updates on permits?

I'll be checking on Visalia's permits sometime this week after I get caught up with the Vegas permits map.



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