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  1. Yes, it's quite usable now over most of the parks. Really quite amazing considering what the situation is and how many people are trying to use the service in that area.
  2. Yep, parts of Blackstone are great (such as the Riverpark area) but south of Herndon is like most of Fresno in that it's great in spots to slow to almost useless. I have friends and co-workers on all carriers and I will say it's more of a Fresno Problem than a carrier problem as they all have hit or miss coverage. LOL! In spots I'll have great ceverage and a co- worker may have virtually nothing on ATT or Verizon or T- Mobile. Or Vice Versa. We do a lot of work at schools and churches all over town.
  3. Definitely still kinda spotty, I think some more towers would definitely help. In spots it's amazingly fast but.... Main problems are in large buildings like a Target or Grocery store.
  4. Yes, I've noticed quite a few spots in the Fresno area are blazing fast, 3050 mbs outdoors only though, indoors still not improving much. Not sure what they did. They definitely put some new equipment up on the tower closest to my house (Clovis ave and Ashlan). Outdoors now getting up to 50mbs was around 10-20 before.
  5. Yes in spots there are great speeds but it's spotty for sure. The convention center in particular (if it's not too crowded) is pretty good!
  6. From what I can tell anyway, Disney doesn't allow towers on property so all the towers have to be on the other side of all the surface streets. In addition the DIsney hotels line (I thnk it's Disneyland Drive) on the side of the park where World of color is so that puts another block of distance (for Sprint that whole street and the hotels is pretty bad). As near as I can tell, and I'm no expert, the closest Sprint tower to the Paradise Pier area is the one on the roof of the parking garage for the Marriott hotel at the back of the cconvention center, Long story short the coverage in that part of the park is nearly unusuable during these type of events. Disney is slowly adding wifi around the parks though as thier app is slowly beocming the way to do everything (fast passes, dining reservations, tickets, etc.) ATT is the official wireless sponsor in the parks but from what I can tell, they also haven't been able to do anything to improve coverage.
  7. I"ve noticed people struggling on all the networks at Disneyland, Just too many people in too small a space, and now they've made it where you kinda need their app for fastpasses etc (you can still use your ticket but it's way easier on the app). On our last trip there we basically didn't have any problems and it's way better than it was a couple years ago. It only really sucks when you are in an attraction, outside was basically slowish but working. You also can use the app for park entrance, just give yourself a few extra seconds for it to load (LOL!).
  8. This could get interesting (or real problematic). Too early to tell for sure.
  9. That is correct and I think it has another five years or so, my friends that go to the parks and have ATT say it's no better, they don't have enough capacity and if they try to periscope or something like that it will surely lock up. I do know the wifi the cast members use has improved a ton over the last few months, they were scanning all the tickets and uploading photos of everyone on their first entrance and it has gone to lightning fast and used to be a major drag so ATT has done something on that level and I think they are working on some sort of public wifi as the park is using their mobile app to enhance the experience quite a bit more.
  10. yep, exactly, they towers are too spread out so there are weak spots for sure! significantly improved over a couple years ago though.
  11. The convention center is great, there are towers on the roof of the Marriott and I usually get at least 20 mbs even indoors there. It's really good. Accross Katella in the Disney Parks it is in fact very hit or miss! Sometimes dropping to 3g and indoors at the parks is very, very weak! It is dramatically improved over a couple years ago and mostly usable but... Keep in mind this whole area is subject to massive overload (such as the Disney crowds plus the NAMM show that is coming up next week can really wreak havok on the signal). But again very much improved.
  12. The convention center is pretty tough. I always have problems between like 3:30 and 5:30 pm down there. Also the buildings have really thick concrete walls and that's part of the problem (LOL!). No one else seems to have good coverage there either. Those peak times it can literally drop to no signal inside or out! They definitely need to upgrade that area! Off peak times it is at least usable outdoors.
  13. Still spotty but way better than it was, have lte almost everywhere outdoors but indoors is still pretty iffy. (quick summary of Fresno). I personally haven't noticed much work going on either. I don't think much has been done in the last six months or so.
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