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  1. Dang...it's bad but not that bad!! Bakersfield has improved in signal and coverage and hopeful for more in 2015
  2. I just put in the code and mine says Band 26 and 41 enabled...not sure what that means. I am in Bakersfield
  3. Hopefully soon...I am working in downtown near the courthouse in Fresno for the next couple of months and so far only 3G
  4. It appears my LTE problems were actually more related to my phone....I have a Galaxy 4 and apparently there was an upgrade that came out recently. I did a PRL update and it reset...now it's back to being good.
  5. Glad to see Fresno finally getting LTE...the Bakersfield LTE has been on and off for some reason. Hopefully it is because they are expanding it.
  6. Correction...it appears that there was a recent update to my phone that turned off the data plan...called Sprint and got that fixed!
  7. Sprint just added 20 more cities...with Visalias, Porterville and Bakersfield as part of the new cluster. Now we just wait for Spark to arrive as well
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