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  1. Except that now, they can't do b41 without re-engineering all of the sites. It's been a while since I checked, but I've never seen a gmr b41 setup.
  2. I'm still wondering what Sprint was thinking when they did all of the GMR builds in Fresno.
  3. No, TMob on the bottom and ATT on top. The single tier of 3 sectors might be Verizon, but normally they have three or more per sector.
  4. That flag is pretty important; removing it (even temporarily) would result in one hell of a stink. The problem with that tower is that it is tapered; normally they are the same diameter all the way up. Before they added the NV gear (and added a slightly wider sheath at the top) I'll bet very few people knew it was more than a flagpole.
  5. That was frequently the case for me. There's not enough bandwidth (b41 will greatly help, but it's going to be a while) and there's not enough sites.
  6. I'm only aware of one site with B41 gear in Fresno, and that one is a roof top setup. The others are going to be hard because they weren't able to keep the old rackspace from the old, pre-NV gear, so now they have to re-engineer everything all over again. I'd give it another 6 months at least.
  7. I suspect the rooftop site at Shaw/Blackstone has B41 gear, but there's so much up there and visibility is so poor that it's hard to tell.
  8. I haven't seen a single set of B41 antennas in Fresno/Clovis, so that map is even more wrong than usual. It actually shows Spark coverage in areas that don't have LTE coverage.
  9. Weirdly enough, I have been in Visalia every day this week and I noticed that that tower is indeed upgraded. Took them long enough, jeez.
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