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Inside a Nextel Switch


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I'm not sure what I'm seeing here... it just looks like a server room that is being demolished. Is this supposed to be some sort of MSC for Nextel?

It was a Nextel MSC. But now it's going be an empty building.



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What do they do with so much old equipment?  Is there anyone still doing iDEN that they can sell it to?


Some of the equipment will be sold to NII and SouthernLinc because both are still running iDEN and they need parts because I am not sure if Motorola still makes new parts. Some stuff will be sold to other iDEN providers too because iDEN is still in use in some other countries.

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Do we know whrre the Nextel MSCs were located?


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I don't.


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I would assume that finding that information now would be much more difficult. The telco switch location for my local Nextel NPA-NXXes has been relocated to our Sprint fiber POP. It used to be at a regional fiber provider's POP. I am not sure if the CLLI is different.


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I know that there was a Nextel Data Center in Irvine, CA that provided the data for Northern Mexico. Not sure if that is still working but that was one of the reasons why there was always a little difference in Nextel Mexico withing Baja

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