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  1. 3 more Sprint sites permitted by T-Mobile for conversion in Omaha, NE. That brings us to 5 so far.
  2. Loving the S21 Ultra. Great upgrade over the S20 I had. Feels fantastic over the LG G8 I had before that. To each their own I guess.
  3. Delivered this afternoon. Didn't get to set it up until a short time ago. Still downloading/installing apps. Haven't activated yet. Didn't activate out of the box like I thought it would.
  4. I think that 3 antenna setup is pretty standard. Just depends on if they feel like totally replacing what was there already. We only get two antennas out here in Nebraska since we don't have any B12. (B2/66/71 + B41)
  5. Got the notification that my Ultra will be delivered Monday too!
  6. That was the same window on my dad's S21, but got notice that it was going to ship last night, arrived here this afternoon. Hoping they get it out to you soon!
  7. Got my dad's S21 activated today. Seems like a pretty good device, and he's happy to have a new phone instead of a second-hand one from me ha. Still waiting on the Ultra. Going on 20 days since the order. No estimated shipping date...
  8. If you have an S20+ or Ultra, no there's not much there to make it worth it to go through the trouble to upgrade. I'm (hopefully) going to get the S21 Ultra soon, which is a pretty good upgrade from my S20. This biggest drawback in my opinion is the lack of the SD card, which is why I got the 256GB version. Assuming it ships. Ordered on the 12th, best shipping estimate isn't until May.
  9. The lack of the SD card was a weird thing to do, I'll give you that. But I also can see the reasoning, since everything is moving to cloud based anyway. Aside from the Ultra, the line shifted down to help with affordability. So there were some sacrifices. Who really cares what the backing is like... they're in cases all the time anyway. S20 FE ~ S21, S20 ~ S21+. The prices are consistent between those models, so the specs are similar, with year-over-year improvements. The S20 FE was a really good seller (for a good reason), so they took that approach with the whole lineup.
  10. I wouldn't say garbage. The S21 lineup are still worthy phones. They made some changes to help a little with affordability, most notably on screen resolution battery size for the S21 and S21+. That does make the S21 more comparable to the S20 FE, which is what I have and it's still a pretty darn good phone. The S21 Ultra is still a top of the line device with improvements over the S20 Ultra, particularly where it comes to the screen. The updated chips means the inclusions of 5G CA which might be enticing to some people.
  11. I haven't actually seen it as an anchor band, just CA'ed with B2/66 while on n71. But I also haven't seen that it can't be an anchor band, so I wasn't sure.
  12. I knew it was on the way, but wasn't aware it was being rolled out yet.
  13. At the moment T-Mobile only broadcasts 5G on n71, n41 and mmWave (very isolated deployment). In the future there will be n25/2 and n66, but not very widespread yet. As others have said, the 5G icon shows if the band you are connected to is enabled to serve as an anchor band for 5G. At the moment, B2 and B66 serve as potential anchor bands. B12 may be an anchor band in some areas. B71 is not used as an anchor band at this time. The only way to know for sure if you are actually on a 5G band is through an engineering screen or one of the signal apps mentioned.
  14. Dang, yeah not on the list. But never hurts to ask. Might still get something for trading it in (if that's something you want to do).
  15. Ah, yeah that would do it. This one targeted the three lines that didn't have any payments left on them. Email came on Thursday. I went to the store to do one of the upgrades and they did say it was a company wide promo. If there are any other lines needing upgrades and are paid off, might be eligible.
  16. I traded in my Dad's LG G8 and got the S21 for free + tax. Upgraded it to the 256MB version for $2 a month. Maybe a different promo? I should add, the phones were completely paid off, so that might have impacted the promo.
  17. They took an LG G8... G8X ought to have been enough. Although now that I look at the fine print, it doesn't list the G8X. Weird. The phone ships separate of the return kit. If they even ship a return kit. The last time they just emailed a shipping label and it went into my spam so I missed it.
  18. Used their trade in deal for a "free" S21, or greatly reduced S21+ or Ultra. Went with the Ultra, $250 (plus tax) to upgrade and no monthly cost. Not gonna complain!
  19. Does that include the surcharges ("administrative" charges) as well or just taxes? My taxes rarely eclipsed $10 for all 6 lines combined. Even combining with the surcharges, that still comes to less than $40, meaning a $20 increase overall. Edit: I called and according to support, my bill will come out to be the same +/- a dollar. I'm not sure I get the math. I hope that's the case though.
  20. Mine jumped $10 per line (6 lines). Not terribly pleased. The email said it would maybe be a couple dollars. Let us know if they fix it.
  21. There is this one. Not zoomable, but bigger with a little more detail than other's they've shared. https://cdn.tmobile.com/content/dam/t-mobile/ntm/coverage/maps/Ultra-Capacity-5G.desktop1.jpg
  22. A test reaching speeds near 400Mbps can use over 500MB of data. If you're getting faster than that, easy to pull 1GB of data per test.
  23. The data use section in the settings on your phone should tell you what is using all the data.
  24. It was definitely the Feb. update. I tried my headphones as soon as that updated rolled out haha.
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