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  1. mhammett

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    The problem is generally the power from the handset back to the tower, not from the tower to the handset. Voice calls should require less capacity than a speed test. A speed test is the most intensive thing you can do on a network, well, short of BitTorrent.
  2. mhammett

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    The one I was looking at was 8290, so that should hold true. https://www.cellmapper.net/map?MCC=310&MNC=120&type=LTE&latitude=41.85563059481918&longitude=-88.50457084856009&zoom=11&showTowers=true&clusterEnabled=true&tilesEnabled=true&heatMapEnabled=false&showOrphans=false&showNoFrequencyOnly=false&showFrequencyOnly=false&showBandwidthOnly=false&DateFilterType=Last&showHex=false&showVerifiedOnly=false&showUnverifiedOnly=false&showLTECAOnly=false&showBand=0&mapType=custom_map&showSectorColours=true
  3. mhammett

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    If a Sprint channel is on 1875 MHz, what size of channel is it? What is the Chicago-area currently running on?
  4. mhammett

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    I noticed that Fi doesn't have all of the Google Voice features. No voicemail to email, no call screening.
  5. mhammett

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    Okay, so I'm likely to move down to 3G with the RRPP coverage (if any)?
  6. mhammett

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    Right, but that doesn't really address my questions (about Google Fi vs. Google Voice feature parity or Sprint rural partnerships).
  7. mhammett

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    How much of the current feature-set would one have if they just moved over to Google Fi? I assume that you would lose any of the roaming partnerships that Sprint has, for whatever those are worth. I'm not sure on the current functionality.
  8. mhammett

    Google voice integration going away June 1st

    I'd like to figure out how closely I can replicate the existing Sprint - Google Voice full integration. I use it extensively. Send and receive SMS and phone calls from multiple devices including PC. Send MMS from multiple devices including PC. Make and receive calls with the standard phone functions on my primary number.
  9. mhammett

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    Who cares what it looks like? I didn't know this was the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
  10. mhammett

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    I drove by today and it was there. I didn't visually confirm the equipment on the tower, but all indications are that's where it is. There's a small cell EARFCN in the vicinity and I haven't figured out where that was. It could be at the Sprint store that's near there.
  11. mhammett

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    I misread the site. I thought it said that the last seen was in 2016, therefore assuming it was offline. It has the last seen in December, so likely I just haven't had CellMapper on when driving past there since then.
  12. mhammett

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    https://www.cellmapper.net/testmap/map/310/120/LTE?lat=41.954192385285396&lng=-88.73004913330078&z=15 Any thoughts on site 517309? There is a tower there with multiple carriers, but it's not a legacy site and doesn't appear to be an active Sprint site any longer.
  13. mhammett

    My rambling's and things I find...

    Major APAC real estate and infrastructure investor partners with Softbank on US infrastructure. http://wirelessestimator.com/articles/2017/towercos-headed-for-some-stiff-competition-with-formation-of-lendlease-towers/
  14. mhammett

    The Magic Box 6 months later

    The ping time will approximately double because you're now going through two LTE links. LTE has a moderately high ping time.
  15. mhammett

    [Teaser] Life's Good with the V30

    This is even bigger news now that PR is basically destroyed and has to be rebuilt.