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  1. I do wonder how much longer US Cellular will survive, ESPECIALLY now with the Sprint and t-Mobile officially merging.
  2. Doesn't look much different to me
  3. It will be interesting to see what happens now with the T-mobile and Sprint merger being approved officially; what that will do for the small number of small regional players that are still left. What will happen with them, only time will tell for example US Celluar, C-Spire, etc.
  4. When US Cellular sold Sprint the Chicago market of their licences/spectrum a couple of years ago (I think that is how that happened if memory serves me right), I thought that was going to be the beginning of Sprint buying the rest of US Cellular but I was wrong obviously.
  5. I am wondering how US Cellular is going to survive, maybe US Cellular and Dish can get together? LOL
  6. Might be nice if you could at least you spell check. (I'm not trying to be mean but you have several spelling mistakes that are very noticeable, plus you have run on sentences).
  7. Sprint's new update on 4/5/2019 is finally reflecting the new B41 sites which is a lot (from the link here not on the Sprint site but updates when they update on their end). I am not sure about B26 but I know of a couple, Sprint is not my main carrier anymore so I only check once in a while. Its nice to see they are starting to catch up some.
  8. I am just surprised C-Spire and US Cellular have not been bought up yet by one of the "major four" carriers.
  9. Sprint wanted NEXTEL for the lower frequencies I am sure and probably back in 2005 the FCC probably did not have any lower frequencies available to auction off thus it was easier for Sprint to acquire. (This is just a guess). With the WiMAX in the last T-mobile/Sprint hearing (February 13, 2019); Marcelo Claure admitted that "WiMax was the wrong technology".
  10. Joski1624 wow I guess you were right, this did die off quite a long time ago. For some reason I don't even remember this even came up, probably because this site was way more active back then and it was hard to keep up on all of the conversations.
  11. I think Sprint can expand on its own, but it will just take longer than people want them too. Sprint (on their own) has made great strides just in the past two years in my opinion).
  12. As I have experienced myself, mostly, although with Verizon I have noticed a lot more of B2 (1900) more than in the past for some reason. We should start seeing a good increase in B5 (850) with them shaving off towers next year that still have CDMA 2G/3G, since supposedly the end of 2019 is still what Verizon wants the CDMA to end.
  13. I have been seeing some new B41 and B26 pop up around the Rochester market lately. On a second note I have noticed the Sprint map can be inaccurate a lot especially in upstate NY, one prime example is BU72XC653(different market but that one has been active for a couple of years now). I sometimes wonder if the periodic updates on Sprint's website really reflect any changes, I mean I am sure it does I just don't look in the right areas I am sure.
  14. That's great and all but I would like to see Sprint get 800 going in NY state (state wide not just Syracuse, Binghamton, NYC, and one or two here and there towers....., I can't imagine the IBEZ issue would still be lingering, its been a couple of years now).
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