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  1. joshnys8913

    FW: US Carrier Traffic broken down by LTE Bands

    As I have experienced myself, mostly, although with Verizon I have noticed a lot more of B2 (1900) more than in the past for some reason. We should start seeing a good increase in B5 (850) with them shaving off towers next year that still have CDMA 2G/3G, since supposedly the end of 2019 is still what Verizon wants the CDMA to end.
  2. I have been seeing some new B41 and B26 pop up around the Rochester market lately. On a second note I have noticed the Sprint map can be inaccurate a lot especially in upstate NY, one prime example is BU72XC653(different market but that one has been active for a couple of years now). I sometimes wonder if the periodic updates on Sprint's website really reflect any changes, I mean I am sure it does I just don't look in the right areas I am sure.
  3. That's great and all but I would like to see Sprint get 800 going in NY state (state wide not just Syracuse, Binghamton, NYC, and one or two here and there towers....., I can't imagine the IBEZ issue would still be lingering, its been a couple of years now).
  4. Nothing has really changed that much other than, all just about all the sites are now LTE for all markets.
  5. I don't think Spectrum really should be the issue it should be coverage, you can have all the Spectrum in the world but if the antennas are not up than its useless.
  6. I have mentioned this before and I am going to have to disagree with a dish merger deal, I think Sprint would be better off getting into talks with US Cellular in my opinion, if Sprint merged with US Cellular that would give Sprint a bit of an edge I think because US cellular have some nice untouched coverage that one one else has, for example parts of Maine, and various other areas that US cellular only seems to be the only one in town. (I could be wrong but IF I were Son I'd talk to US Cellular and see if they would be interested in a merger deal).
  7. Yes I know this very well, HOWEVER is a quite heavily traveled route maybe not as much as 81 or 79 but still is a fairly used route for many. I was just making a statement that it is a bummer that its still roaming through there is all. A place that the old nextel sites could have come to use.
  8. Still a bummer with the "future expansion" route 99 in Pennsylvania (was route 15) still not getting any, very disappointed. You get roaming from basically ny/pa border to just north of Williamsport, PA. A side note to that stretch of route 99, T-mobile used to be roaming there too but finally got native coverage there just this year).
  9. joshnys8913

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    From what I have seen as of today it sounds like this merger is not going to happen which I am really happy about I was NOT in favor at all. If Softbank/Sprint wants someone, I would suggest to Son to start talking to US Cellular (Sprint already took their Chicago area). I know US Cellular doesn't have a nation wide footprint BUT there are some rural areas US Cellular covers that not even Verizon covers with out its roaming agreements (Example the Maine issue that was in the news not long ago). I was really happy when Sprint got the n' Telos merger (even thought that was really through Shentel).
  10. joshnys8913

    Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    IF the T-mobile/Sprint Merger fails (which I hope it does, but that's is just a personal opinion I am not really in favor of it), I would love to see Sprint buy the rest of USCC's remaining. I was super excited when Sprint got n telos (even though that was indirect from Shantel).
  11. joshnys8913

    Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    One of these days one of the big 4 will end up buying USCC remaining footprint, kind of like when Sprint took over in Chicago. I'm not saying it will happen but it could, seems like regional carriers are getting less and less.
  12. joshnys8913

    Coverage Map Update 10/15/17

    ok well whatever insignificant.
  13. joshnys8913

    Coverage Map Update 10/15/17

    EXACTLY, but I do know of two that still are 3G only just from personal checking/traveling. I was just saying, I do know there are SOME left, I actually know of two still as of today 10/16/17 that are in another market in my area. Again just was passing along my experience as of recent is all....
  14. joshnys8913

    Coverage Map Update 10/15/17

    not exactly there are some still