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  1. My guess between 6-8 million including the 1 million direct customers based on numbers from the last Clearwire quarterly report and reduced by churn.
  2. I am happy when I don't see 3G AND have I have usable speeds. So anything higher as 500KB is ok, 1MB is good and everything higher is better. Verizon yesterday provided 89MB down on my Moto X in Bakersfield while driving on the Hwy-58 near Costco.
  3. This was the first time that my phone was not roaming along the I-5 between Bakersfield and Los Banos. My phone used to bounce in and out of MetroPCS and Cricket. Just one little shock yesterday, I got on my Verizon Moto X, 86MB down vs 21MB in Bakersfield.
  4. Yes and it work very well. I actually see businesses still using Direct Talk with their old phones. In Las Vegas, you see that staff at the M Resort still using old Nextel phones in Direct Talk Mode, especially at the Buffet.
  5. LOL, I still used the good old Nextel at the Park in January on a "framily" trip because the Nextel Direct Connection (without need of a Network) had very good range within the park. I was actually at the Disneyland Hotel while the kids roamed the parks and I was able to communicate with them without an issue.
  6. Again I can't get Cox and my neighbor got just booted off Cox for using actually 215 MB on average. He was the last house with Cox service and if I want their service, I need to run a line which cost $$$$. DSL is also not really working because I am too far from the last pop. Wireless is currently the only option and again I am hopeful that Sprint will do a Fixed wireless solution together with Dish.
  7. I know that there was a Nextel Data Center in Irvine, CA that provided the data for Northern Mexico. Not sure if that is still working but that was one of the reasons why there was always a little difference in Nextel Mexico withing Baja
  8. I had the same issues with my Epic 4G (now on FreedomPOP) while running CM10.3. You need to see if there is a temporaery boot / rom available. I can only speak from experience with the Epic4G but I am able to activate the 2nd rom in recovery and than update my profile and PRL without any issues. As soon I reboot I am back in the CM rom. I guess there is a solution for your phone like it too.
  9. They no longer have Internet because Cox disconnected their service for high use. They have different pricing but yes the service is not cheap. Given the amounts of data, it is just a price of doing business and yes it's about 10 times the amount Clearwire gets from me each month I never had a speed issue with Clear and I am blessed with good enough speeds. Still hoping on a fixed solution from Sprint. They don't want to cover just one. If I had an appartment complex on my land, the connection would be free
  10. I called Cox and they have no plans to cover my house because I am just past their territory. I would pay $10k to get my house into their territory just to have the continued pleasure to pay them each month. My neighbor is about 1/2 mile away and that is not too bad
  11. Correct, but technology has evolved and usage of the Internet has grown. I can't even do HD streaming but I am fine with SD. What kills me is the amount of data that I need to send due to work. Got a nice offer from Towerstream and when Clear goes into the sunset, I will switch to them.
  12. You don't even know what you use at home. My neighbors are a standard family, five people: Kids run YouTube and music, Parents have their Roku and Netflix/Hulu. They don't use torrent etc. Still they use a lot of capacity every month and it's getting the norm. I wish I had access to Cox but they stopped at my neighbors house. Most home ISP are looking to maximuze their profits and tax usage. I am sure many people hear would be shocked if they could see their usage,
  13. Look at Towerstream and they already provide fixed wireless service and the best part, still unlimited! Yes I can hear the haters, but guess what, the carries seem to have no problem with usage if you're willing to pay. Our neighbor just got kicked out by Cox for using more than 300GB per month but hey he could sign up for a business plan, pay more and their network will be A-Okay with it.
  14. I was in Hayward and 50 MB down was the normal speed, but San Jose, I just found some LTE in downtown.
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