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  1. I am happy when I don't see 3G AND have I have usable speeds. So anything higher as 500KB is ok, 1MB is good and everything higher is better. Verizon yesterday provided 89MB down on my Moto X in Bakersfield while driving on the Hwy-58 near Costco.
  2. This was the first time that my phone was not roaming along the I-5 between Bakersfield and Los Banos. My phone used to bounce in and out of MetroPCS and Cricket. Just one little shock yesterday, I got on my Verizon Moto X, 86MB down vs 21MB in Bakersfield.
  3. Yes and it work very well. I actually see businesses still using Direct Talk with their old phones. In Las Vegas, you see that staff at the M Resort still using old Nextel phones in Direct Talk Mode, especially at the Buffet.
  4. LOL, I still used the good old Nextel at the Park in January on a "framily" trip because the Nextel Direct Connection (without need of a Network) had very good range within the park. I was actually at the Disneyland Hotel while the kids roamed the parks and I was able to communicate with them without an issue.
  5. I was in Hayward and 50 MB down was the normal speed, but San Jose, I just found some LTE in downtown.
  6. I find LTE quite useless in South San Kose and I am glad to carry an additional WiMax phone with me.
  7. I will know more this week because I have to drive from Las Vegas to San Jose and it would be nice to see the improved coverage on the I-5. Not even AT&T or Verizon have fully covered the Interstate but Sprint roamed a lot on MetroPCS and Cricket.
  8. I was in San Jose around the first and a lot of 3G on my Triband while my G3 was able to connect to LTE. I wished I could have taken the picture of the monopol on Capital Expressway getting new sets of antennas installed.
  9. I guess time will tell and I think Clearwire will stay until end of 2015
  10. It will still take a lot of time and what I have seen currently is only the NV1.0 here in Las Vegas. Even when they start B41 it will take time to kill WiMax. Again, WiMax enjoys a lot of customer use and it would not be good PR for Sprint to take it all away soon. My prediction from all the networks that have gone offline: 8-12 months warning before they shut off the network and that will be AFTER Clearwire equipment stopped to be sold in all channels. Keep in mind, even Sprint still sells WiMax equipment (especially Boost & Virgin Mobile) and most of their MVNO's do too.
  11. Again, I have seen how nice Sprint and Clear play together in markets like Los Angeles and there is no degradation in service for WiMax. Yes eventually WiMax is go, but I am not sure it will be before the end of 2015. Anyways, I worry about it when Sprint makes the anouncement rather to freak out on speculation. Clearwire has a huge amount of spectrum in Las Vegas and I am sure they will find a solution. Btw. has there been any B41 LTE deployment in Las Vegas at all? I was disappointed to see a lack of LTE during CES this year. WiMax worked as always at the fairplex very stable while A
  12. At this point in time I don't think that the current Sprint NV updates include the current WiMax network here in Las Vegas. None of the towers have received any RUU upgrade. Sprint will deploy B41 in Las Vegas later this year using Nokia equipment. Yes some locations are CoLo but I have seen all shared towers with seperate equipment cabinets. I took a drive around North Las Vegas yesterday (after Nascar) to visit some of the new 3G/4G/800 towers and you see most of them have Clearwire in addition. There is no need to scare people and when they deploy B41 in Las Vegas, I am sure they use th
  13. Do you honestly think that Sprint is just shutting down WiMax in a major market over night. They gave Nextel customers a year to convert and I am not expecting anything less from Clearwire. Let Sprint deploy their B41 network, that does not mean I am losing service on an old Clearwire tower.
  14. WiMax is available and so far so good and I stress myself with alternatives when Sprint announces the decommission of the network. It took years for Nextel and I will make sure to ride the WiMax waves until their sun sets. I have tested a little bit the 4G in Las Vegas and I am not really impressed. The signal is very week and even their 3G signal is much stronger. I have been at a friends house today with sight to a tower and 3G works just fine but 4G is very week and I hope they fix it before the market goes live which could be soon. Back to WiMax, there has been a big wave of new custo
  15. Go to the Clear.com website and try to activate a device in some zip codes and it will tell you that they can't activate it in that area. I checked zip codes in the north and east of town and even some parts of west have issues. This usually happens when they reach a critical mass on their network. You can still use devices activated in different areas but Clearwire tries to stop new customers to activate with them in heavy usage zones. I am trying to make a map when I have a bit more time which towers are effected.
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