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  1. T.J. Duckett was fun to play as in NFL Street 2.
  2. It's OK, AJ. MSU has experience with game winning TDs as the clock expires.
  3. GIFs? Wouldn't you be better off using PNGs? Unless you animate them it seems weird to use GIFs.
  4. Nope, at least none that i'm aware of. They left that game when they spun-off Embarq.
  5. They were going to go with SpankBank but that name is already taken.
  6. Yeah, I thought about that but if I do that but if I do that I lose out on having my weather in the notification bar.
  7. Yeah, I like having the notifications on the lockscreen but I wish there was a way to hide certain apps that always have things in the notification drawer.
  8. I got the update late last night. I generally like it but there are a few things that are frustrating me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
  9. Anybody able to get it without factory reseting? I've been checking daily, but no luck.
  10. This is basically what I was told. It wouldn't surprise me if it varies from region to region.
  11. A word of warning to anyone trying to upgrade from Best Buy: They can't update you if you are on framily. You'd have to go to Sprint and change your plan and then upgrade through them, at least at my local Best Buy.
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