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  1. I haven't experience bleeding, can give a station suffering from interference in DC?
  2. You have a recourse, call the radio station to complain, they usually will fix it, if they don't a call or letter to the FCC can do the trick. It does take time but it does get addressed.
  3. SiriusXM is actually from 64kbps to 128kbps AAC encoded. The quality issue might be related to your receiver. The best way to connect an external receiver is to use an AUX cable. FM modulator is just FM quality.
  4. The delay used to be a problem back in the early days but the newer equipment makes the sync a whole lot easier. All stations that buy in to HD have to provide at least similar quality on the HD stream as their Analog stream by FCC mandate or face fines. The reception is purely based on the quality of the receiver. I bought one of the better (as far a sensitivity goes) in 2010 and I have few issues within 40 miles of the transmitting antenna which is somewhere in DC. The quality is definitely improved when listening to music, definitely higher quality than satellite radio.
  5. I seriously doubt that. Also they can't just shutdown equipment, they deployed it and it is run by whomever and ALU simply supports it. Sprint could ALU equipment forever as long as they keep paying for support. It will be ALU equipment regardless of who owns them, its just who you call for support that will change.
  6. I don't imagine it would have any impact in the short term. Legacy equipment will remain for as long as they are in their useful lives. I imagine that interoperability between ALU and Nokia equipment will be improved over time.
  7. I have been hoping that they would do that, all this waiting around while equipment is ready to go has been really frustrating. Do you think they will just use microwave in the long term or just short term until the fiber is secured?
  8. Alaska? I am certain there is plenty of roaming in and around anchorage. Verizon is really the only national carrier in the area, as far as I know.
  9. I don't know what might be the problem, mine works just fine and I get LTE just fine through it.
  10. Make sure you mount it and ground it with the appropriate hardware. As long as it is outside it will get much better reception than what it can get inside, on the pole and pointed to a tower will work best. Make sure that the antennas point to opposite directions to avoid oscilation (much like a mic and speaker) which will cause the unit to shut down.
  11. I just was there, it is definitely a very packed. It was challenging for Sprint's network as well. I had a terrible time getting data through during Christmas day and the day after. There is band 41 enabled in the area so that might made a difference. In all fairness my girlfriend's AT&T phone had similar issues with data. Regular calls and texts went through without issues to either of us.
  12. I have been using vonage for many years. works with my fax and it worked with my older satellite box when I had satellite. It seem compatible with all my POTS devices.
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