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  1. I drove by (twice) the 90/22 site today and nothing... I either had a boost of confidence from my cellular booster thingy (I get a weak LTE signal on it from the 905 site north of Conway) -- or placebo effect. There is a small chance they put LTE on the 9/905 site as well but I am not holding my breath... Or maybe they were testing. You know what your looking at and will quickly know if 90/22 is strictly GMO still or not and look forward to your findings..
  2. I think we might be getting some GMO upgrades around here. I have some moderate LTE at home that I didn't have a week ago... I will investigate further and get back with this board.
  3. Not much of a change than before, except $20 a phone instead of $15 like it is now (and 12gb for 80/mo insgtead of 10gb)... also interesting to see the $5 per smartwatch... does that pretty much confirm that the next apple watch will be network connected instead of to the phone?
  4. It could be Verizon too? I have horrible coverage on Verizon right around that area... Sprint there is really bad too, of course as you know.
  5. Good luck.. this device release thing is what I believe cost sprint a new customer that I tried to bring onboard from TMO awhile back... she said it was the worst experience she ever had to deal with. it started with me trying to reactivate a phone on our account that I had briefly tried (and failed HA!) to use on Freedompop... Their fix was to overnight her two prepaid iPhones... total FAIL.
  6. I am totally with you! I loved my Mega but it was just too sluggish and the screen was way too washed out...
  7. Yup, until the convert our GMOs and fill in a handful of dead zones I am in a holding pattern with Sprint around here...
  8. Daylight savings time should be shot in the head, and left to suffer on the side of the road.... hate it.
  9. Is it safe to presume someone living in Hawaii has gotten good at doing the time conversion from EDT, EST, PDT, PST, etc etc on the fly due to most everything being published in that fashion? Just curious... I know growing up in CST/CDT I pretty much automatically subtracted an hour from whatever I heard (since everything was EST/EDT)... Now that I am in Eastern I am spoiled lol...
  10. Thank you. I forgot to say thank you as this is good to keep in mind. I do wanna leave a spot or two open for now as I just might port my and my MIL's line in from VZW someday...
  11. So then why did they give my two friends such a hard time????? One is joining ANOTHER friends ATT family plan and the other ran back to T-Mobile.... Meanwhile I have 8 people on my framily... Great, for now... if it drops any lower I will start to be concerned..
  12. I drive the stretch of I-95 in SC once a month, usually (sometimes I cut off and go through Charleston for various reasons -- and that is not a better option!) and (a) that road really does suck.. it was worse -- the worst of the cracked up concrete was paved over a few years ago.. ( there are still a half dozen or more cell sites ("towers") that are not upgraded to LTE yet... Your a premier sponsor, check out your route on there and you will see what hasn't been done yet, what is about to be done, and what will be done someday...
  13. Well, I was not able to... And chat "recommended" Firefox, which did work.
  14. Well they sent another prepaid phone to my friend.... She is porting back to t-mobile in the morning... Very sad. The way her and I were treated the last 8 days, it will be a very long time before I make another referral to Sprint. EDIT: It is official... she has to take the time to mail back two Sprint Prepaid I-Phone 4S phones -- they will not credit her credit card the $80 they charged it, so they will supposedly have to put a $80 credit on my account -- which I will have to get to my friend.. My Samsung Epic is supposedly "no good" in their system anymore -- she will have to get that back to me (although it is likely useless)... I am now unable to add friends to my framily account.. who knows how messed up my phone bill will be for this month. She was able to port right back to T-Mobile this morning in less than an hour, with no problems. This is not a rant, or intended to be one.. this is the summary of a huge chain of horrible events the last 8 days trying to bring a friend on-board to Sprint and the failure it became... EDIT2: Since I wrote this, they have worked with me in regards to this mess (they reached out to me) -- and they made a generous offer to her to try to drag her back from the dark side -- but, understandably, she is not looking back and is sticking with T-Mobile...
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