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My Evo LTE does not get 3G without having the upper back cover of the phone off.   How does that work?


The Evo LTE is known to have reception issues, but your situation sounds worse. You may want to have that checked out in a Service & Repair location.

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My Evo LTE does not get 3G without having the upper back cover of the phone off. How does that work?

That's odd. The back plate on that phone has antenna connections and without it I have noticed signal drops. Have you tried a different back?


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EVO LTE has let me down. I'm done with HTC! Have you gotten it wet? This problem sounds like corrosion

I have an HTC one and it is outstanding holding on to LTE and 3G. Even in fringe areas.

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      One of my two contracts are about to end November 6 and the other in May. I have three options and am having a really hard time deciding on the best decision so I decided to ask my S4GRU brethren for advice. Option 1 is to just keep my EVO 4G LTE until next year when all  of the new April-June phones arrive but I don't like this option because the terrible LTE reception and the fact that Sprints LTE roll out is going a little slow for my tastes. Option 2 would be "if" the Nexus 5 has Tri-band LTE I could sell my Evo for 150 if I'm lucky and pony up the rest of the money while not having to renew my contracts so if I get tired of waiting for Sprints network to come to life I can jump ship to T-mobiles pre paid $70 plan and test there network to see if its better than Sprint's network all while not taking a financial hit or I can keep the Nexus 5 as my tri band Sprint device until next years phones come out and keep both phones. Option 3 is if I get the G2 on best buy pre order for $100 with the $50 gift card which I will use to buy the quick case. I will also get the benefit of getting to keep my Evo LTE so another 2 phone benefit option is nice. Any suggestions 
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      Well I waited and waited for LTE to hit my area whence I could cut the cable cord. Well the rollout came and .... not so much. So I am looking at a signal booster / repeater. I came across some good info, mostly here on s4gru but I was wondering since those threads are outdated by the rollout and the date posted I thought I would post up and see if anyone had some recent experience with Wilson electronics and LTE service? I am mostly only interested in the 1900 mhz band as the 800 band will come later.

      At one point it was only the Wilson 801247 amplifier that for sure confirmed amplified the G band. I also came across this (http://blog.3gstore.com/2012/07/sprint-4g-lte-amplifiers-wilson.html) :

      I find this interesting because Wilson doesnt market a Sprint LTE amp like they do for Verizon. I assume it works in the 1900 band like they say it does. Although on the product descriptions they say explicitly that the products do not work on LTE including Sprint. Is this clever marketing on their part to drive sales to the Quad band amplifier? Obviously they would rather sell the $1000 amp than the $200 amp that is only 5mhz or less away from Sprint's band?

      Does anyone have any more hands on experience? The Wilson 801247 kit is a Desktop (DT) model and not made for a larger home or area which I am trying to cover. So I want to confirm if a different amp they offer will amplify the 1900 mhz G band of Sprint LTE.

      If you have a working signal repeater setup that receives the 1900 mhz Sprint LTE please let me know the model of antenna, amp, etc...

      Thanks in advance.
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      Today PRL 51095 was pushed to iPhone 5 on Sprint. Anyone with a LTE world phone also get the same PRL file?
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    • I may have missed it, but what are the the benefits of moving over to TNX on a 5G device that would automatically have TNA (prefer the T-Mobile network). It doesn't seem like it would change the network experience all that much. My devices are all TNA, and on the T-Mobile network all the time except while near Sprint Keep sites. I'd prefer to keep the easy access to Sprint sites since Sprint have a bigger network than T-Mobile here.
    • Has anyone on eSIM switched to T-Mobile eSIM?
    • Unfortunately, I'm seeing the gaps in the customer experience for TNX and I'm wondering if I should just leave the "T-Mobile Unlimited Freedom Plan with Included Taxes/Fees" behind and bring everything over to a T-Mobile Plan/Account at a certain point for usability and management sake. iOS: The experience on iOS has been fine. When I upgraded my 3 iPhone 12 Pro's it was easy to update the E911 Address for Wi-Fi Calling right on the device. Quick and done. Google Pixel 5: The experience on a Google Pixel 5 on eSIM for Sprint was mediocre. I received conflicting information about whether the device was eligible for TNX. Chat said yes, so I ordered a SIM and installed it. The device threw an error and said to take it out. Chat then said that device wasn't eligible for TNX. Is this in fact the case? Has anyone here put a Google Pixel 5 on TNX? Samsung: The experience for two Samsung Galaxies on our account was actually terrible. For the S20+ 5G: I put in the TNX SIM and after I enabled Wi-Fi Calling, I wanted to update the E911 address on the device. Nope, the address update button in the device menu took me to the T-Mobile Login Screen. I contacted chat and they said I had to do it on the Sprint website. Ok, so I went to the Sprint Website and to Account Dashboard. I selected "Options" for the device, and selected the Update E911 Address link. I then got taken to an absolutely ancient portion of the Sprint website that hadn't been part of the recent redesign and I was able to update the address.... but the interface looked terrible and like it wouldn't actually work. I still can't update the E911 address on the device itself. Ridiculous. For the S21 5G, which was a device upgrade on that line from an absolutely ancient BlackBerry KEYone (Don't ask. They held on forever hoping keyboards would come back): After activating the device with the T-Mobile SIM Card that came with it, I went to activate Wi-Fi Calling on the device. I then went to update the E911 address on the device and the button took me to the same T-Mobile Login page as it did on the S20+. So I went to my Account Dashboard and it showed the S21 on the line and that it was on the T-Mobile network. It showed that Wi-Fi Calling was enabled under account services. I then went to Manage Device -> Options -> Update E911 Address for WiFi Calling, and the ancient content page loaded.... and it still showed the old device on the account. I contacted Customer Care via Chat and they removed the old device from the account and it then showed the S21 on the page. I then tried entering the address for WiFi Calling and it wouldn't accept it. When I hit "save" it threw an error for the address, which makes no sense since this was the valid shipping address for the device via UPS. So I put in a ticket with the Advanced Tech Support to have the Network Team go and manually try to enter the address on the backend or figure out what's going on here. C'mon T-Mobile..... TNX is good. The customer experience for account services management you're having Sprint run on the Sprint website actually stinks, and we're starting to see the cracks where Sprint's legacy content that was never updated (and probably never will be) or that customers get misinformation about device eligibility for TNX (Google Pixel 5) can negatively affect the TNX customer experience. In my case, I'm having a miserable time trying to update the E911 Addresses for Wi-Fi Calling on my Samsung devices and its because TNX broke Sprint's E911 Address management on Android devices. iOS devices however seem to work fine for these updates to be made on the device. Not sure why that is. Interested in what people think. UPDATE: Looks like the folks on the backend fixed the E911 Address issue for the line with the S21 as the Sprint Website is now accepting the address as valid.
    • This one I found particularly interesting. They filed to upgrade the T-Mobile (orange) to n71 and n41 a while back. Then this week, they filed to keep the two surrounding Sprint sites (blue). The T-Mobile one is very tall with a huge footprint, so I understand why they might want to use the Sprint sites, but just very interesting they filed to upgrade it and then decided against it (as best I can tell).
    • Oftentimes they're locked into contracts with their contractors, otherwise they would just cancel the T-Mobile site's upgrade. 
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