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  1. https://imgur.com/a/M3Tv3vX What all Is going on with this site? One sector has 5 panels, the other 2 are 4, with 2 larger panels. (Mid rack) This is just a normal 2 B66 10x10 carriers with 1 B2 10x10Mhz, B2 5x5Mhz, b12, b14, B30 5x5Mhz, and N5 5Mhz, with 4g on B5. Also With the Android 11 beta, and a few tweaks I was able to see all of these 5G bands available
  2. Quick look, looks like it was a 20mhz connection on N2, that's not too bad. Wonder if it's DSS or all n2 being converted from LTE. Also noticed B1w being the Primary carrier with N2, that's interesting. From what I've seen in my locale is B2 is the primary LTE carrier with N5 being the NR band of choice.
  3. Well no phones run N30 yet, and there is no N46 to my knowledge. 3G is going to be sunset and it'll be completed by what 2022 iirc. Could always just turn that off on sites early. Doubt it though. Most likely will use DSS though
  4. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-20-ultra/how-to/guide-service-mode-csc-guide-enable-lte-t4182293 For anyone who would want to test out their locals for NR bands other than N5, you have to have a Samsung(possible on other androids, unsure of that though), and you can enable LTE/NR bands, and enable DSS as well
  5. Yep any phone not on Android 11 will be stuck on N5 selectively. They will enable more bands in the coming months. N2 would be impossible to connect to on phones currently unless they ran a specific dialer code and enabled them. But even then it may not connect to them. I've changed the CSCs to other carriers on my U1 version and 5G will not ever show up. Something in the ATT csc is allowing the NR to connect. I still can't go off of hearing about n2 or n66 being live until a screenshot of the engineering screen is posted unfortunately. I am sure in someplace it could be on. DSS
  6. Unfortunately no phones have those nr bands turned on. The only way to have those enabled is thru the android 11 Beta, or doing some trickery in a menu. I haven't seen full iPhone specs on NR yet, or to even know what's enabled. But DSS is disabled on all phones unless you manually turn it on deep into a special menu. N5 is the main NR band across the US, and DSS was being tested in a very small part of North Texas that's not been named yet. Now not to say it's not on but I've not seen a valid report of anything other than N5 proved on phones. I would love to see it, and to see DSS on. Now if
  7. Haven't seen any 10x10 n5 yet anywhere. Id have to see pictures to believe it. I work for ATT, and my store is getting a brand new small cell and should have 5G. Our city of over 100k has had 5G since April unofficially, and August officially. I have done some stuff on my note 20 ultra to enable DSS, all phones its disabled to my knowledge. With the android 11 beta they enabled SA 5G on the U1 ATT software. Also saw N2, and N66 enabled. N12 should follow suit next. SA will be when DSS is enabled my guess. Not sure if DSS can work in NSA mode. By the way if yall
  8. From my understanding the 5G symbol displays on phones due to an Upperlayer packet being sent to tell the phone to display 5G , even without 5G being present. It is why you can see 5G NR band 5 on ATT, and not see a 5G symbol as the indicator. If you would like I work for ATT, and ny work shows a 5G indicator, but has no NR, and Just up the street a few miles I get an LTR indicator, but have NR band 5 showing. Maybe it can help you out
  9. Yeah Just dialing the *3001#12345#* is a pain. Having the widgets on the screen would be easier for sure
  10. So I was able to end up compiling the package, and even get the widget to be added on. Can’t get the app to display info as my iPhone X isn’t jail broken with root access privileges(think it needs it if I am seeing it correct). Will post some screen shots. Not sure where to go from here until a jailbreak happens for 11.2.1. https://imgur.com/a/2WEBFuj
  11. I was able to recompile it using the Code given, but nothing happens on the IOS 11.2.1. Just a black screen. Not sure what I can do with little code history, But I am trying to play around with it. If anyone wants to help I do not mind trying to contribute to this application. And would share the project once it’s working for others to side load
  12. So I know this thread is pretty much dead, But does anyone have a working .IPA file? I played with the source code some, and got it to compile, But just can not seem to be able to get the .IPA to install
  13. I am sure it is easy to just flash a stock version to the device and Make it a non ad version, but with a $50 discount.
  14. I thought the v10 was rootable?
  15. Yeah I just got the s7, and didn't even look to see if it was root-able because I have rooted all of my phones previously. Gotta love when the US version has a locked bootloader, and Samsung hasn't given a way to unlock it for dev's, and users.
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