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  1. Nope, SA is simply a push of software update pretty much. It can be turned on at any momemt, but they have no need too. It will provide near 0 improvement, and will be a bigger strain on battery. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they wait until more spectrum is switched over to 5G and SoC maturation to lessen battery life hits before they enable SA everywhere. The best thing AT&T can do is keep Tmobile from buying any more 2.5Ghz spectrum and get it themselves, alongside any more mid band, and deploy it along side their C band tower climbs. If ATT can even win 20mhz of 2.5Ghz it would be great to deploy along side C band in the 2023/2024 climbs
  2. Thats the thing, even the A32 5Gaready has it enabled, even the S21/Z 3 series has it enabled, yet they make it seem like its only the S22 and on that will support it. Youd think theyd want more devices connecting to N77 to offload LTE some
  3. So am I missing something with why All N77 capable phones arent able to use the new "Andromeda" spectrum? As far As what I could tell is the new ATT spectrum should be available to use as N77, but ATT seems to ensue that N77 phones wont work with it. Is there a specific band thats used for it?
  4. My 3G shut off middle of the day last week. Still no 10mhz N5. They just havent refarmed the 3G spectrum. Figured they would have shut off the 3G network, and very quickly turned on that spectrum for use with 5G. In areas where B2 was used as 3G, it should have been transitioned quickly to 5G, but hasnt here at least. Im wondering if they will be waiting in some areas until tower climbs happen later this year with the N77 additions.
  5. Normally I’d think it’s because of that but it’s a single sector, and you will connect to other sites in the same area with full 10x10. It’s odd for sure. And only one 2 sites locally with 10x10 on adjacent sites that will also cover the area
  6. Does your area have N5 live? I have noticed that some sites have 1/3 sectors with a 5x5mhz b30 , but the other 2 sectors are 10x10. Does Dish have any AWS 3 in your area? Could involve the partnership with Dish potentially.
  7. What in the heck? Have never seen one of these before! Really looks cool! Can you post the address to this site, or cross streets? I work at ATT and curious what this looks like through an internal tool for where cell sites are and has information on them in a basic way
  8. My area got the C blocks. No C band for me until 2023 or later. Dallas got 40Mhz roughly of the A block which should be ready for use soon. Curious to see the cell sites with C band equipment
  9. Yeah pretty sure you can do swaps in different markets. Pretty sure that has happened previously with other spectrum swaps. Honestly wish most areas would just complete swaps with the competition to give continuous 10-20mhz swaths instead of separated chunks(Obviously where applicable) pretty sure it would be a better experience for everyone
  10. Yep it was enabled across the board with android 11/One ui 3.0 update. It also enabled N66. I just got the s21 Ultra, and am curious to test if N30 is enabled or if I can enable it
  11. So very interesting find , at my home The 5G upper layer indicator was turned off on certain LTE bands, but still has NR connected. It was on a Band 30 5 mhz one tower, a Band 30 10mhz chunk on another, and my home tower the Band 2 5Mhz chunk now has no indicator on. I am wondering if they are maybe configuring the the tower for DSS NR band 2
  12. https://imgur.com/a/M3Tv3vX What all Is going on with this site? One sector has 5 panels, the other 2 are 4, with 2 larger panels. (Mid rack) This is just a normal 2 B66 10x10 carriers with 1 B2 10x10Mhz, B2 5x5Mhz, b12, b14, B30 5x5Mhz, and N5 5Mhz, with 4g on B5. Also With the Android 11 beta, and a few tweaks I was able to see all of these 5G bands available
  13. Quick look, looks like it was a 20mhz connection on N2, that's not too bad. Wonder if it's DSS or all n2 being converted from LTE. Also noticed B1w being the Primary carrier with N2, that's interesting. From what I've seen in my locale is B2 is the primary LTE carrier with N5 being the NR band of choice.
  14. Well no phones run N30 yet, and there is no N46 to my knowledge. 3G is going to be sunset and it'll be completed by what 2022 iirc. Could always just turn that off on sites early. Doubt it though. Most likely will use DSS though
  15. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-20-ultra/how-to/guide-service-mode-csc-guide-enable-lte-t4182293 For anyone who would want to test out their locals for NR bands other than N5, you have to have a Samsung(possible on other androids, unsure of that though), and you can enable LTE/NR bands, and enable DSS as well
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