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  1. Are these prices going down in the 2000's due to regionals being gone or is there a higher correlation to something else? I believe Verizon is doing this to knock someone off so they can keep their prices high.
  2. I don't see his comment as an attack against Saw's intelligence, why lash out against his? Things not happening is certainly an understandable frustration.
  3. Merger News? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/12/15/fcc-chairman-tom-wheeler-announces-hes-stepping-down/?utm_term=.ec0ed052e558
  4. Anyone having issues with your time on the top of your phone being off, speed test going through Chicago, using your phone to log on to Facebook and having your computer getting a warning that your phone is trying to log on from Chicago?
  5. Or as long as we still have mild swiss for coverage with B41 and B26 expecting to do miracles.
  6. How has coverage been hanging in there at Summerfest?
  7. "Mildly" The tag by the phone says it too. You will see it once you get into the store. Shrug.
  8. I called Sprint sales about this "#Sprintsaysthanks" event. They knew NOTHING about it. I picked up a flyer from 2 different stores that say you had to add a line to get the second iPhone 6S for free but didn't say anything about adding another line for the free LG G5. I had a sales person sign it. All I wanted to know is if this is the same promotion that they are having on the G5 that expires on June 9th. 2 hours between the phone call and stopping in at the stores. Called sales again and said if I go to the store tomorrow and it is not honored I just have to call customer care. I'm
  9. I swear they had individual stores make up some of these flyers that I'm seeing. Just one example. https://twitter.com/sprintstore229/status/735608998615875585
  10. Sales reps...... any details if the buy one get one on the G5 during the "#thanksforyourbusiness" promotion requires a new line?
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