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  1. If you wanted to boost the input or output signal wouldnt you just plug the lines in the appropriate in/out plug? I dont understand how 1 amp only boosts input and 1 only boosts output. Seems like it would boost whatever is plugged into it, no?
  2. I wish I knew what that meant. What do you think about this then? http://www.minicircuits.com/pdfs/ZRL-3500+.pdf I want something that matches or surpasses the Wilson specs, obviously.... People have good results with Wilson products. Here are the General Purpose Amplifiers http://www.minicircuits.com/products/amplifiers_coax_gain_block.shtml And here are the Low Noise Amplifiers (pricier but not a deal killer) http://www.minicircuits.com/products/amplifiers_coax_low_noise.shtml
  3. Other alternative websites for amplifers include rflambda.com, rfcomp.com, and possibly empowerrf.com but those might be pricier options.
  4. I was only basing that db gain number on the Wilson products which claim 50db, 60db, 70db gain in home booster kits.
  5. I've been researching too. Wilson isn't the end all. Check out www.minicircuits.com - they have some wideband amplifiers in various pricing tiers and db gain levels. Also they have low noise amplifiers. If you want 60db gain you may have to put 2 30db units in line. Check out their products. If I piece somehting together with them I will post up the product numbers and pricing. Right now its looking like at least a 30db gain in a low noise amplifier will cost ~$350, the Wilson wideband indoor and outdoor antennas are ~$50 each so you're looking at about $450 + cable & misc connectors ($50) + labor (me). The good thing is you can get these amplifiers to cover 700mhz-2700mhz range... full spectrum, all bands.
  6. Note that even the high end tri and quad band repeaters by Wilson, that supposedly cover all LTE spectrums over all carriers, including Sprint, only say they go up to 1990mhz.... odd if you ask me. If it was a special repeater for Sprint wouldn't it note the 1995 frequency?
  7. Does anyone posting here have any first hand experience with these systems? Seems like there would be another brand or maybe even the Wilson brand would make a repeater/booster that covers the full 1900 spectrum including 1990-1995
  8. According to wikipedia Sprint doesnt use the 1995 mhz frequency for anything, but that could be bad or outdated information.
  9. Well, according to Wikepedia - PCS 1900 1900 1,850.2–1,910.0 1,930.2–1,990.0 512–810 GSM, IS-95 (CDMA), 3G, 4G IS-136 (D-AMPS) PCS 1,850–1,910 and 1,930–1,990 -they don't even use that last 5 mhz of frequency. Would love for someone with more first hand or technical knowledge to chime in.
  10. Thought I would follow up with this info about the G band: G: 1910–1915MHz and 1990–1995MHz Does anyone know where Sprint's LTE falls within those parameters? Because the Wilson units only fall within 1850-1990mhz leaving off the last 5 mhz.... Maybe its not even noticable and simply a technicality or maybe it is the one thing that will stand in the way of receiving 1900 mhz LTE? I am too much of a novice in this field to know if 5mhz is a big deal. http://www.wilsonelectronics.com/store/display/40/46/db-pro
  11. Hello all, Well I waited and waited for LTE to hit my area whence I could cut the cable cord. Well the rollout came and .... not so much. So I am looking at a signal booster / repeater. I came across some good info, mostly here on s4gru but I was wondering since those threads are outdated by the rollout and the date posted I thought I would post up and see if anyone had some recent experience with Wilson electronics and LTE service? I am mostly only interested in the 1900 mhz band as the 800 band will come later. (http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/881-signal-amplification-i-want-to-install-a-booster-at-my-house/?hl=%2Bsignal+%2Bbooster) At one point it was only the Wilson 801247 amplifier that for sure confirmed amplified the G band. I also came across this (http://blog.3gstore.com/2012/07/sprint-4g-lte-amplifiers-wilson.html) : I find this interesting because Wilson doesnt market a Sprint LTE amp like they do for Verizon. I assume it works in the 1900 band like they say it does. Although on the product descriptions they say explicitly that the products do not work on LTE including Sprint. Is this clever marketing on their part to drive sales to the Quad band amplifier? Obviously they would rather sell the $1000 amp than the $200 amp that is only 5mhz or less away from Sprint's band? Does anyone have any more hands on experience? The Wilson 801247 kit is a Desktop (DT) model and not made for a larger home or area which I am trying to cover. So I want to confirm if a different amp they offer will amplify the 1900 mhz G band of Sprint LTE. If you have a working signal repeater setup that receives the 1900 mhz Sprint LTE please let me know the model of antenna, amp, etc... Thanks in advance.
  12. Saw this in my Sprint Zone today: https://network.sprint.com/search/79762/ Don't know what it means or if this info was available before today. Just the fact that they are talking about it means the cat is out of the bag and they cant stop the ball rolling now. I expect LTE in the next few months or maybe less. Is this unrealistic?
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