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    It is more insightful than these tend to be. -$5-6 billion may be on the low side on CapEx going forward. -Large push back towards traditional towers. -Going back to the 25/26/41 on every macro tower where possible plan.
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    Official word? How can there be an official announcement that a deal is off when there has been no official announcement that a deal is on? It's all rumor and speculation.
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    T-Mobile announces Un-merger™. AJ
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    You beat me to it. I saw that article and came here to say the same thing. For the non-initiated, my analogy was going to be: "Newest Ferraris have been shown to do up to 200MPH on a racetrack. But average speeds of the latest Honda cars in the real world are only 40MPH! Honda is doomed!" - Trip
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    Someone at The Motley Fool is trying to make a point by comparing T-Mobile theoretical peak speeds to Sprint empirical average speeds. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/t-mobile-apos-latest-announcement-170700579.html This just further goes to show that questionably qualified investment advisors should refrain from proffering obviously incompetent technical analysis. AJ
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    That was the most honest Sprint has been about there network in a long time and I loved it. I see that finally they are serious about getting the network where it needs to be. 👏🏿👏🏿👍🏿
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    Sorry to break up the Altice talk, But... God damn this is ridiculously awesome! My buddy in Greenwood Indiana...
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    After the cost of the contest, S4GRU made approximately $375 for the site. Thank you all who participated! We will hold the drawing this coming Sunday at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern. All entries have been sent. Good luck to all the participants. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING S4GRU! Robert
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    Can you guys stop with the "Sprints dead if this does not get done." Sprint was suppose to die years ago when Wimax failed. dro magic boxes are repeaters/Small cells. Not sure what you think they are.
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    When I first switched to Sprint, I couldn’t place a call at my house. Today I can easily pull 130-140 mbps download on LTE at home. They’ve certainly come a long way.
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    This is a sprint tech forum not a sprint complain forum. The internet is vast you can go somewhere else like twitter and complain. Threads have been shut down in the past for complaints the mods have been very lenient on what has been said don't be surprised if this thread gets shut down due to sprint complaints. They are probably lenient because a throw your crazy merger on the wall thread needs to be made. Do you know the debt of the others to make the claim that "Sprint's debt is bigger than any of the other players"? Is the company healthy? Yes not sure how that would be a no. Debt? But if you look at the other four it is the one of the lowest in debt. LTE coverage is over 95% of the Interstates atleast in the eastern half of the US. Do you have the numbers on the number of people that took up the free phones that you care to share with the class? Are they making money? Year to date yes they are up $158 Million. Are you saying they should not have made a big push with magic boxes this quarter after they saw demand?
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    Guys when T-Mobile offers free things it's because they're adding value to the already best unlimited plan. When Sprint offers free things it's because they're desperate and no one uses the free offered service anyways.
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    A $5 a month increase is so horrible that you're gonna jump ship and probably end up paying $10 to $20 more a month? That makes sense.
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    If Sprint wants to expand, as Marcelo says they are, then it's advisable that they cover every interstate and major transportation corridor. Even the ones in Wyoming.
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    WOW! Marcelo said 5-6 Billion Capex is on the low end of what he anticipates next year.
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    CONGRATULATIONS to bakedc4! The winner of the iPhone8 Promo. Thank you to all of you who supported S4GRU in the iPhone 8 Promo. Robert
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    New beta just uploaded! Should fix the missing LTE extras and also hides individual "Unknown" neighbor cells by default. Option under Display Settings if you prefer to see each one. -Mike
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    Some things I'd like to see is Sprint rebranding. Like the Sprint name gone. It is far more tarnished than T-Mobile ever was. I'd like to see densification take place everywhere they currently have native coverage, and build out new coverage into parts of metro areas that have been developed over the last decade. They need to get VoLTE going ASAP with better site optimization (for gods sake stop being afraid of pushing B26 and 25 out farther, it NEEDS to be done!) so calls don't wind up dropping like crazy. All new sites need to be LTE only, urban areas with good coverage need to do lots of B41 only sites with as many carriers as they have spectrum for. No skimping on backhaul either. I'd also like to see them expand coverage. All interstates need to be covered 100%. US highways need to be thoroughly covered as well. They don't need to match Verizon but they need to cover ALOT more than they do now.
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    He did say pretty clearly, "We're going to go towards a more traditional network buildout...as we plan to enhance dramatically the coverage that Sprint has today...using traditional macro deployment." This was about 12 and a half minutes into the interview.
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    https://new.reorg-research.com/data/documents/20170430/59065e944dd12.pdf interesting read
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    You don't have to then go and be all sarcastic. But seriously, people have been calling for Sprint's death for years. This really isn't all that different. If anything, Sprint is in a much better place than it has been in years. It can survive on its own.
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    Dublin Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Hyde is being let go because of anger management problems. Don Jekyll will be taking over his role at Sprint. AJ
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    You guys don't get it's all just a joke based completely on the image? It's not related to something specific in the news. The V and R are burned out. Multiple outages. Get it? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Fastest speed I've ever hit. This was taken on 37th St and 5th Ave..
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    After "leaving" Sprint in 2013 for MVNO Republic Wireless, I'm officially back on Sprint, thanks to their 1freeyear promotion. I must say, a lot has changed on Sprint's network since 2013!
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    Well if anyone is planning on deluding themselves into thinking that Sprint isn't gonna pass along the costs of massively upgrading its network along to its customers then this is your wake up call. This is how all of life works. You get what you pay for. If Sprint is going to start pouring $5-$6B+ into its network each year then they had absolutely better raise prices accordingly. I'd be surprised if they didn't. You can't buy a BMW with Honda Civic money.
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    New beta release is uploading now.. should be available within the hour.. or an hour ago, depending on when you're changing your clocks! All of the permissions routines were overhauled, they were causing LOTS of crashes and freezing so hopefully this resolves all of those issues. Permissions are now requested as needed, instead of all at once when the app launches. Please try revoking permissions through your device's Settings and see if you can break something. Significant improvements the Wi-Fi routines.. channel/frequency/bandwidth accuracy and availability should be much better on newer devices. I'd like to have it update independently of the mobile connection info but I'm still working on that. If you're rooted, the Data and Debug shortcuts should work on the Pixel now. Hopefully(?) they also work on the XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel XL 2. If anyone has any luck on those devices let me know. A few more Magic Box GCIs were added. Thanks!! -Mike
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    Except if he wanted to dump Sprint he would have today. It seems none of us have a clue here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [PSA] "GEN 3" Magic Boxes Incoming Will be called ASPANMBGN2 or GEN2. Really Generation 3 if one goes by chronological order of ASP540 GEN1, ASP 545 GEN2. Biggest change is exterior looks, display (LCD), and external portable battery pack like the GEN1 MB 540.
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    Great idea. How did no one else think of that? Hey, maybe Spectrum Depot is holding a Black Friday sale. Sprint should send somebody down to stand in line for the doorbusters. AJ
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    Friday morning I called support again. After a 15 minute call, the final resolution was "you do not have Extended LTE because you have exceeded your 100mb roaming limit." I knew this was the wrong answer, so i decided to make a nuisance of myself. I continued to call customer support over the next half of the day whenever I had the chance. I was always presented with either the "exceeded roaming limit" answer or I was told "there was a tower down" and that I should call back in about a week. I was always polite and patient, and I feel I educated several reps as to what Extended LTE is because most seemed to have no idea. I must have called a dozen times. Then Friday afternoon I received a call from someone at the OKC support center, asking what the problem was. They called me! Now this was different i thought to myself. I explained that none of my lines were no longer connecting to Extended LTE, specifically B12 via Appalachian wireless on any of their towers (this was what I had been telling support reps all day). She said "That's strange. Let me send this upstairs, and I will call you back when I find something out." Upstairs? They have an upstairs!? This was great! Within 2 hours all of my lines had Extended LTE again. Problem solved. However I have no idea what the problem was. Moral of the story: If you do not get resolution on a support issue, call support repeatedly until someone that doesn't have to follow a script notices you?
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    Another beta just went out, but the only noticeable changes on the user end are for AT&T users. But who knows, I could have broken something else.. For those of you following that are not in the Beta Crew, everything is looking good but there is a bug in a permissions library I am using. I am waiting for that developer to fix it before I push out a public update. Once that is fixed, I'll be pushing out public updates of both Pro and Lite. -Mike
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    Guess I've been fortunate; in Central TX they *have* thrown B41 on rural-ish macros. Even ones that I'm sure are still backhauled over microwave. Mobilite isn't the only one who has tried to pull public ROW shenanigans. AT&T is trying to strip Austin of the ability to regulate its own ROW so they can do heavier 5G trials here (they're already doing gigabit over mmWave to a couple test locations...and we're a "5G evolution" market so standard LTE is nice and speedy as well). Re: rural coverage, Sprint either needs to throw some B26 up or do reciprocal roaming (a la Alltel a decade ago) with someone who will. AT&T roaming on LTE at 1x speeds is a horrible stopgap...coming from someone who goes to places where T-Mobile's LTE funs at a few Mbps. Speaking of T-Mobile, their 600 coverage may as well not exist for 99.9% of their subscribers due to lack of phone support. That'll be fixed by the middle of next year, but right now they have one standard flagship that supports 600. Going back to Sprint-land, they need to: Get 8T8R on a LOT more B41 macros to decrease signal fragility, which I think is worse all-else-equal now with Config 2. Get more partnerships with cable companies that allow for piggyback-ing small cells on existing ROWs/backhaul. Altice will be amazing for that in NYC. Here they *might* be able to pull it off with Grande, which happens to serve parts of town that need extra density anyway. Fix the Magic Box shipping backlog Help phone manufacturers get HPUE into their devices (/me mumbles about Essential not being able to find an appropriate amp for the tech, despite having Sprint as their primary carrier) Get 256/64QAM D/U running on at least B41 and B25. Granted, the usable area for those modulations will be small on B41, but plenty of areas on the B25 side could benefit, and that will reduce site loads appreciably as folks upgrade their phones. Guessing TMo is doing 256 on both AWS and PCS (and CAing them together) so should be doable on 25. Make sure every area is covered by either native or roaming, then watch roaming use/performance very carefully and build macro network relatively aggressively where people actually are. Even if that macro network is a string of four sites spaced for B26, sharing 100 Mbps of backhaul...that's enough to hold a call and a data session while not on someone else's network. They're already doing this in east-Central TX, FWIW.
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    No on both counts. Guidance for this year is $3.5 to $4 billion. Through the first 2 quarters they've spent $1.8 billion so they're on track there. Years in this context refers to fiscal years. For Sprint the fiscal year ends on 3/31, meaning next year would be a little under 5 months away.
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    https://boston.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=968bcd0da75f44cca75298153b33ac7f Here's a map of Mobilite sites in Boston.
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    To willingly take on the role of grammar Nazi on the internet is a brave move. Your stress level must be off the charts.
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    Another Sprint MM found. A block away from Sprint MM on Myrtle Ave across street from Joyner Elementary School. The power is in OFF position.
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    Sprint MM across the street from Hoover High is now live which is 2 blocks from B25 only site.
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    Aaand.. merger is off: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/t-mobile-sprint.htm
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    This may qualify as post of the year.
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    CONTEST CLOSED!!!! Thank you to all who entered! I really appreciate all your support of S4GRU. We will be holding the drawing next weekend. Probably Sunday evening. Stay tuned for more information later this weekend. Robert
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    check out these from around queens today.
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    That's too bad considering he has definitely been a positive and consumer-friendly personality at Sprint. Saw, not so much. But as far as technical skills, Saw came from Clear, and has probably the most extensive experience in the high band realm.
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    Sprint Mini Macro Euclid Ave https://goo.gl/maps/R1AcQ2BJer22