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  1. Yeah, I know my status bounced back and forth from shipping week of 3/18 and shipping week of 3/25.
  2. I even registered for it later in the day on 3/6 (around 9pm EST)
  3. Yes, I received an alert on my phone (from the Shop Samsung app) that they shipped. I also received an email. Both had a FedEx tracking number.
  4. My buds were delivered today. I registered on 3/6.
  5. I will say that after I enabled the adaptive battery option and disabled the always on display (even though I really like that feature), my battery life has improved greatly.
  6. Does anyone notice that when you are on a call, above the signal bars, a little green dot flashes?
  7. I just received a notification that they shipped. Tracking says they'll be here tomorrow.
  8. VoLTE seems to come and go as it wishes now. Right now, it's off. I've restarted my phone and still nothing.
  9. Anybody else upgrade from the S8 to the S10?
  10. Then I assume some drone-shot cell cite photos are coming soon?!
  11. And suddenly, VoLTE is off again in Cleveland area.
  12. Is there any reason to NOT turn on all the CA settings in the S10? Right now, only B41 to B41 and B25 to B25 are enabled. But I see B25 to B41, etc available.
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