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  1. Yeah, they have an interesting plan. Unfortunately, I'm not in one of their service areas.
  2. I've never had good voice quality on CDMA. With every CDMA phone i've had, voice calls have been a little muffled and/or choppy. VoLTE has not been choppy. But it is still muffled, if it's not HD.
  3. Those are great 5G speeds! Why can't they have those speeds in all their 5G markets?!
  4. My 3x3 B26 works fine for me, when I'm on it. Usually in my basement.
  5. Not sure if that was there before under the ##3282# menu, but say VoLTE is disabled, even though i have the VoLTE icon at the top
  6. They need to put more small cells in my area. :-)
  7. They haven't announced anything about a national VoLTE launch yet.
  8. Also one thing I don't understand, is why TMobile would want to lease Dish's 600Mhz spectrum? Or why would they need to? It will go back to Dish eventually.
  9. Also, what about Shentel territory/network?!
  10. Have you guys heard about the S10 update issue on Verizon? Maybe that's why we haven't seen an update for our S10's lately.
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