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  1. That's good to hear. Wondering if they will keep building out where my parents live, in eastern NC.
  2. Any guesses on what this will be about? T‑Mobile Announces Next Big 5G‑Powered MoveJoin us on March 4 | T‑Mobile Newsroom (t-mobile.com)
  3. Is anyone having an issue with the call screener app? On my S10, it would identify (or at least try to) all my calls. Now it only works sometimes. I've deleted the data for the app multiple times with no success. Also, since I'm now using T-Mobile network (since I have a 5G phone), does call screener not work anymore? Do I have to use scam shield?
  4. Feb security update downloading now. I'm on a Sprint S21 with Sprint SIM. It also has camera improvement and device performance improvement
  5. Does anyone know if T-Mobile has plans to keep expanding their network? Maybe not right now, while they are focused on rolling out 5G, but maybe in a year or 2, expanding to uncovered areas? Just wondering.
  6. I found some 80Mhz N41 here also. Speed was about 350 down.
  7. Does anyone know if there's a deadline of when T-Mobile has to hand over B26 to Dish?
  8. I don't think they had any spectrum. I think they were just using Sprint's spectrum in that area.
  9. Just a quick comment on the "Sprint" 5G experience in my area. I have a Sprint S21 (Sprint SIM). The closest T-Mobile tower is about .5 miles away. In my basement, I hang onto 5G, with speeds of at least 110Mbps down, and about 3Mbps up. So they have my area covered pretty nicely.
  10. So, how is everyone liking their S21? I like mine so far. To me, the battery endurance and fingerprint scanner are about the same as the S10, but liking 5G, high screen refresh rate and camera. And UI speed, of course.
  11. And I can only access NSA right now, with a Sprint SIM, correct? No SA for me?
  12. My old SIM was a Sprint SIM. From about 2 yrs ago. March 2019, to be exact.
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