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  1. Is there somewhere that shows what all the antennas that T-Mobile uses looks like?
  2. I was wondering that myself. Also says something about a $500 upgrade credit.
  3. According to this article, that also used B46 to achieve that high speed (along with N41 and B66). https://www.lightreading.com/5g/t-mobiles-5g-reaches-1gbit-s-and-thats-just-the-beginning/d/d-id/759803?
  4. I JUST got this text message: Sprint has joined T-Mobile. You now have access to expanded coverage on the T-Mobile Network! Also enjoy simultaneous talk and data - no action required by you. FreeMsg
  5. And that's with 60Mhz. Just imagine the speed if/when they bump it up to 100Mhz
  6. I'm on that PRL also, after I got the May security update for S10.
  7. Sprint's coverage map has been updated. It's a little "wonky" right now though. Some Sprint coverage is not showing up until I zoom in. It also looks like it's showing more T-Mobile roaming coverage (namely in Montana).
  8. Now, they just need to deploy the "layer cake" to the rest of the country. Even if it's just 2 layers of the layer cake in rural areas. Now I want some cake. See what you guys did.
  9. Yeah, can anybody figure out what this update does?!
  10. It says S8 and Note 8 and newer. So S9 and Note9 is included, right?
  11. Won't all bands (lowband and midband) move move to 5G eventually?
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