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  1. I'm starting to see 4X CA in my area. And it's using B25 and B41. So the engineering screen will show the first channel as B25 (10mhz). Then the other 3 channels will be B41 (20mhz). Download speeds are...ok. Not as high as I would expect with 4X CA (peak around 80Mbps). But upload speeds are terrible. Max around 1Mbps. But at least it's good to see them adding B25/B41 CA.
  2. After the Android 10 update, has anyone had an issue like this: sometimes when I unlock the phone, the screen kinds of flashes/refreshes, then it moves to the home screen (it may have been on the second or third screen when I unlocked)?
  3. Anybody know when they'll officially announce their nationwide VoLTE launch?
  4. You deleted the Caller ID app?
  5. Caller ID. I don't know why Sprint says it's Sprint Call Screener. I have no such app installed, and there's nothing called that in the google play store.
  6. Has any been able to see this working? So far, it hasn't shown me anything for the spam calls I've received since i enabled it
  7. Ok, I fixed it. I had to clear all of the Caller ID's app data and now it see it.
  8. This is interesting. Though, I can't find the option to enable Sprint Call Screener basic: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-rolls-out-free-service-to-help-customers-stop-unwanted-calls-and-to-detect-and-prevent-malicious-robocalls-telemarketers-and-spam.htm
  9. Yeah, just updated. The LTE notification icon....why?!
  10. I see it available on my S10. Any issues with it so far?
  11. This is interesting: https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/07/t-mobile-5g-network-december-6th/ I wonder what happens if the merger isn't finalized by Dec 6, since it says the launch is dependent on the merger going through. Would it cover less people or the launch would be delayed? Opinions?
  12. I received another update this morning. Wonder what this is all about.
  13. Oh, that update bring VoLTE to the S9? nice. Hopefully that means Sprint will OFFICIALLY announce a nationwide release of VoLTE soon
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