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  1. When on wifi, i've been connection to Sprint B26 (in my basement) a lot lately, which is weird to me. I usually connect to T-Mobile B71 or B12.
  2. Interesting. They dislike T-Mobile that much huh? Also, what does that mean for B26 spectrum? Will they still be buying it?
  3. I've been seeing them "test" SA 5G here on N71 here lately. It comes and goes. I'm on a Sprint Galaxy S21, now with a T-Mobile SIM. In the Cleveland, OH area.
  4. And now the July update is installing. That was a weirdly short time between updates.
  5. June security update downloading now...just in time for July!
  6. Sprint S21 here, with T-Mobile SIM card installed last week. Since the SIM install, I've been seen NSA 5G. Now today, I saw SA 5G pop up. Speed test was slower than NSA, but it was nice to see SA.
  7. Nice to see you can get that kind if speed with just 80
  8. Do you know how much N41 is available there? 80? 100?
  9. That doesn't do anything for me when I try it.
  10. No, not that one. It was where you could see which CA combos were configured, amoung lots of other settings. You need MSL code to change settings
  11. Does anyone know the T-Mobile dialer code to see network setting? Similar to the Spring ##3282# dialer code?
  12. Yeah, doesn't look like it's available for the S21 yet.
  13. We went to the T-Mobile store to have them install T-Mobile SIM cards in our phones. They had issues getting them to work with both our phones (wife has in iPhone 11). But they finally got it working. No noticeable difference in service.
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