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  1. I am also now getting a TMobile IP address (at least that's what SCP is telling me). I'm on a S10.
  2. You're the winnner. But it's just "eh" for me. Yet another streaming service.
  3. From that quick video, they may be doing that. They already don't have then on the TMobile plans.
  4. Yeah, with that play image up there, that seems like a good guess.
  5. So, any guesses as to what they are going to announce? https://www.t-mobile.com/news/un-carrier/t-mobile-to-announce-next-un-carrier-move-on-october-27
  6. This is interesting: https://www.fiercewireless.com/operators/at-t-aims-to-change-game-wireless-upgrades I wonder if T-Mobile will do the same.
  7. Question, with DSS, would that make future generation rollouts easier? For example, when they start rolling out 6G, could they use DSS so they have have 5G and 6G share spectrum from day 1? Or would they have to wait for the 6G version of DSS to do that?
  8. Time for some CA goodness!: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/press/t-mobile-ericsson-lg-mediatek-5g-carrier-aggregation
  9. And let's say they only plan to put it on half their sites, that's still abut 3.5 years.
  10. My phone just downloaded the Sept security update. Looks like One UI 2.5 also.
  11. Since this is the case, what happens when TMobile completely shuts the Sprint network. Will all customers with Sprint phones have to get a new SIM to keep using their phone?
  12. Yeah, B71 will be really important when they give B26 over to Dish.
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