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  1. For the last day or two, despite being "forced on", I've lost VoLTE, and 5G is a lot rarer. Just ran SCRTN; hopefully I get VoLTE back, as 1x voice quality is disappointing.
  2. In some areas T-Mobile has access to more band 71 spectrum than Sprint had B25...and B71 goes further than B26...and it's the band where T-Mobile's nationwide 5G is deployed (usually all but 5 MHz of band 71 is used for 5G). Without B71, low-band with TMo is *at best* 5 MHz of B12 LTE, and some areas don't even have that because other carriers own all the B12 licenses.
  3. Good point re: Dish being interested. They could ask for divestiture of Family Mobile and SIMple Mobile brands, since both use T-Mobile exclusively, and swapping them over would minimize the impact to those subscribers, while providing Dish an even larger customer base. I'm sure T-Mobile gives Dish a better deal than they do Tracfone, as not only does Dish have a larger subscriber base (Boost is larger than Tracfone's entire non-VZW customer base), but they negotiated their MVNO agreement when T-Mobile had to get the deal done to merge. Dish could push for divesting T-Mobile based custome
  4. Well, we're into the new billing cycle and Ting let us keep the 20GB per line plan somehow. Pure Talk SIMs are coming, but they'll sit around unactivated until this plan stops...which might be the end of the month, or might be the end of *this* billing cycle...or ??? We'll definitely hop over to AT&T (via Pure Talk) between now and a couple months from now, but plan is to hop back when new plans on Ting come out, assuming either we can get those plans on Sprint's network or T-Mobile cleans up their act in 78624 (putting B66 on the sites that are currently PCS-only would probably do th
  5. That phone doesn't have band 71. Picking it up for Sprint/TMo would be a bad idea.
  6. They have iPhones on their network right now that can't access n71/n41. If anything, they're *more* ready for a 5G iPhone than a 4G one, as they'll have more capacity to work with it. With the Dish et al leases coming online in the coming weeks, low-band-only will be in a decent spot, and of course you have the rather quick mid-band pace going on. I'd expect another milestone announcement around the time the iPhone is released saying that more cities are covered with mid-band. They can decide how much to push for new customers by offering promos, vs. converting their existing customer bas
  7. T-Mobile is leasing another bunch of spectrum from another speculator: Interesting that they were able to come to terms for San Antonio but not Austin, as the firm owns the same block in both PEAs. My bet with both this and the Dish leases is that T-Mobile won't try to renew them when they expire, or at least won't outbid Dish for them. 2.5 years from now they should have n41 online in enough places that n71 will get a fraction of the use it does now, in absolute terms, with n2/25 coming online around then as well (if I had to guess, both PCS CDMA and GSM/H+ will be refarmed di
  8. Android 11 + One UI 3.0 beta is out: https://www.xda-developers.com/one-ui-3-0-beta-galaxy-s20-samsung-android-11-update/ Installed it earlier today. My phone actually went through two OTA cycles to update all the way. A profile update afterward lost 5G for me, but another profile update got it back. I'm seeing some instability (system UI crashing) when the phone gets hot, but otherwise things seem fine. If you're super tied to your phone, you might want to skip this one. But since I'm at home all the time right now, the slight reliability dip doesn't bother me, so I'll keep the beta
  9. T-Mobile-to-Sprint connectivity is live to the point of treating both networks as one from the sound of it (vs. waiting for a service drop to switch to the other). Betting they have the kinks ironed out on that by the time the iPhone 12 gets released, so the network experience on those devices with a T-Mobile primary network will be fine.
  10. In some of these areas (e.g. Austin) Dish is dropping to 5 MHz of band 71 until they call back the lease. This is great as far as I'm concerned, because T-Mobile can immediately put the extra 5 MHz to use, and Dish will still have some band 71 to let them hit their buildout obligation. In my market in particular (and San Antonio is the same way), the license won't be contiguous with T-Mobile's existing spectrum, but it won't matter; they have 15x15 contiguous and can move their LTE carrier from B up to F, allowing them to widen NR to 15x15. I think that the Boost reason is largely ir
  11. Checked things out and it looks like this isn't a band 71 retrofit...just the same site, configured a bit better. That particular carrier combination disappeared for a few days, but now it appears to be back, this time with more reliable uploads. Still seeing a bunch of jitter whenever I'm on 5G, but speeds are now 70+ Mbps when you were doing well to get 40 Mbps before. A god chunk of that speed has to be coming from the B66 carrier that won't normally get selected because it's 5x5 and there are two other carriers at 10 MHz in B4 (MFBI to B66) here. Feels a bit silly that 4CA (inclu
  12. Finally something NR-related! I just saw B71 aggregated with n71 on my S20. Previously I'd only see a single B2 or B66 carrier aggregated, but this time I got 10 MHz B2, 10 MHz n71, 5 MHz B66, and 5 MHz B71, netting me download speeds a bit above 80 Mbps. I can't hit those speeds on LTE alone from this location unless I switch to Sprint B41. I also saw a higher SNR than usual on both n71 and B71, so I need to check tonight on whether T-Mobile just lit a site nearer me with band 71.
  13. Sprint-billed accounts, as a rule, tunnel through to Sprint's network before going out to the internet, no matter whose towers you're using...international (or domestic) roaming works the same way. T-Mobile's IP network handling Sprint ROAMAHOME devices (e.g. 5G phones) is being trialed.
  14. Either T-Mobile's local distribution network or their speedtest server is better tuned...hit a new personal record for download speeds on a mobile carrier just now: https://www.speedtest.net/result/a/6473933885 That's on Sprint B41 2CA. The nearby TMo site is ~150/26 when I'm close enough...unfortunately it takes three slices of spectrum (2x B4, 1x B2) to get 30 MHz FD and it seems they aren't bothering with upload CA around here so while latency is great (I think I saw 15ms tonight) on TMo's network, peak speeds aren't phenomenal (and decay a bit after a few blocks). I wouldn't be s
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