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  1. That's actually important information. If the Velvet can't get NR CA with a Sprint SIM, but can with a TMo one, that does indicate that the S21 may have something similar going on. At which point I don't think it's a matter of TMo wanting one way or the other. Rather, Sprint's core can't do NR CA because n41 was going to be the only band.
  2. Right, it's widely known that SA doesn't work unless you have TNX. But you seemed to indicate that you had information on NR CA capabilities on TNA. We don't know whether the two are related; I don't think there's anything stopping T_Mobile from running B66+n71+n41 or B2+n71+n41 with 2 or 66 as the PCC (so, NSA).
  3. Do you have official confirmation that NR CA won't work on Sprint? I was on a call yesterday where I asked this question and was given the opposite answer, though I'm not certain the rep knew what He was talking about.
  4. They've dialed in n41 a bit more on the site with it nearest me. Getting the signal back to the cell site appears to be a serious issue, but still, progress! Forcing B41 at the same exact location gets me about half that speed, and I'm sure n41 is already carrying more traffic than TMo B41, so...not bad, I guess.
  5. FWIW my Sprint plan (Unlimited Plus Subsidy 55, business plan) clocks ~9.5 down on Fast.com.
  6. The $700 credit for the S20 means I'm now in line for a 256GB S21. A bit annoyed about the various downgrades, but I didn't use the microSD card slot or higher resolution screen, hopefully won't notice the RAM drop, and don't care about having a glass-backed phone. A better fingerprint reader and the extra network features from the new modem are sufficient for an upgrade, and renewing the device after several months for about what the deductible would be on an insured phone is pretty nice. Figure I'll use the phone for awhile, then pass it on to a family member when the next hotness comes
  7. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/network/5g-best-coverage-ericsson-nokia Looks like T-Mobile is happy enough with both their equipment vendors to continue with 'em. No Samsung, but that was a Sprint vendor anyway, and I guess they're busy providing equipment for VZW. I wonder if there are any geographies where Sprint and T-Mobile networks already use the same vendors. Definitely not here...Sprint equipment is Ericsson and T-Mobile is Nokia.
  8. It'll be interesting to see what C-band coverage lights up in December. Given that C-Band coverage is significantly lower per site than 2.5, I'm going to hazard a guess at 50MM pops covered on initial launch, with 100MM by mid-2022. Not nothing, but I think that in terms of coverage T-Mobile will maintain a 1.5 year lead until they decide they've upgraded enough sites. So we're talking 200MM pops covered in mid-2023 for C-Band.
  9. A two year head start (realistically 1.5) gives 'em plenty of leeway to stay in the lead for the other 3-3.5 years
  10. Sprint B41 has been moved up so the top carrier is sitting at the very top of the band (2680 MHz center frequency). I'm sure this impacts coverage a little but in return they seem to be back to 2CA here, so I can hit ~150/10 1500' from the cell site again. TMo really does need to add more n71 sites around here though; a couple miles south of me appeared to be LTE-only, and they have plenty of sites that they could retrofit. Of course, if they're planning on adding n41 and n71 simultaneously to a site or two, fair enough.
  11. Looks like the 200MM coverage number is still on: https://uk.pcmag.com/networking/130839/t-mobile-4-million-sprint-customers-are-now-on-our-network Was rather surprised how few Sprint customers have migrated over at this point. Given the spectrum thinning T-Mobile has been doing on the Sprint side, I'd think there'd be more folks on TNA or TNX, particularly with the push for new phones. It's good to hear them quoting ~300 Mbps averages on mid-band though, indicating that sites that haven't finished optimization (or running backhaul) won't stay that way.
  12. My bet is that if they put n41 equipment on, give or take, every site that currently has n71, they'd hit 200MM covered. They already have n41 in pretty low-density markets, going wide rather than deep. Wouldn't be surprised if merely providing citywide coverage in areas where they already have at least one live n41 site would do the trick.
  13. 106 million covered with n41 (and technically mmWave, but 99% sure unique mmWave pops are negligible), 280 million with n71: https://investor.t-mobile.com/news-and-events/t-mobile-us-press-releases/press-release-details/2021/T-Mobile-Adds-5.5-Million-Postpaid-Customers-in-2020--the-Most-in-Company-History--and-Further-Expands-5G-Network-Leadership-by-Exceeding-Ambitious-2020-5G-Goals/default.aspx They're still saying nationwide n41 by year-end, which from previous references is ~200 million covered. I'd expect 300MM covered by n71 by then. Curious whether we'll get another set of mid
  14. 5G gateways are arriving for Redditors: Looks like at least some of them are getting 5G connectivity, including mid-band, at the same price as LTE home internet is. The gateway web UI is apparently super basic, and is missing bridge mode and port forwarding. But either way, it's happening.
  15. On the way back to Austin, noticed that more sites are now running 15x15 B2, which nets speeds like this with 20 MHz n71: There's definitely overlap between lightly loaded low band NR and unoptimized 40 MHz n41. EDIT: Also saw 15+20 MHz B41 on the way back, on Sprint (above 2600 MHz). GOt 134/6 going down the highway, so TMo seems committed to providing keep sites with sufficient backhaul. Back in Austin, B41 from the n71/n41 site seems a bit more reliable now, pulling -102 RSRP and ~130 down, though lack of HPUE on my S20 means I was only able to push ~2 Mbps up (which is
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