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  1. Glad to see there is some LTE staying around. Apparently in Nokia markets the equipment can do dual LTE/5G but not Ericsson?
  2. There's quite a bit of B71 only in Northern WI, but it seems based on the TM MVNO map where you can see what LTE bands are available in a spot, B71 deployment has definitely stalled. Madison and Milwaukee are not good markets for TM, I know largely because spectrum availability is so low. Sprint isn't great in WI, but TM is even worse, especially rural. I hope they have a commitment to make it better. The map I'm taking about: https://maps.t-mobile.com/pcc.html?map=mvno-noroam-34l I hope TM is also committed to combining their B2 and Sprint B25 ASAP.
  3. I've done a few profile updates over the last few weeks and I'm still on Sprint, at least in the Milwaukee area. I'm concerned about what service I will get with my S10 because while Sprint isn't great here, T-Mobile is even worse (Milwaukee is probably the most spectrum starved TM market), and B71 is only deployed in a few areas. They seem to be putting their eggs all in the 5G basket, not caring about keeping any of B41 for LTE. DSS can allow this, but all they've said it is buggy.
  4. Is T-Mobile making all of B71 5G also or can that be used for LTE?
  5. The "layer cake" is all about 5G though it seems. No LTE improvements?
  6. New update this morning.. though it keeps the same April security level. Maybe modem update? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  7. A few on Reddit said their S20s auto profile updated and are now seeing TM 5G. Sounds like it isn't an all at one time rollout.
  8. No you don't, then it isn't supported on that model. I'm not sure what phones are supported by that app. I can use it unrooted on my S10. Sorry!
  9. The S8 Active did support B71 on T-Mobile. You could download this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ray.samsungbandselection And see if it is listed under Band Selection. Since that was the only S8 to add support for it, I suppose there's a chance there was a different chip revision depending on who it was shipped to. TM and Sprint had the same base model.
  10. This is sure tempting.. I live in a subpar Sprint and TM network (WI) an I'm wondering if it is better to hold off for the next gen 5G phones and see how the network gets integrated here. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  11. If T-Mobile does move all of B41 to 5G then that would render any magic boxes pointless, right?
  12. Not in a state like Wisconsin where I live. T-Mobile has no B12 here because of USCC and very little spectrum of anything else.
  13. From the PC Mag article: "Over the next several years, T-Mobile intends to move Sprint LTE customers off that spectrum and use it all for 5G." So does that mean eventually B41 4G will be gone!?
  14. Not sure if these are a couple of TM employees but I read the following on Reddit: "All 100% compatible T-Mobile compatible devices will be getting an OTA update between now and July, registering the devices on both networks, many of the newer devices are reporting it looks like T-MOBILE bands are the priority and they now fall back on the sprint network. Which is ultimately the goal. Over half of sprints currently activated devices are 100% T-Mobile compatible. If they can get as many devices onto T-Mobile’s network now, it lessens the blow when they start network integration" "The OTA will be for the SIM card and not the devices. What they will do is set the T-Mobile PLMN as the 2nd home network on the SIM cards and the devices will see the T-Mobile network as native." From: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/g4aoxs/this_is_how_to_disable_sprint_bands_on_the_pixel/
  15. I hope they don't do that in the Wisconsin market yet. T-Mobile B71 is maybe on just a few towers in the Milwaukee area, they cannot do B12 due to USCC, and Sprint here is subpar but at least they have B26. Not looking forward to the merging of two inferior carriers When does TM have to shut down B26? Or when do they plan to?
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