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  1. I find it interesting that T-Mobile has yet to figure out why some cannot use international data on TNX. Not everyone. But probably more often than not TNX breaks it. One data point might be those still on Open World having issues. But a PSA, if you are traveling internationally in the future, at least keep the old Sprint SIM card if you need to switch back to it.
  2. Interestingly, before I did TNX I never had N71 NSA (NOT SA), but now I do. From searching this seems to be a fluke, but that certainly is a good improvement I didn't expect. I know SA is a TNX benefit, but I wasn't seeing NSA on N71 before, only N41.
  3. Per my question above, I was unsure. FYI: The "Sprint" S21 and "T-Moble" S21 share the same software, which makes sense since once you put in a T-Mobile SIM for TNX, it becomes T-Mobile on booup.
  4. SignalCheck is showing Both LTE B2 and 5G-NR. Network info is showing Band 2 and NR_BAND: n71 Before I would only get B2/66 in these areas. I would only get 5G-NR on N41.
  5. I just did TNX in Milwaukee area and so far the places that I had Sprint over T-Mobile due to lack of closer tower I'm still on Sprint, which is good. One thing I noticed is I'm getting N71 NSA (NOT SA) and I was NOT before. I didn't know that TNX was required for that? Or was it just a fluke? I almost thought N41 was added to a couple of towers then realized it was N71 that I hadn't seen before.
  6. Plus the May update is quite large at 1GB.
  7. I'm finally going to TNX. Does the S21 boot in T-Mobile mode after this, or should I flash T-Mobile firmware? (or even unlocked..)
  8. You can't get 5G SA with TNA. As far as if it is a better option, you'll see different opinions. A few here have had positive experiences, there's a thread on Reddit about someone talking about his experience being worse with TNX on his iPhone 12. So YMMV for now!
  9. Yes, then you are on 5G SA if it only shows this based on what I've seen in other posts.
  10. Good to hear of your positive responses from another WI user. I wonder why 5G is better using TNX.. are you on 5G SA frequently?
  11. Anyone here know if international data is still broke with TNX? I realize this may not be an issue for a bit with travel restrictions, but based on prior comments on Reddit, TNXing breaks international access.
  12. So I just got my S21 Sprint from Samsung. Stick with ROMAHOME or go full TNX? Any advantages?
  13. My S21 Sprint preordered from Samsung left TX this afternoon. Funny thing is Samsung isn't showing it as shipped, I had to use my order # on fedex.com as reference.
  14. Upgrading from my S10. No way I would have done it if Samsung wasn't offering $550 credit trade in (I know the Sprint offer is even better but have to commit to 2 years. I'm sure I'll still be with them but who knows). Just going with plain S21.
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