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  1. So far can't tell any issues on Android 12 beta and S21 but if the author wants any specific testing let me know!
  2. Interesting, this shouldn't be iPhone 13 specific in the future.
  3. Did you clear cache? My S21 seems very snappy this afternoon, though I do use a different launcher.
  4. Last time I was on a Samsung beta they pushed updates pretty quick. But yes the first one had issues and was much better with just one update. Guessing it'll be a while until TNX is available by esim - T-Mobile users are getting errors trying to activate so they aren't supported either.
  5. Low 700s seems to be the highest I've seen on a 100Mhz site. I wonder if the backhaul will ever be increased further.
  6. TM is starting to tease moving in full over to TM billing/accounts for Sprint users. They claim billing won't change. Hmm.
  7. Why is there a separate channel for B25? Will that be merged once Sprint LTE is completely turned off? Some possibilities here...
  8. I just received it in my rural town of WI. I'm a few miles down the road in a forested area, but having B71/N71 finally makes a world of difference. Before I was roaming at random throughout my yard on you-name-it carriers/Sprint 1x but now have 10+mbps. N41 is in town but appears backhaul has not been upgraded yet because speeds are no better than B2/66 before.
  9. It sounds like the bad T-Mobile breach does not affect the Sprint side. The hackers apparently got almost everything under the sun for TM customers... SSN and DL included.
  10. It must not be all S21s. The only issue I've seen is a few times recently is it hasn't always grabbed N41 when available, but after being in the area for a bit it did. This is at a strong 500-700 mbps tower too. Maybe I'm just lucky. I survived the S10 bad radio fiasco! Just noticed a Reddit post that someone had to disable N71 so that their S20 would connect to.. mmwave!?!
  11. Users on reddit are saying the N41 areas are greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately the MVNO map hasn't been updated yet that shows bands and strength per.
  12. Are you TNXed? I know at least TNX and Kickstarter break global service, it may affect other plans, too.
  13. I find it interesting that T-Mobile has yet to figure out why some cannot use international data on TNX. Not everyone. But probably more often than not TNX breaks it. One data point might be those still on Open World having issues. But a PSA, if you are traveling internationally in the future, at least keep the old Sprint SIM card if you need to switch back to it.
  14. Interestingly, before I did TNX I never had N71 NSA (NOT SA), but now I do. From searching this seems to be a fluke, but that certainly is a good improvement I didn't expect. I know SA is a TNX benefit, but I wasn't seeing NSA on N71 before, only N41.
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