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  1. Upgrading from my S10. No way I would have done it if Samsung wasn't offering $550 credit trade in (I know the Sprint offer is even better but have to commit to 2 years. I'm sure I'll still be with them but who knows). Just going with plain S21.
  2. From Reddit.. not much detail: Enhanced T-Mobile Network Access. (TNA) Info Legacy Sprint customers can look out for it in the coming days. It would focus on an enhanced calling experience.
  3. I realize this won't be an issue for a while considering travel is difficult.. but I noticed a post on Reddit mentioned that switching to the TME removes any possibility currently for international data passes. I'm sure at some point that will be fixed, but note that doing this will change your international options. Thankfully free international speeds on TM are twice that of Sprint, however Sprint's data pass offering has been better. https://www.t-mobile.com/customers/data-pass
  4. Supposedly the T-Mobile Network Experience is available nationwide now at stores. Anyone jumping primary networks?
  5. Wow, that's really disappointing. At least the no roam map hasn't changed (for now). If you click on a spot, you can see the bands and signal strength. N41 has never been showing on here however. https://maps.t-mobile.com/pcc.html?map=mvno-noroam-34l
  6. That is neat.. though it shows they have a long way to go in some places.
  7. I saw something interesting on here. https://www.sprint.com/en/support/solutions/device/t-mobile-network-experience.html You will not see any changes to your Sprint bill unless you add new lines, finance or lease a new device, or make other purchases. So while TM has committed to 3 years of keeping rate plans the same, there's a loophole for them. Might be a problem if you want to change anything. Technically it doesn't say your plan will then change but.. Of course changes will come if you add a line or finance. So beware!
  8. Try setting your network mode from Automatic to LTE/CDMA. This even fixed my S10, non 5G issues I commented on earlier in the thread. Discussion there.
  9. I'm sure part of the problem is TM feels they already had a superior network and didn't have to worry that Sprint may have been better in areas. Sprint was better in more areas than we think.
  10. My data reliability has gone to crap in the Milwaukee over the last few days. I haven't noticed any difference as far as lack of B41 availability, but a number of times I have been without data. I've done a number of profile updates and even full programming reset.
  11. https://community.sprint.com/t5/Device-Solutions/Samsung-Galaxy-S10e-S10-and-S10-Branded-applications-not/ta-p/1083537 Apparently Sprint is now following the TM way of updates.. they go out in batches and even manually updating will not get it to you.
  12. C'Mon 2.5 update.. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  13. I wonder what kind of network/Wi-Fi calling switch over is happening at the end of Oct. Maybe TM will be primary first network?
  14. Some users have noticed a single channel of B41 for LTE in Nokia markets on a fully upgraded tower. Doesn't sound widespread. They can also do it with tech called DSS. But all TM has said it is buggy and impacts performance too much. They have more than enough spectrum though... They haven't given any updates on DSS since Feb.
  15. I see TM doing some frequency swaps around the country. Are these needed before they can merge B2 and B25? Otherwise what is the hold up?
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