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  1. I really wish they would re-TAC and re-PCI the entire network as part of integration, although I know there's almost no chance they will.
  2. I've been dropping VoLTE calls all day in Louisville. Not sure if it's the iOS update I installed this morning or if it's something merger related...
  3. Great info! Out of curiosity, would this site happen to be right next to 65 south of Slugger Field?
  4. The "Extended" alpha tag comes from the PRL Sprint loads onto phones. Note that PRLs are only necessary (or relevant) for CDMA connectivity. On most all devices, the carrier name displayed is the voice carrier. Previously, Sprint only roamed on 1x for voice. Accordingly, whether using Sprint or a roaming partner for voice, the PRL always dictated that the alpha tag should read "Sprint" or "Extended" (or "Roaming" a very long time ago when on an international CDMA network). With the recent switch to WCDMA/HSPA voice roaming (which is the default now), the PRL is no longer in play, and the alpha tag reads what the roaming network dictates.
  5. DAS or oDAS systems/fixed wireless services/NR or LTE relay.
  6. It is a limitation of the active antenna radio.
  7. Do any of the menus show the NR subcarrier spacing or TDD config?
  8. That's totally good - I was curious how they compared to the RFS antennas size-wise.
  9. Yes. It's extraordinarily frustrating.
  10. They don't need a permit to swap from an 8T8R to a M-MIMO panel. That's why a lot of sites with KMW 16-port triband antennas have an inactive 8T8R next to them. Any chance you were able to snag some photos of the site? If not, the mast is relatively low, and you can probably get good photos from the parking lot of Cedar Park Christian School.
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