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  1. The 5G icon is controlled by a parameter called upperLayerIndication, which is a part of system information block 2 of LTE. A value of true just means that LTE carrier/channel supports ENDC (aka it could be the LTE anchor for NSA 5G). Without looking at engineering screens or using an app like SignalCheck, you can’t actually tell if you’re connected to a 5G radio bearer.
  2. This is not done per site or per region/area. The optimization team modifies tilt/power on a per-sector basis based on the drive test data they get. In areas where satellite signal is weak, XM band-stop filters do not have adequate rolloff to tolerate the significantly more powerful WCS signal, since the guard band can be as low as 2 MHz.
  3. The 5x5 B30 carrier @ 9840 is used in certain areas to prevent interference with Sirius XM.
  4. Multibeam antennas for massive capacity. The MatSing ball is the really impressive antenna here. Those have 48 independent cross-polarized beams that are 6 degrees by 6 degrees arranged in a 12x4 (horizontally by vertically) pattern.
  5. While that would be nice, it’s slowed down deployment in certain residential areas around Seattle where wooden utility poles are the only/best option today. In some cases, they’ve gone with lower masts on small grocery stores which really aren’t ideal (due to much higher clutter loss).
  6. Just heard back - this is a rule of thumb nationwide. Not sure how strictly other markets are following it but the team here is pretty adamant about it.
  7. At least in the Washington/Idaho/Montana/Alaska market, Dish is not using any power lines or utility poles. They’re exclusively going with rooftops and existing tower structures.
  8. Big shoutout to Mike for getting this one done - this will be huge for the quality of data coming into the nationwide database!
  9. NR carrier aggregation (600+2500) will be going live in Chicago this month!
  10. If you're a nationwide database user, add you username to the beta crew settings menu!
  11. The PCS G block will be converted to n25 when Sprint LTE is sunset.
  12. That’s awesome - I didn’t know T-Mobile was using this equipment. Here’s a bit about fast roll off for anyone interested: https://imgur.com/a/Hu73NAb
  13. Moved BETA feature discussion to the Premier Sponsor's "Nationwide signal check database" thread!
  14. Not super familiar with the radios, but those JMA fast roll off antennas are probably the nicest antennas on the market today.
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