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  1. I think ROAMAHOME got added to my line this morning because I have only been able to connect to T-Mobile all day. I've restarted my phone multiple times and toggled airplane mode to no avail. I also don't seem to be able to roam on Sprint LTE where T-Mobile is unavailable. I've dropped 5 calls so far and counting .
  2. Nice find! I'm unsurprised that n41 is going up on that site given T-Mobile has already deployed massive MIMO midband panels there. I'll try to stop by tomorrow as well!
  3. That's a very region-dependent claim. The number of times I see T-Mobile EDGE per week would strongly suggest otherwise in the greater Seattle area.
  4. Effectively, yes. I'm not sure if this is as robust as the technology pCell was working on, but it's the same concept at its core.
  5. Awesome! If you're tracking the n41 deployment on the east side, feel free to post updates in the sponsor forum! It would be great to get that data on our maps.
  6. It's not high capacity, but it is high order MIMO. That is a Commscope 8-port midband antenna.
  7. Quick question - what did you search on to get these results? I always struggle to find AT&T permits in Accela-built permit systems because of the ampersand...
  8. Agreed, but I definitely wouldn't go as far as to say Snohomish is "covered" by n41. There are a lot of residential areas that remain uncovered by n41, some even by T-Mobile LTE.
  9. The BAS band was probably recently allocated to a TV station or something similar (and it was probably previously unused). This could explain the sudden deployment of filters.
  10. These are AWS/PCS filters to minimize interference with the 2097.5-2109.5 MHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service band.
  11. Does anyone have experience removing ROAMAHOME from a line? My sister got moved over and the data experience has been absolutely horrendous so far...
  12. That's looks awesome - great work Mike.
  13. I'm the same way - I tried a new place in downtown Seattle today called Sisters and Brothers. It doesn't beat the fried chicken in Louisville, but it's some of the best you can get around here!
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