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  1. I was under the impression that integration was effectively complete. If that's not the case then yes, that could cause delays.
  2. Not substantially. Other than possibly playing with TM parameters due to the fact L750 is a 10x10 carrier, there is little to no extra work to be done.
  3. Is the site you're looking for close to Kirkland Marina or the intersection of 405 and 85th? There are two mini macro sites within range of SE03XC353.
  4. Yes, Sprint was required by the US government to decommission all Huawei equipment due to security concerns. Sprint has historically had issues with the property owner of that Motel 6. It was one of the last sites upgraded to LTE, and it will probably be one of the last sites upgraded to triband. That permit is for the Clear site by Kirkland marina. There is a mini-macro setup on the roof of Evergreen Hospital by Totem Lake.
  5. Sprint doesn't love MM/SC setups, they were just the cheapest way to replace Huawei Clear equipment per government order. That particular site was a Clear equipment swapout. It is scheduled to get triband this year, I believe. Any MM clusters in the area are from former Clear sites. We do not have any MM on NV setups in this area.
  6. Do you mean wifi/ethernet backhaul? VoLTE over MBs is being worked on.
  7. Something else to note is that in NR TDD config 2, all 13 timeslots are flexible. This means cell sites will be able to assign any and all of the timeslots to either download or upload on the fly. This will do wonders for Sprint's speeds when they count. Imagine running a speedtest on an unloaded sector where you used the entire 60 MHz carrier to download and then the entire 60 MHz carrier to upload. That would be fast.
  8. It will most likely aid speeds but I'm not sure how much. At the edge of cell, L2500 almost never gets more than a megabit on the upload in my experience. NR2500 range will likely be slightly greater than L2500. This is because it is significantly easier to take advantage of higher order MIMO in NR environments and because the greater uplink capacity/speeds will allow them to reduce the Qrxlevmin on NR2500 to below that of LTE2500.
  9. Yes SA NR deployment with ENDC on the downlink. UL NR+LTE ENDC will likely be deployed in the future although I'm not sure the exact forecast on that.
  10. No. Notice the time stamps. The SCC data was almost a day old.
  11. AT&T uses the radios on the left and second from the right in my market. I would guess AT&T.
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