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  1. MOCN stands for multi-operator core network (it's a well established resource sharing technology). I'm guessing MultOCN stands for the same thing.
  2. Absurd is a generously nice adjective for that site location. I wish they would have just decommissioned the site.
  3. Increased density, especially in suburbs/exurbs will be a big deal. It's about capacity, not coverage. For example, assume an existing T-Mobile site is at 70% capacity. Bringing Sprint users onto it will overload it because the demand for data in its coverage footprint will have greatly increased. Brining up a nearby 312-250 site will decrease the T-Mobile site's effective footprint, as certain areas will now be better served by the Sprint site. Now there is enough capacity meet the demand for data. I've observed T-Mobile bringing up 312-250 sites in this fashion a lot. I'm not sure
  4. Correct. They need to bring more 312-250 online to handle the load.
  5. The northwest site might be a good one to decom. The Sprint site and the southern T-Mobile site would provide awesome service to the area. Fingers crossed that's their long-term plan!
  6. I used to frequent those sites (oftentimes going to the Wingstop just south of that intersection). The Sprint site gets much better coverage going east on 64 than T-Mobile's existing sites. I also think adding the Sprint site will allow T-Mobile to reconfigure the southern site to better meet capacity demands, as coverage will be well taken care of.
  7. There's no reason to deploy n41 SA outside of NR-only deployments. If you're in n41 range, you're most definitely in range of LTE. Why not tap into whatever extra capacity LTE has to offer?
  8. Does anyone know how to get a USCC SIM onto LTE for mapping/logging purposes? Do you have to buy prepaid service for a month or is there a way to activate without doing yhat?
  9. I was under the impression that this was a keep site. I'll try to drive by in the next few days. If it's still out, I'll reach out to the network team.
  10. For anyone who is unhappy after being moved over to T-Mobile, I was moved back to Sprint by the retentions department. That what I'd recommend anyone do who sees a decline in service with TNX/TNA.
  11. This is what I was thinking, yes. EDGE would be in PCS guard bands. Even if you did want to run 1x on PCS, you don't need to cut an entire 5 MHz of LTE. You can just blank the resource blocks that overlap with the 1x carrier. That would be less than 1 MHz of wasted LTE spectrum (provided some of the 1x carrier was in the guard band).
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