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  1. SE03312B has mmWave as well! No backhaul upgrade yet, though.
  2. Nice. Any site you find 312-250 on is a Sprint "keep" site. 311-490/310-120 won't connect without a loss of signal, and those sites will eventually be decommissioned in favor of an existing T-Mobile site.
  3. The iPhone 12 Pro feels noticeably better than previous intel phones at the edge of cell. The performance on LTE is pretty comparable in strong signal areas.
  4. I got my iPhone 12 Pro yesterday. The alpha tag reads Sprint but the phone uses T-Mobile NR/LTE primarily, falling back to Sprint LTE where T-Mobile is unavailable. The phone only supports NSA right now, and you can only see LTE anchor information in Field Test. I haven't connected to any legacy 3G networks yet, so I'm not sure what the behavior will be with those. In settings, you are only able to disable 5G - it isn't possible to disable LTE.
  5. First post on NR with my new iPhone 12 Pro! I sadly can't see any NR info in Field Test because I'm connected to NSA. I wonder how long it will be before the iPhone supports SA NR...
  6. To expand on this very brief answer I typed in 5 seconds... T-Mobile has begun to enable RMOCN on certain Sprint sites. These sites will broadcast the 312/250 MCC/MNC and T-Mobile users will be able to roam on them as if they were native sites. It is important to note that not all Sprint sites will have RMOCN enabled on them - only Sprint "keep" sites are receiving the software update. This is a stopgap solution while the team works to optimize inter-network handoff parameters and tonnage config.
  7. The 8T8R has 3 L2500 carriers (live at EARFCNs 41094, 41292 and 41490). The Nokia massive MIMO panel has 3 L2500 carriers (live at EARFCNs 39874, 40072, 40270), and NR is sitting in the middle. Redmond, WA.
  8. I came across my first Sprint/T-Mobile combined site today. You can take a look here here: https://imgur.com/a/J3y0xN9 You can see the T-Mobile quadband 8-port Commscope panel (for 600/700/1900/2100), the T-Mobile massive MIMO Nokia panel (for 2500), the Sprint dualband 8-port RFS panel (for 800/1900) and the Sprint Commscope 8T8R (for 2500).
  9. That would make sense, although in Seattle they generally run PCS/AWS through the same array and WCS on its own. I know the PCS/AWS diplexers they're using boast quite low insertion loss; maybe this loss is lower than the alternatives that split WCS from either PCS or AWS?
  10. They'll probably run: B12/B14 and B5 at 4x4 through the lowband ports via a 700/850 diplexer B2 and B66 at 4x4 through one of the mid/highband arrays via a PCS/AWS diplexer B30 at 4x4 though the other mid/highband array
  11. SE03302E is finally going from L2100 to a full build, including NR2500. This will relieve a huge amount of congestion in a rather busy area. https://imgur.com/a/5TsEPxS
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