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  1. RAvirani

    Any Sprint Employee Willing To Help?

    Post on the Sprint reddit. Someone there will probably be able to take care of it relatively quickly.
  2. 15x15 PCS LTE went live market-wide this morning at 11:00 AM .
  3. Interesting as Sprint has a site on the Motel 6 right there... That’s also interesting considering Sprint covers 527 with LTE pretty well... Handoff and roaming parameters/thresholds are probably still be worked out. Good thing T-Mobile roaming counts as on-network usage.
  4. That’s T-Mobile roaming. Where areas?
  5. That’s what I’ve observed most of the time when they’re bringing L800 online in the Seattle market. It’ll probably return in a week or two, but optimized and with the correct handoff parameters.
  6. RAvirani

    Current Sprint PRLs

    55070 on my iPhone 8 as well.
  7. That is T-Mobile LTE roaming. I would guess that what you’re experiencing is probably because T-Mobile roaming is still rolling out in your market and handover params aren’t finalized yet.
  8. Nice. I’ll be back in Seattle tomorrow and check it out!
  9. How are L800 signal levels compared to L1900 and CDMA?
  10. Did you forget to include an image here?
  11. RAvirani

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    In Champaign, IL, AT&T has the densest network although they have been really sloppy about getting all of their spectrum on air on every site. Some sites are L700/L800/L1900, others have AWS and/or WCS LTE live too but lack CLR LTE, etc. Overall AT&T’s network reliability is second to probably only Sprint for it seems the equipment AT&T is using has considerably poorer range/propagation than the equipment Sprint is using. When broadcasted from the same location at the same elevation and angle, AT&T L700 drops out when Sprint L800 is at -112 to -114 RSRP. That being said, AT&T devices do hold onto LTE for dear life when it is available. Their qRxLevMin on lowband LTE is set to -124 dBm, and if I ever drop to WCDMA/HSPA, my iPhone always jumps back to LTE in 15-20 seconds. T-Mobile lacks lowband spectrum in the Champaign market which immediately disqualifies them (for indoor coverage is challenging) and Verizon’s site density is awful.
  12. RAvirani

    AT&T LTE and Network Discussion

    Up in Seattle, AT&T has 10x10 B12, 5 MHz B29, 5x5 B5, 20x20 B2 and 10x10 B30 live on pretty much every site—even wooden utility poles. B14 is slowly starting to pop up but their deployment is definitely still in its early stages.
  13. Even if the merger goes through, 25+25 CA will be helpful if: The combined company has more than 20 MHz FDD of PCS spectrum in a market The combined company wants to run multiple PCS carriers (one including the G block and one excluding the G block) due to the fact that not all T-Mobile devices support B25 but they all support B2 The combined company’s PCS holdings are not contiguous in a market