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  1. Oftentimes they're locked into contracts with their contractors, otherwise they would just cancel the T-Mobile site's upgrade.
  2. Good - that site has given them way too many upgrade issues. SnoPUD wouldn't even let T-Mobile climb the tower; they insisted on taking T-Mobile's plans and doing the upgrade themselves. Interesting - I'm back in town so I'll stop by this week sometime. That's a great add.
  3. I noticed something interesting today - both of my Androids were displaying and updating the location when the location service was off...maybe this is related to the issue we've been seeing?
  4. I unfortunately had the same issue crop up on my commute this morning. I sent a diagnostic while the location was frozen.
  5. Nice! Is that the final setup? The midband panels don't seem to have enough antenna separation for MIMO...
  6. That's awful. They could have at least used 45° degree antennas spaced at 90°... Interesting - I would think a three-sector setup at SEA Moss Bay (the macro site is only two sectors) would cover the busy areas much better with mmWave.
  7. Oh man - that's going to make the signal really dirty in downtown. 110°/150°/170° is way too close for 65° antennas - they're usually spaced at 120° intervals. I'm not entirely sure on that one. Verizon intentionally nulls the northward direction on their downtown Kirkland site to prevent unnecessary noise going up the hill, although T-Mobile usually pays a lot less attention to sector overlap...
  8. I usually only use the Radio Access Technology menu on my iPhone 12 Pro. Everything else has always been pretty hit or miss for me.
  9. Great! How high are the panels mounted? And how are the sector alignments? The two sectors mounted on the southeast corner of the building overlapped a lot before.
  10. @mikejeep would be the one to ask about app-related stuff - I only handle things after data is uploaded. Cleaning up the sector polygons when this happens is quite a headache so definitely don't upload your web data yet!
  11. I've noticed something similar in some of my web data uploads - all of the sites I hit on a drive will only have my home location. Hopefully this diagnostic helps to identify the problem!
  12. That's interesting! I wonder what they're thinking here...
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