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  1. Thank you! I would be porting to AT&T today if it weren’t for this!
  2. I went to three stores that had Sprint SIMs in stock, none of which could activate one for my iPhone. I also tried calling in twice as well as speaking with someone on online chat. In every instance, I was told they couldn’t move me back or that the system wasn’t letting them activate my device. While it may be possible to go back, they are definitely not making it easy. And customers like me (who depend on their phones for work) cannot deal with dropped calls and EDGE in the time it takes to figure it out.
  3. Just a heads up for anyone else thinking about making the switch to TNX - I tried for about two weeks and it does not appear you can go back if you don’t like your service with TNX. I would strongly recommend staying on TNA for anyone who is hesitant/unsure.
  4. The Sprint site at 520/202 was decommissioned a few weeks ago. Everything was pulled off the pole.
  5. Yes. If AT&T broadcasted B26, they could run a 15x15 carrier. B5 is limited to 10x10 per 3GPP spec.
  6. B5 doesn’t support carriers larger than 10x10. B26 supports up to 15x15, but many AT&T devices don’t support it. Plus, that wouldn’t entirely solve their problem.
  7. I added in a few of the surrounding sites to paint a more wholistic picture of how I would set up the network in the area using T-Mobile's existing sites (these are using my sector alignments/downtilts/TMA configs/etc, not T-Mobile's). PCS RSRP: PCS Sectors: PCS SNR: I actually like the site in Kingsgate to the northeast. Verizon has ubiquitous AWS in the area from that monopole and the site on Evergreen hospital, and it seems the projections mirror my experience there. It’s crazy how much more they push their sites than T-Mobile. Regarding the residential areas to the northwest - I see your point. While RSRP levels look nice, SNR isn't the best - mostly 16QAM. That being said, I think SNR is much more important in commercial areas than in residential areas because data usage tends to be much higher in commercial areas. In residential areas, people are much more likely to be on wifi. I think dropping a site on one of the stadium lights at Juanita Highschool could probably close the SNR gap. Maybe T-Mobile could trade a site there for the McDonald's site. Electrical downtilt would have to be increased on SE03208A/270 and SE01196F/0 to accommodate the new add.
  8. Generally speaking, Verizon tends to split eNBs (disable lowband-midband carrier aggregation) on sites with high lowband usage. I’ve noticed that as infill sites come online and density increases, a lot of previously split eNBs have been unsplit.
  9. This is getting sort of confusing, so here are all the imgur links: Ideal optimization (my opinion): https://imgur.com/a/9x3UbVK Current network: https://imgur.com/a/JTW2JXM Current network without McDonald's site: https://imgur.com/a/yWafnon Current network without AT&T colo: https://imgur.com/a/xG9Ix7b
  10. The original post is how I would set the network up if I were building it from scratch. If I assume T-Mobile's sector alignments and remove the McDonald's site, this is what you would get. PCS Coverage: PCS Sectors: PCS SNR: It's better, but not great. Alternatively, if we remove the AT&T colo, we get... PCS Coverage: PCS Sectors: PCS SNR:
  11. Oh no - I was simulating the setup you mentioned, which I also agree is the ideal site selection for the area. This is the best optimization I could come up with. Also, I should have probably included a legend... Coverage: Green: >-90 dBm Yellow: >-100 dBm Red: >-115 dBm SNR: Green: sufficient for 256QAM Yellow: sufficient for 64QAM Red: 16QAM or worse This setup is actually pretty good from an SNR perspective. You're not going to be able to get much better than 16QAM at the sector edge, and this covers the populated areas pretty well with 64QAM/256QAM. Also keep in mind there are other sites that pick up the red in the outer areas - this map is intended to focus on the core Totem Lake area. I'll simulate T-Mobile's current network for comparison shortly.
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