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  1. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    Yup. Looks just like the other Intel field test screens. On a related note, in iOS 12, I’ve found that field test on Qualcomm phones stops working about 30 minutes after the phone is powered on. Restarting the phone fixes the problems but it consistently comes back.
  2. That is the idea. I don’t know the exact threshold for switching but I would imagine it’s between -100 and -110 RSRP. The device would most likely make the decision as to when to switch between UL CA and HPUE because it needs to regulate itself to stay within FCC maximum power levels.
  3. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    The change in L2500 performance won’t be a big, considering the new XS supports HPUE—in fact L2500 performance may even be better on the new phones. That being said, looking at the EIRP values of 800 MHz and 1900 MHz performance on the XS/XS Max, it looks like L800 and L1900 performance are going to take a big hit. The XS performs significantly worse on those bands than the last generation of iPhones.
  4. I do not believe either B25+B4 or B25+B12 CA are standardized. Aggregating PCS with their other holdings would require the new T-Mobile to run B2 carriers and I’m not sure what would happen to the PCS G Block in that case. LTE and NR carriers can be aggregated. I don’t see why shutting down L2500 in a rush would be a smart play on new T-Mobile’s part...
  5. New personal best download speed: 277 mbps! https://imgur.com/a/cTi4pno
  6. RAvirani

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    They may have BC1 support but I doubt many of them would have BC10 support.
  7. RAvirani

    Network Vision/LTE - SF Bay Market

    The original triband antennas had significantly wider beamwidths. In my experience the increase in MIMO does not compensate for the lost coverage between sectors or at elevations drastically different from the elevation of the RAT center.
  8. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    That’s very disappointing. Qualcomm modems are far superior to Intel modems of the same class.
  9. Sprint has been the fastest in Seattle for a while...but that’s a big speed jump!
  10. A while back Verizon roamed on Sprint in some parts of Texas although I don’t think this is the case anymore... Your phone was probably just scanning bands and happened to display B26 for a few seconds.
  11. I think Boston is actually a Samsung market. My question was regarding to @nexgencpu‘s post.