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  1. The net postpaid adds actually amounted to 494K, although that was due to the addition of 609K new data lines. Sprint lost 115K voice lines this quarter. Not much exciting stuff there.
  2. My key takeaways: Wireless service revenue of $5.2B Net loss of $120M, but they cite over $2B of depreciation; depreciation is broken roughly into $1B on network equipment and $1B on leased devices $589M expensed in interest this quarter Sprint is $37B in debt currently, with ~$30B due by 2025 ARPA: $124.80, ARPU: $50.37 1.98% postpaid churn, up from 1.87% from last quarter; 4.92% prepaid churn, down from 4.94% last quarter 10th consecutive quarter of net additions 20 million people covered by 5G now with "thousands" of massive-MIMO-equipped sites online 37K small cells live, including both mini macros and strand mounts Ookla is rating Sprint as the 2nd fast carrier behind AT&T with a 45% increase in downlink speeds YOY 5G average downlink speeds are 215 Mbps
  3. I didn't have any issues in West Palm last year. My AT&T line, on the other hand, had absolutely terrible service. HSPA all over the place despite them owning both the Cellular A and B blocks.
  4. B2/B4 that appears as Clear LTE is T-Mobile roaming. All Clear sites in Washington are either Nokia MM or triband. Sprint was mandated by the government to replace all Huawei equipment some years back. Any sites that were not converted were decommissioned.
  5. Nice! Yes. I have no idea why they chose to decommission that site. It would fill a massive dead spot were it still online. AT&T has a site in that park's parking lot (at roughly 47.6908142, -122.1973845) which provides stellar coverage in the area.
  6. That is actually the permit to do the physical upgrade. The original planning permit was filed in 2018 and was finally approved this month. Here is the link: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/WIR18-00056/Kirkland. Hopefully they will get that site upgraded soon. That area could really use a coverage boost.
  7. Ah, I guess not then. Looks like it's still just Sprint and AT&T.
  8. Yes - I'm out in Louisville, KY now and I've noticed that. It makes any type of tracking very hard. I spy Commscope split-sector AT&T panels on the bottom left. Do you know if Verizon has installed a rack on that tower yet? They permitted to do so a little while back.
  9. It's all about demand. The 405/I-5 site has Massive MIMO because it serves Alderwood mall. Apparently Sprint has a lot of customers in Monroe. I drive out on 2 quite often and always noticed that site in Monroe was a bit congested. They're quite a bit smaller than the KMW 16-port triband antennas (the ones in your picture) and a lot smaller than the Commscope 8-port dualband antennas.
  10. Oh and the cell tower in Monroe also has M-MIMO equipment.
  11. Yup, it's been there for a few months. There are a few more by the Microsoft campus in Redmond and quite a few in Tacoma. I also recall seeing 3-4 in downtown Seattle.
  12. Apologies - I misspoke. Interband CA is not officially live in Phoenix yet, although it very well may be in testing. I do not believe it is officially live in those areas yet.
  13. 4x4 L2500 at 256 QAM can provide ~280 mbps DL per carrier. Aggregate that with 3x3 L800 and I would be unsurprised by your speeds. Also, interband CA is enabled in Phoenix.
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