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  1. Hope so. Areas like that, really this area and site specifically, is what motivated me to switch to Verizon.
  2. Here's a better view of the high capacity site at Woodbury Commons. Verizon is still LTE only here. No 5G.
  3. That definitely hasn't been by experience since switching to Verizon a few weeks ago. Now that my iPhone 13 Pro can actually connect to mmWave I'm finding it everywhere the Verizon map says I should be, and even a little more. My phone immediately switches to it when available and routinely hits over 3 Gbps. But yea, move a few feet and it vanishes. I have gotten some impressive range, though. eNB 84364 has a new antenna added to a sector recently (Myrtle Ave at Ashland Pl) and I can pick that site up on the other side of Flatbush Ave at 3+ Gbps. Just like the map says, I can walk down Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene between about Washington Park down to about Pratt and my iPhone stays on mmWave. Ironically, though, the iPhone seems to hold on to it even when the speeds dip far below what even LTE could provide.
  4. I wonder if the inclusion of n258 will get T-Mobile moving at all. I haven't seen any progress on mmWave in years. In fact, I've just seen it *removed* from sites.
  5. Got it https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doitt/business/5g-design/5g.page
  6. Well, that's interesting! All the equipment for two separate carriers is still fitting in that little equipment shroud that doesn't appear to be any larger? Really gotta wonder why this didn't happen 5-10 years ago. Can you link to the info where you got this from? Thanks!
  7. Verizon added mmWave to an additional sector of eNB 84364 in Fort Greene. They again used this new shroud with the ventilation on the side. Still another sector without mmWave installed for some reason.
  8. Here's a look at the site. It shows a new ventilated mmWave shroud but at the same time it's not actually plugged in. I've noticed that at several vzw sites in Brooklyn where one of the antennas isn't actually plugged in. Another sector in this site did have the mmWave antenna plugged in.
  9. I noticed Verizon doing some work on eNB 84723 (downtown Brooklyn, DeKalb & St Felix St) last week and one of the mmWave antennas has the new ventilated shroud as well.
  10. AFAIK you won't switch over to Sprint roaming unless there's a total lock of T-Mobile coverage, right?
  11. I was in this area again on Saturday and my iPhone (11 Pro) actually dropped to EDGE while standing at the base of this building. EDGE! It quickly bounced back to "4G" before latching on to a weak LTE signal in a minute.
  12. eNB 50319 in Sunset Park sure is weird looking. n41 up on one sector but the other sector is just a weird mess of antennas points in all different directions.
  13. If we're going to bring up sites that aren't yet mapped, there's also one at Hicks St and Clark St in Brooklyn Heights. Used to live near there and have some images from 2019 https://imgur.com/a/OJDBBlh
  14. Ugh, the coverage in Brooklyn Bridge Park is just awful in places. A lot of these mini sites have got to go. They just can't keep up with modern needs or uses.
  15. I'll be keeping an eye out on it, but it looks pretty done. The Ericsson engineers were still here today, so who really knows. I don't have a 5G phone to test n41, anyway.
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