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  1. I already identified the one near the 405 (eNBs: B6BCD, B6BD1, and B6BD2). I am looking at the one near the marina, which I think is eNBs: B6BC9, B6BCA, and B6BCC. I am certain B6BCA is there and the other two seem to radiate out from there as well. I think it is on top of the Portsmith Condominiums near the Marina.
  2. Sorry, I wasn't clear, the Evergreen Hospital MM setup I already located a while ago. The eNBs for those were: B6BD7, B6BD9, B6BDB. I meant for the cluster of MM which I can't locate in Kirkland. Just like Totem Lake and the John Muir school, there are three MM nearby with their eNB separated by 2 digits and one reports as an MM/SC. As expected, SE03XC353 tends to overwhelm them in most normal areas, making location more difficult. It seems that their job is to fill in the "shadows" for SE03XC353. My guess is all three are located at the aforementioned Clear site in Kirkland, but I am not 100% certain on that yet. I will drive around to see if I can collect better data on CellMapper. As an aside, it seems like it is common in a cluster of three for one of them to report as an MM/SC on SignalCheck. Even the one I found which had the last eNB off by one, instead of two, still had one of them as an MM/SC.
  3. That makes sense, I said "loves" strictly because I have encountered so many of them near me. I didn't know about the Huawei aspect of things. They are very well located normally, providing coverage for weak spots from the "main" tower. As for Evergreen, that would make sense, it's a high location in what has become a VERY busy area. I am guessing that is why the tower over on the Motel 6 nearby has not been upgraded. Also, that is good to know about all of the MM clusters. That combined with this permit makes me think that I am correct on the location. The only thing I need to determine if all three eNB are at the same site.
  4. Seems that Sprint REALLY loves MM and MM/SC type cells in this area, often grouping them in three's. For example, Evergreen Hospital in Totem Lake has three B41MM to supplement the 3G/B25 tower nearby. At this point, I have identified three clusters of three MM cells and am trying to track down what I think is one more cluster possibly located at what was previously a Clearwire B41 LTE/WiMax site.
  5. Unfortunately, not in this case. Signal strength increases up to this tower from every direction for all bands. So clearly something is a bit screwy with my phone if nobody else has noticed this. Anyways I have taken up enough of your time on something unrelated to your software. Thanks for the guidance though!
  6. Yep, must be my device if normally Sprint B41 is the most accurate. Same exact location (approx 100ft away from the antenna) when I had TA=0 for B25 shows a TA of 3-4 for B41. So yeah, for Sprint LG V30+, the B41 TA is not correct. Makes it very hard for me to track down this MM/SC that I can't seem to find.
  7. I figured it wasn't an app issue, either way, I will test today near the tower that I used to test the B25 values. I was only able to test it yesterday on B25 because there was a period where it seemed that B41 wasn't broadcasting. Either way, even the values at 4 and 5 are not really accurate either. So it could be my device more than anything else.
  8. Not sure if this is a SignalCheck issue, a device issue (LG V30+), or a Sprint issue but the reported TA for Sprint B41 is not remotely accurate at low numbers. I drove by and up to a tower, parked underneath it etc. and the TA value never dropped below 3. It seems somewhere <4 or <5, the values are highly incorrect. On the other hand, if I used the estimated distances from farther away (TA of 7 or more) then the two circles almost overlap perfectly for the tower. B25 is just fine, it behaves exactly as expected, dropping to zero when I was right by a tower.
  9. Woodinville, Bothell, and Kingsgate are also up as of around noon. Will check Kirkland and Redmond later.
  10. Just checked, is also up in Bothell and Kingsgate. So I get this section got turned on around noon.
  11. VoLTE just went live in Woodinville about 5 min ago. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
  12. How do these show up in Signal Check? Can you tell that a site is MMIMO? Where is this site located? Also, I just hit over 200MBps from SE03XC157. Things are flowing very smoothly in this part of Woodinville.
  13. Yeah, it is between two schools and adjacent to a winery district, I think that explains any restrictions. That being said, there are several B25/B26/B41 towers nearby, this tower just falls in a shadow area for these deployments. That being said, armed with this knowledge I found out a second set of Nokia Mini-Macros at a nearby hospital (eNBs B6BD7, B6BD9, and B6BDB). Oddly enough, these were in an area I thought was covered by another local site but that site didn't have B41. Additionally, they are building a massive shopping complex right by the hospital so these should cover that area pretty well. Does any other provider use these Nokia Mini-Macros?
  14. Thanks, that cleared up a lot of confusion for me. This location is in a geographic shadow with respect to a major site, so it makes sense that they would use a small setup like this here.
  15. This might explain something that I have been seeing. Apologies that the images are from Google Maps but the poles are right in front of an Elementary School which is across the street from a Middle School. As a dude, definitely not stopping the car to take my own pictures in this case. Here is the base of the pole I believe to be a sprint pole: Anyways, there are what appears to be two or three of these Nokia Mini Macro's. There are three antenna on top of the pole and there are three eNB that I have been seeing in this area. There is also this tiny equipment cabinet next to the pole. There is a second tower (shown above) about 100 ft away, but if the original tower is responsible for all of the eNB that I have seen, then this second tower must not be a Sprint tower. Am I correct in presuming that the third eNB is likely from the same pole and not this second pole?
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