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  1. It is this absolutely absurd local T-Mobile site. The antenna is basically 7-8 ft off the ground and points right at a McDonald's drive thru and that's not even the most ridiculous thing about this site.
  2. The upgrade of SE03314B went live today. The placement of these antennas is absolutely ABSURD! The AEHC panel is mounted on a riser above the other antenna. If you look carefully, you can just barely see the second antenna below the AEHC. I am unsure if they upgraded the antenna or I'm just paying closer attention but that antenna appears MUCH larger and closer to the ground than before. The bottom is basically 7-8ft above ground level! Nothing like sitting in the McDonalds drive thru and getting a huge RF blast from the antenna. I had signal values in the -40s in the parking
  3. To access this on a Sprint device, install the Google Dialer and then enter *#*#2263#*#* It works on my Sprint Note 20 Ultra
  4. Sprint SIM with ROAMAHOME. From my understanding with TNX on Android, you lose access to the Sprint network. That's correct to my knowledge.
  5. Tge order of priority is T-Mobile 5G ->T-Mobile LTE->Sprint LTE. The one exception are Sprint 312-250 towers (aka keep routers) which function like T-Mobile LTE towers. Basically you will only connect to Sprint towers if there is no T-Mobile signal around or T-Mobile intends to convert that Sprint tower over to T-Mobile in the future.
  6. One request, albeit very minor, please have alerts follow the 'LTE/NR Cell ID format' setting. Currently, I have my Cell ID format set to Decimal with Sector but the alerts still report it in hex.
  7. Just drove by there today and SE03XC157 is back online. I guess the aforementioned wind storm temporarily knocked it offline.
  8. Ok it isn't just SE03XC157. Sprint towers SE03XC658 and SE52XC053 are no longer broadcasting Sprint signals either. These two are co-lo with T-Mobile. The T-Mobile racks are still broadcasting. I wonder if these are some of the first Sprint towers in this area to get shutdown. At this point, the closest Sprint site to downtown Woodinville still broadcasting is the keep site on the Slough.
  9. Not sure if it is due to the wind storms last night but as of this morning keep site SE03XC157 is not broadcasting. I will go check it out later.
  10. January Security update has rolled out for the S20 and Note20 series.
  11. Didn't see this posted: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/un-carrier/brookings-municipal-utilities
  12. So far this morning, I haven't even seen a single 2640 B41 carrier. Yesterday I saw a few but never could connect to them.
  13. I noticed that here I can only get 2xCA B41 rather than 3xCA. All three carriers are still there but I can only aggregate to two. I wonder if this is the first step at expanding n41 here as well.
  14. I noticed today that I haven't been able to get a 3xCA B41 signal, the max has been 2xCA B41. Not sure what is going on exactly since I can see all three Sprint B41 signals.
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