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  1. You aren't kidding, I frequent Flat Stick in downtown a lot and other than right by the door, there is ZERO service. Additionally, up the hill to the north into Norkirk by Kirkland Jr. High and onto the Forbes Creek area are pretty much total dead zones. The only major ones I have encountered which aren't covered by any roaming either. Edit: It looks like they are getting started on the 11250 Kirkland Way site as well: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/ENR20-00296/Kirkland Edit 2: I just noticed that Clearwire/Sprint used to have a tower up by Kirkland Jr high. That tower would have definitely improved service to that area if they had converted to triband. As stated, that region is BY FAR the biggest dead zone in the area.
  2. FYI Sprint just applied to upgrade the Portsmith Condos location from B41 MM/SC to I assume Tri-Band (as discussed). Unfortunately, no attached PDFs this time: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/BNR20-00353/Kirkland
  3. Figured I would throw up a photo of one from the ground. You can see it on the top rack on the left of the 8t8r antenna. It really illustrates how small they are compared to the old antennas.
  4. I do not, the shown antenna are the only ones on the tower.
  5. Freaking Monroe..wtf!? Kirkland, Bothell, and Woodinville don't have Massive MIMO. Hell, even Duvall doesn't have it but Monroe does. Also the aforementioned tower has 3 Samsung Massive-MIMO panels, as expected: one pointing down I-5 towards Seattle, one pointing up I-5 towards Everett, and one pointing down I-405 towards Bothell. I was surprised how much smaller they are than the older panels right next to it. As an aside, I went on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail over the holidays. Wow are the eNBs different there. Up here, outside of MM/SC cells, each tower has a single eNB for all bands. In Kentucky, it seems like each band on each tower has its own eNB (meaning tri-band towers have three eNBs). Even worse, for B41 the Cells look like MM/SC. Made it really hard to map very many towers. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
  6. I believe so, it wasn't there a month or so ago when I was up in Lynnwood. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
  7. Finally! Spotted a Samsung 64x Massive-MIMO panel in the wild. The tower at the Lynnwood intersection of the 5 and the 405 (by the Target) has one on the top rack pointing down the 405 corridor.
  8. Saw a 5 carrier B41 on the 520 by UW. Also, have noticed B12 showing up on my phone as Sprint. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
  9. Since they are in low earth orbit, the amount of fuel for correcting for atmospheric drag determines the lifespan of the satellite. More fuel = more weight = more expensive to launch. Plus it is not that cut and dry from an environmental perspective, heavier satellites require more rocket fuel to launch into orbit. This does notable environmental damage as well. My guess is they did a cost/benefit analysis and determined this is roughly the optimal point. Cheaper launches means less hesitation to launch. Additionally, it means that in 5 years time, they could roll out new satellites which have higher bandwidths, better back hauls, etc. This keeps them from becoming outdated and vulnerable to a new upstart with newer satellites and more efficient operations.
  10. I already identified the one near the 405 (eNBs: B6BCD, B6BD1, and B6BD2). I am looking at the one near the marina, which I think is eNBs: B6BC9, B6BCA, and B6BCC. I am certain B6BCA is there and the other two seem to radiate out from there as well. I think it is on top of the Portsmith Condominiums near the Marina.
  11. Sorry, I wasn't clear, the Evergreen Hospital MM setup I already located a while ago. The eNBs for those were: B6BD7, B6BD9, B6BDB. I meant for the cluster of MM which I can't locate in Kirkland. Just like Totem Lake and the John Muir school, there are three MM nearby with their eNB separated by 2 digits and one reports as an MM/SC. As expected, SE03XC353 tends to overwhelm them in most normal areas, making location more difficult. It seems that their job is to fill in the "shadows" for SE03XC353. My guess is all three are located at the aforementioned Clear site in Kirkland, but I am not 100% certain on that yet. I will drive around to see if I can collect better data on CellMapper. As an aside, it seems like it is common in a cluster of three for one of them to report as an MM/SC on SignalCheck. Even the one I found which had the last eNB off by one, instead of two, still had one of them as an MM/SC.
  12. That makes sense, I said "loves" strictly because I have encountered so many of them near me. I didn't know about the Huawei aspect of things. They are very well located normally, providing coverage for weak spots from the "main" tower. As for Evergreen, that would make sense, it's a high location in what has become a VERY busy area. I am guessing that is why the tower over on the Motel 6 nearby has not been upgraded. Also, that is good to know about all of the MM clusters. That combined with this permit makes me think that I am correct on the location. The only thing I need to determine if all three eNB are at the same site.
  13. Seems that Sprint REALLY loves MM and MM/SC type cells in this area, often grouping them in three's. For example, Evergreen Hospital in Totem Lake has three B41MM to supplement the 3G/B25 tower nearby. At this point, I have identified three clusters of three MM cells and am trying to track down what I think is one more cluster possibly located at what was previously a Clearwire B41 LTE/WiMax site.
  14. Unfortunately, not in this case. Signal strength increases up to this tower from every direction for all bands. So clearly something is a bit screwy with my phone if nobody else has noticed this. Anyways I have taken up enough of your time on something unrelated to your software. Thanks for the guidance though!
  15. Yep, must be my device if normally Sprint B41 is the most accurate. Same exact location (approx 100ft away from the antenna) when I had TA=0 for B25 shows a TA of 3-4 for B41. So yeah, for Sprint LG V30+, the B41 TA is not correct. Makes it very hard for me to track down this MM/SC that I can't seem to find.
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