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  1. Wow the one on I-5 Gilman drive is having issues. Last weekend when it was running I got 23-24Mbps down and 6-8Mbps up. Went by today, had a ping of 1950ms IIRC and 178kbps down and 0 up (this is on full bars of 4G). I noticed when driving along it seems like there are two NV panels up at this point with slots for 6 more.
  2. I love this map, being a Sensorly user who has mapped a small amount of the 3G coverage in my area I like the above map. It lets me know the rest of the areas near me that I can map. Specifically, it appears the park I was just at yesterday isn't really mapped. I will go back there and map it once they open up the ball fields again.
  3. Those ridged antenna are likely AT&T as that's what they are installing at a new site near me.
  4. s4gru - can you update my first post to denote my post that shows they are conclusively AT&T. So that no one is misled?
  5. Well now that we know this is an AT&T panel. It looks like in two of these situatins the RRU's with the curved top maybe indicative of AT&T? You can clearly see them in doug's image and they are the exact same as the ones on the lightpole in my image (though its harder to tell in mine)
  6. Sure enough I found Sprints install. It's surprisingly puny. The light posts its on are so small they couldn't even fit all three antenna on one pole. Two are on B in the link below and one is on A. If Sprint plans on upgrading these to NV there is going to be a LOT of work involved. Comapared to the new installation these light posts are like tooth picks (2/3 the height and likely 1/4 the diameter). The sprint service hut which I SWEAR looks like it used to be the public bathrooms for the park (the new ones are in the large community center and another set on the SE side of the park. There are two bricked up doors and windows on the front. You can kinda of see them but not well because I had the exposure set too high on my phone. Compare the sizes (realizing the far ones are two softball fields away) th nearest tower is the same size as the sprint ones. Exact locations of the sprint towers: Link Nice friendly image taken from below the tower. That being said, the aforementioned install is now confirmable as AT&T. When I went to find the Sprint spot, I decided to check out the new install again. On the second time there, I noticed signs on the posts. I don't remember them being there before (workers were there so its possible the signs were just installed but its possible I'm just blind). Anyways, the signs clearly state AT&T Mobile installation. So unless sprint plans on doing a shared installation I have huge doubts the Doyle Park area is going to get renovated.
  7. Thanks, I'll try and see if I can scout out that tower after tha rain stops. Maybe take some pics of it as well for future reference. It's odd because AT&T already is known for having great coverage in this area. According to Sensorly, both sprint and AT&T get 4-5 bars in this area. Can you tell me if the tower is at the SE or SW side of the park? I understand if you want to keep that level of detail hidden.
  8. I apologize if the paralax error (and my phones annoying lens) distorts things but all of the panels at this site appear to be the same size.
  9. Doyle Park Softball Field in the UTC district of San Diego, CA I used google maps to plot roughly where they are located. Link A is the right tower and B is the left tower. I do know that Sprint is underspeced in this area. Sometimes even with 5 bars of signal I only get d/l speeds of 0.5M/sec or less. Oddly often u/l is equal or higher than the d/l speed.
  10. EDIT: This site was determined to be an AT&T site further down in the thread. There is a new tower being installed near my place. Unfortunately, there are NO carrier markings on any of the equipment. The shack is still being built down in the parking lot. Can anyone tell anything from the attached photos. You can see two separate towers for the install. Mind you this is around a softball field oddly enough and this field never had lights before these towers were installed. This is the tower on the right. Only two wires to each of these panels (basically one side connected) but that being said this tower does not appear to be complete as the lower "rung" is not populated with RUUs. This is the left tower, it appear that there are two RUU's per panel. Note that one antena does not appear to be hooked up yet. That the other antenna has all four wires connected. I apologize for the suboptimal quality of the pics, these were taken with my phone. Plus I had to shrink them to fit them in this post. I have more pics of each tower if needed as well as the fullsize images that I can rehost elsewhere.
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