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  1. I have noticed that happening a few times as well.
  2. Just checked again this morning. Apparently they finished it off yesterday or the day before. The drunken panels are gone and B41/n41 is live.
  3. Also, not sure if I noticed this before or not but the Sprint Tower at the north intersection of I405 and I5 (by Target) is labeled as a keep tower. I guess Tmobile wants to get off that power pylon.
  4. Not sure if it is helpful or not but when I entered Developer Options on my phone for something else, I noticed there is a setting called "Force Full GNSS measurements - Track all GNSS constellations and frequencies with no duty cycling". This lead me to this article: https://barbeau.medium.com/gnss-interrupted-the-hidden-android-setting-you-need-to-know-d812d28a3821 I wonder if this has something to do with the random gaps/pauses that many are experiencing. What I noticed is that when I triggered this setting, all of a sudden a few Chinese and Japanese GNSS satellites became visible.
  5. Kingsgate still isn't live yet as of yesterday afternoon. There were some staff working on it at the ground level though. I did discover on Monday that the site at the intersection of NE 124th St. and Willows Rd (overlooking the Sammamish River valley) has been upgraded to b41/n41. Speeds were good at almost 700mbps DL. There were still some workers in dayglo green shirts working on the roof. As for Woodinville, I discovered two more T-Mobile upgrade permits: The first is to upgrade the Hollywood location (right by the round about). Permit ID: BLD21062Application Date: 04/29/2021Pro
  6. I have found a handful of permits here for conversion of Sprint sites. One tower I didn't even know was a keep site. So far, I haven't seen any which have been approved yet. B41/n41 upgrades on the other hand have been taking off like crazy. I know of four sites upgraded in the last month and a fifth had its permit approved. All of this is just in Kirkland which makes it even more impressive.
  7. I've been trying it out since you released it and I'm noticing a notable improvement in logging/location with this beta; especially when the app is not in the foreground.
  8. Ziply but I think you are on to something. I was thinking mmwave but C-band makes sense.
  9. On kind of humorous note, Sprint/Tmo 5G testing apparently caused some major issues for the local ISP's national TV satellite feed. Per the VP of networking who posts on reddit: "We think it is sprint/tmo 5G testing interfering with our downlink in Everett. Working the issue with those folks. " "They have a bridge open internally and have folks coming with spectrum analyzers and antennas to identify the source (or at least that is what i got out of the latest internal ticket updates) "
  10. Definitely not the final arrangement. Drunk is the best description for the current layout. Not only are ALL of the panels somewhere between slightly and heavily askew and/or overlapping but there are multiple wires just dangling (you can see them hanging below the platform). The strange thing is every sector looked almost exactly the same. Additionally, just behind the tower, the safety wire (or whatever it is called) was still hanging away from the tower and the boom lift was still parked there as well. They clearly have a lot of work left to do. I was hoping they would finish th
  11. Whoops! I just looked it up quickly because I forgot which number it was.
  12. A couple pictures of some painted Ericsson StreetMacro 6701 28GHz (n257) panels installed by Verizon in Kirkland, WA. I can get some better pictures if anyone wants them.
  13. Here are the aforementioned antennas: I haven't seen this exact panel before and couldn't find it online. Not sure if it's in a housing or a new model but I couldn't find any images simar to this online. Identified them, they are Ericsson StreetMacro 6701 28GHz (n257) panels. Also, they are FINALLY installing b41/n41 in Kingsgate.
  14. Yeah, the two corner sectors are just insane, they are almost totally overlapping. They could get essentially the exact same performance from this sector with half the equipment by mounting it right on the corner. I don't know if T-Mobile thinks the tower at 47.684288, -122.209940 covers the area or they are relying mostly on the Kirkland Urban tower to handle things. On that note, it is ridiculous that they did not install B41/n41 and mmWave equipment on the Kirkalnd Urban site and have no pending permits to do so. When those buildings are full, there are going to be THOUSANDS
  15. They replaced the original panels but installed the new ones in the same place as the old ones. The B41/n41 panels were placed to the side of them. This means on the southeast corner, the replaced panels are still essentially adjacent with the B41/n41 panels to the outside of those. The arrangement seen in this permit is accurate: http://permits.kirklandwa.gov/WebDocs/2020121135/d2c7bcf9-eab7-4c6c-bcf8-2e2a7ba04102.pdf I have always been confused on why that site did not have one sector directing up the hill into Norkirk and instead has all three sectors directing into downtown.
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