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  1. Fast appears to be 20% slower than other speed tests... I have a 250 up and down fiber connect at home.. regularly at 270. Just did a fast test twice... barely hit 200
  2. I need to go into a store (phone calls because i am still "sprint" are a joke, at least back when i tried a year of tmo their CS was the bright spot) anyway, and look for a few new phones for my inlaws.. I will probably need to block out a few hours of time.. because we are going to have a good "come to understanding" talk about a few things.. Over the last month (granted I havent been out as much, work has slowed) it seems to be a bit better.. my wife still has this one hole in a certain spot.. which makes no sense, because I know where the towers are.. unless its right in that "sour" spo
  3. So question??? My phone lately has developed the problem of people cant hear me when they call.. or when I call them.. I can hear them either time, but no voice from me.. Takes a restart of the device to fix, and I haven't tracked a time or thing that causes this.. So the question.. Is this network related or device.. What do you think??
  4. but whats the difference?? I am already parked on Tmo all the time. Does it magically make it better??
  5. Pretty sure I am.. The Ultra has been on the Tmo network since I bought it.. which as I am reading about, thats what TNX is right?? My moms phone, the LG G6, has a better connection (band 41) and faster speed at this location, Then my Ultra does (band 2 on Tmo) I have been running into these issues all over... It is mostly fine when on Band 66, or 71, but it drops to 2 or 12.. and it SUCKS. So I am guessing I am on the TNX?? Right? because it only sits on TMO sites
  6. So sitting here at my mom's, doing some "techy"stuff lol.. and it dawned on me.. let's check the difference in phones and connectivity.. needless to say I hope things come together sooner than later. LG g6, vs s20 ultra. I was on band 2 (just can't upload all 4 photos.... I wish they could just set the prl to grab what ever the best signal is for your area... Instead of parking you on Sprint or TMO, unless it's gone (true roaming type) I know in the end it'll be better... But this is worse than the Sprint lte roll out. IMHO
  7. uhhh nope.. they tell me to talk to sprint.. i tell them.. ITS A TMOBILE NETWORK ISSUE... its like it bounces right off their head..
  8. Well let's hope soon.. because THIS is BS (I so want to say the word, but they will get mad. Notice the SCP STRENGTHS.. I can't even do a song search on spotify
  9. ok, i understood most of that hahaha.. SO even though i bought it back in May (so should be a sprint branded S20, and sprint SIM) it wont let it hit the towers?? I found that with the band selector set to the sprint bands, it performed FAR worse, then my native note 8.. HUMMMMMMMM
  10. Could be.. BUT I never connect to a sprint tower..NEVER... it hangs on its own bands, Band 2 mostly.. when it toggles to that, that's when I notice the data hang, and I have to drive a few miles (probably bouncing multiple towers in that time) before it decides to come back.. It really is an odd thing.. Because back in may when I bought the phones.. They were smoking fast... Until about mid August
  11. meh still haven't figured out wth they have done out here.. but its not stable i guess... in and out, voice issues.. And I havent really seen anyone up on towers. (I drive around A LOT for my work) But I wish they would hurry up, its affecting things with work (irritating when customers go to VM or to a random other number) Plus people on my account complaining to me.. It seems to be those of us with the S20s.... And trying to work through CS is a joke... Sprint customer on Tmo network, and yet no one wants to take accountability for whats screwing up.. I think THAT irritates me the mos
  12. Probably more cost effective in the short term to keep both, until leases run out (if a Corp store) I know the corp sprint store is rebranded... and is a few blocks from a 3rd party Tmo.. The corp tmo is a few towns over
  13. hows it been out there?? The first 60 days mid may to end of june, I was fine... NOW, I am having all sorts of issues.. Calls going straight to VM.. Even had calls going to some random number (customer emailed asking if I had changed my number) for a few hours.. People cant hear me... Data locks up, says I am connected, but apps and speed test say otherwise.. Needless to say I am pissed... and getting more so, when I cant get to a tier 2 support person
  14. Ok so something new happened today.. say least 2 calls didn't come through.. I was at home so on WiFi calling.. but there's a twist. It went to some other number.. don't know who just wasn't me. Had a customer, ask someone to call me, they asked if I changed my number. So my customer called me... Same thing, some other number. Only way I found out, she emailed me about it.. I tried and it worked fine.. One called from a Comcast VoIP. The other was Verizon. I realize this isn't "phone" related.. but I don't know where to put it lol... All these quirks are
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