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  1. My question is this.....Why is the speed so low?? Bandwidth?? or backhaul? Or what??? The tower is there, its broadcasting on a band, so why the slow speeds???
  2. well sprint to.. they have towers around.. but its... well go look at the map in the premier section look at utah along the I-15... its filling in a lot better.. and its somewhat rough terrain... but still over all planning for any cell provider, should include townships
  3. The sad part is... this is a small town... but a town nonetheless... SO WHY is there not a tower inside limits, or at least closer to, if you couldnt get permits to build in....
  4. it was fine out on the road, filled in nicely... but their outlier areas... yea
  5. Speed test.. top 2... 3rd one was on my way in a different city.. Virtually nonexistent
  6. so this was about the location.. its is a lighter shade.. ok, I wasnt planning on streaming video... but damn
  7. I would check us cellulars map... let me see if i can find that picture
  8. SO disappointed with my roaming in central Utah... I had roughly mid -90s for strength, and couldnt even pull a simple radio stream, or load a simple webpage.... Glad to have ok strength.. but what good is it, if you have nothing behind it??? Reminds me of my quick year switch to Tmo... their map said it was ok service, this was on catalina... but it was GARBAGE... How they (any carrier) get away with saying its LTE, when you have SUB 3g speeds... SMH
  9. Thats true.. hahah forgot that cell phones are in fact PHONES 1st... My thinking was more of the data side of things.. But yes, I am thinking they can push the VOLTE a little more and do some expanding of LTE to other areas, while having PLENTY of saturation between TMO and Sprint for volte coverage in high density areas
  10. Ok not to sound stupid here.. ok sure i can sound stupid.... Anyway in regards to how the networks will work together???? ummmm dont they already?? I Mean when you roam off of sprint you grab Tmo.... So in the short term, shouldnt it just be a matter of some PRL updates?? And then, as they do now.. while working on the network, hardware or behind scenes, they adjust as necessary.... Reading all the back and forth about the logistics of it makes me laugh.. because with the roaming agreements, its kind of already there..
  11. So a thought I am going to try out the next week or so.... With this heavy roaming agreement with Tmo, I am finding I kick to roaming in "spotty" sprint areas -112 or worse (ill pay closer attention) So I asked my rep about if the Volte should just transfer over (like it would from 41 to 25 or 26, and back) without losing signal, as it seems to do with wifi.... He said it should be fine.. I am in an area that has some sprint holes... and so i am going to see if the tmo roaming fixes it...
  12. So Ill throw my 2 bits out, from a few things I have noticed/found out.... The sprint/tmo roam agreement is in full effect and is aggressive... It took me a good couple weeks to figure out what the hell was going on, and why i kept "roaming" in my "home" area.. So i emailed my sales rep (I have a business account) and asked what the hell is going on.... He gave me a discount for the inconvenience (thanks for that) and told me they are working on towers aggressively out here (Utah). Well today as I was waiting on something, the roaming thing popped up again, and I went and did some reading on reddit (yes i am sure most of you know all this) So roaming on clearwire.. is roaming on Tmo.. and its native and you should keep the dl speeds of the tower. Because where i was, had a tmo tower 500 feet from me, and the sprint tower was about 1.5 miles.....so there we go on that... My sales rep also said "off record" there has been A LOT of traffic from Tmo reps at the KC offices, and that there is a positive attitude that this thing should go through. Though of course no "commits" They will get more info in Dec, and it should be a fairly seamless transaction...
  13. Has anyone else noticed a horrible battery drain since the last update?? I think it was about a week ago??
  14. yea i would agree.. after a week i turned it off... while "general" service around here is probably better than average. There are still to many holes, in areas where quite frankly there shouldnt.. Yesterday and today for example... I was at around 111 -114 signal strength B-41... and it wouldnt even pull up basic speed test.. Come on Really???? And I am suppose to have a business call??? Not good In fact I find it almost comical that they are launching in utah.. Considering how many holes i think there still are for data.. let alone calls
  15. I want the screen size to get back like the note 2... these damn "slim" screens piss me off... They are useless for a "phablet" type phone..Oh and DROP THE ROUNDED SCREEN.. Cant get a decent screen protector
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