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  1. I would say its got a nice lineup of bands it covers.. Might be the one I get for my inlaws, and mom, for the right price... to replace their LG G6's https://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=6254
  2. A few weeks ago when I got my S20 ultra.. i have seen B66 all over Utah.. But I also bounce all over other bands to... I have seen B71, dont know if its N71 or not... Will SCP show that???
  3. I love that tower... I wonder what is better, a square, or triangle.. in terms of coverage and how it broadcasts out??
  4. So loving the phones... Question... how do I get my old (from the note 😎 notification sounds back??? They were just the stock sammy ones.. but they arent on the S20... and its kind of annoying. You get use to 1 sound, then its gone. Would it be in my files somewhere, when it did the transfer??
  5. Dont I wish.. 99% of the sales people I have come across, know exactly jack, diddly, and squat.. Vs the information I know
  6. unless you do a phone/number swap around.. then you are only on the LTE for about 24 hrs she told me.. then it reconnects to 5g speeds, still the same bands i noticed.. just no 5g icon, and the speeds were a little slower... odd.. OHHH and it has 1x for voice, instead of just the single LTE,AWS etc reading in SCP.. but I am on B71 right now
  7. Do we or are we possibly going to have an idea of tower locations, similar to what we did with sprint?? Because I have a handful of tmo I know about...buuuuuutttt as of now, their antennas are a little more difficult to pick out
  8. I havent dug that far into them yet.. I was with them for about a year is all, and that was 3 yrs ago or so... I know when i was.. there were great areas (better basement penetration vs sprint) where I am.. but then in other "expected" better areas.. they SUCKED.. It showed great signal strength.. but ohhhh you couldnt even send a tweet or text on them.... it was bad, made me feel happy about sprint.. But things are looking UP for sure now.. and with sprints spectrum and tower overlays... yeah buddy
  9. gotcha.. wasnt sure if it was a + vs ultra thing or what
  10. sorry was a little vague She has the + I have the ultra (why i posted here hahaha) And they were both bouncing around on the different tmo bands
  11. question.. and I apologize if its posted somewhere else.. Now I gotta go through and make new notes in SCP right?? The sprint tower IDs will be removed?? once all the switch over is done? (damn I feel like a kid again when the LTE deployment was going, and tracking tower upgrades)
  12. So a quick question?? Sitting at my desk explaining to my daughter how to read her signal check i installed on her phone 😎🤣 I was noticing her + was showing different bands then my ultra.. sitting in the same location.. Is this because her SC was the lite and mine was the PRO??? whats this about??
  13. So maybe me??? I just got some S20s, a + and a few ultras.. I have a business account, so i am running 2 phones side by side right now.. an ultra and note 8. The ultra has me pretty much parked on TMO... now I was a bit worried, because some spots around me were ehhhh.... BUT my short experience.. Has been good.. even in somewhat iffy coverage.. Sprint was 5.41 and .37 on band 25 with about a -107 reading, and TMO on band 12 and a -107, it was 32 and 2.. the difference in the 2 loading speed test was very noticeable to.. I have some screen shots, but need to remember the easiest way to get them off my phone to here. Oh and the utah area must have the 5G turned on.. I thought it was a ploy like att seeing the 5g icon, but when i went through a carwash.. it dropped the 5G and showed LTE until I came out... So there"s that Oh and I pulled a 413\51 on 5g Band 2 with a -71 reading VS 78\10 -86 reading.. I think they were both on the same tower... about 100 yds away. I know it was a sprint tower, but no others were insight
  14. oh 1 other thing.. what is a good case, screen protector?? I liked the IQ shield for my note 8.. and tried it on these.. but it might be just a little to big, that cases push edges. I am trying a otterbox commuter, or this off brand with the ring on the back (actually seems decent) for the ultra And a spigen for the +
  15. Ok I am going to have to eat my words, and take back anything negative about what TMO was doing in Utah... (Well no, because it was true then) but now... Oh my damn.. Ok what's the easiest way to get pictures of my phone to here? I have some interesting (to me at least) screenshot comparisons. (I am running my trusty note 8, and the s20 ultra side by side.. The s20 DOES automatically kick you to TMO. BUT if things are in place, that's a good thing..
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