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  1. floorguy

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    yea i would agree.. after a week i turned it off... while "general" service around here is probably better than average. There are still to many holes, in areas where quite frankly there shouldnt.. Yesterday and today for example... I was at around 111 -114 signal strength B-41... and it wouldnt even pull up basic speed test.. Come on Really???? And I am suppose to have a business call??? Not good In fact I find it almost comical that they are launching in utah.. Considering how many holes i think there still are for data.. let alone calls
  2. floorguy

    Note 9 rumor thread.

    I want the screen size to get back like the note 2... these damn "slim" screens piss me off... They are useless for a "phablet" type phone..Oh and DROP THE ROUNDED SCREEN.. Cant get a decent screen protector
  3. lol isnt that what wifi coverage is for??
  4. what type of "extra" coverage does the magic box give?? And yea I was more referring being in a clients place... Just the other day I was on an empty and in an older home with solid concrete walls... had to call the customer back (who called) after I got upstairs and switched of calling plus..
  5. WEll I have mixed feelings about it around here... (granted its new, and feelings are usually mixed) When its working, its AWESOME.. when I am walking and talking and go into a basement while working... JOKE. Which there is no way to truly fix it, guess it was the same back in the early days of cell phones.. I will say I was on a call, and they were on wifi or some other HD call on theirs.. and the sound was fantastic
  6. floorguy

    VoLTE/Calling+ on iPhone

    I have had it on the note 8 for a little over a month.. its pretty good, like the surf and talk when needed.. CON... if you are in a coverage area that "holds" to long.. then its CRAP. there are some areas here, on main roads/areas, that have ify LTE -105 to -115, and it gets like old time analog... For sure need overlap towers to make it awesome.. or a way to switch internal easily...
  7. floorguy

    Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    So question about streaming on the note 8.... This happens through the app, or if i stream through the website.. It will just randomly stop... I look at the website, and the play/stop button is on the play "icon" Meaning somehow it got stopped.. In app, it will stop, but the pause button shows... Why the random stops?? Doesnt matter wifi or mobile data... any ideas??
  8. in my mind the merger would be awesome because of what you said above.. BUT we have to leave it in the hands of "smarter than us" people. If the merger happens... I think Churn for everyone would drop off and movement would become flat... At which point, someone will start up the price wars again.. But for us in Tmo, or Sprint land... filling in those holes by turning on those bands would be YUGE!!!!!!!! And selling off some for the mergers sake wouldnt be horrible.. This whole competition is good for the consumer is over blown... When coverage in this case suffers
  9. floorguy

    Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    Anyone found a screen protector thats worth a crap??? Personally I think the curved glass is garbage compared to having a screen protector that actually goes on and stays on, without the little "clicking" sounds made because it isn't "pressured" sealed on..
  10. floorguy


    ohhh thanks for that... went and got it... i like it
  11. floorguy


    uhhhh yea, have them change the color scheme... I HATE bright websites.. hurts the eyes
  12. Funny my thinking is the opposite.. Stores.... Generally have what you need in stock Face to face contact (harder for someone to pull something) and you can get "most" times the same person to fix what was screwed up... Online/over the phone... wait for shipping, HOPE the next guy you talk to, to activate or change/switch devices speaks english read the prior about WHO you talk to Changing websites way to often.. (and the change usually sucks more then the previous one) This last switch back to sprint, I did online/email/over phone.... To begin with FANTASTIC.... After.. I have had a few bumps that have turned to freaking Mount Everest because people truly dont know their shit... AND my sales guy has been a no show, and I am Pissed. I have asked for a new one.. Nothing yet.. Only saving grace of the email/online thing.... I have a better saved paper trail... Real quick.. Had someone in my group want to do a BYOD (trying to save money) changed his mind and went with the LG g6 50% off.....The sales guy said we could do it.. week later no phone... OH MY BAD ONLY FOR SWITCHED LINES THAT SWITCH RIGHT THEN (he had switched but changed his mind a few weeks later.... Anyway worked around that.. (new line which he is crediting me) got the phone, called in to switch the 2 numbers around. His line to the new Phone, new number to his old phone.... Dude on the phone SCREWED UP 4 LINES DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN ARGUED WITH ME ABOUT IT!!!!! Almost 2 hours for something as simple as a swap around..... Just an example...
  13. floorguy

    LG V20: LG's Next V10? (LG-LS997)

    ok sorry been a bit busy, i will get this for you over the weekend... With that said.... My v-20 is CHEWING some battery.. and its the Phone idle. android os, android system that are taking a good chunk.. Screen and an app are the other 2 in the top 5... Any ideas how to remedy this??
  14. if you have wifi at the house, why would you want this?? doesn it just chew into data useage??