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  1. Probably more cost effective in the short term to keep both, until leases run out (if a Corp store) I know the corp sprint store is rebranded... and is a few blocks from a 3rd party Tmo.. The corp tmo is a few towns over
  2. hows it been out there?? The first 60 days mid may to end of june, I was fine... NOW, I am having all sorts of issues.. Calls going straight to VM.. Even had calls going to some random number (customer emailed asking if I had changed my number) for a few hours.. People cant hear me... Data locks up, says I am connected, but apps and speed test say otherwise.. Needless to say I am pissed... and getting more so, when I cant get to a tier 2 support person
  3. Ok so something new happened today.. say least 2 calls didn't come through.. I was at home so on WiFi calling.. but there's a twist. It went to some other number.. don't know who just wasn't me. Had a customer, ask someone to call me, they asked if I changed my number. So my customer called me... Same thing, some other number. Only way I found out, she emailed me about it.. I tried and it worked fine.. One called from a Comcast VoIP. The other was Verizon. I realize this isn't "phone" related.. but I don't know where to put it lol... All these quirks are
  4. My mom had clearwire... Worked great where she was at... Sucked she had to get rid of it.. Is perfect for older people who don't need a ton of bandwidth. I will be checking it out for her... Problem is... The TMO tower isn't co-located with the Sprint.. so the signal sucks a little vs band 41. But that will fix one they get things merged
  5. Well they are doing something.. Because that other day when I was on the phone.. I went through like a dozen or so addresses where towers were... over 3/4 of them had tickets... So the next question, when i call in.... which dept do i go to??? Regular CS or Tech support? Because I want some answers from someone other than the poor CS person on the other side that I know more than... ( I just dont have the nifty screen in front of me to show the actual tickets)
  6. Nope, found it to be a pain to use... and wasnt really putting me on the sprint bands anyway.. Band 2 has been having problems.. everytime data hangs/crashes whatever you want to call it (Phone and SCP shows connected, apps and speed test say otherwise) its been Band 2..
  7. So as I had brought up before on the other page... Do you think part of my problem is a Sprint sim, that came with the s20. And that I should go get a Tmo sim... All I know, is this data issue, and others having calling issues... is beginning to piss me off.. its wasting my time, and costing me money.. not to mention the others s20s, in my house being bugged by it, thus bugging me...
  8. So today as I was watching SCP while driving along.. It seems you drop 5g, keep your LTE a little while, jump to another sector/tower, then it jumps back on 5g... And on 1 of these it just DROPPED everything, for about 10 secs, ZERO data.... Wonder if I was on the phone if it would have dropped or not?? I was streaming, but it had cached enough there was no issue there... Also when my data "sticks" it seems to be on band 2.. it says it's there, yet no speed test, no apps coming up, no streaming etc etc.. Until I hit that next tower Hummmmm
  9. go look in the phones section here... I posted a few things I have stumbled across... There is a problem.. as to how many phones... meh thats the question... As to issues outside that.. I dunno.. But go look in the sammy section of phones here, I put so lins to go read..
  10. I dont know if its an issue (they say old tmo sims) but I have a sprint sim.... I guess if we keep having issues, a new sim would be the next step.. Do you know which yours is??
  11. possibly... as with any electronics, they have their outliers.. good and bad. I just did reprovisioning... we will see how that works out
  12. and it keeps getting better (worse) seems it may in fact be a phone issue... https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-S20/Samsung-S20-ultra-5G-connection-issues/td-p/1143555/page/9 https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-S20/S20-Ultra-not-receiving-calls/td-p/1190155/page/7
  13. hummm doing some digging and came up with this https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Note20/T-Mobile-5G-connection-issues-possible-solution/m-p/1432948#M6600
  14. on top of that.. it seems there are multiple towers with service tickets. in my area as well
  15. So talking to a rep right now, and according to her... (she seems a little less educated if you will) but she told me the s20 didnt say which or if it was all... but supposedly they are having some issues and not playing well.. as of now, she hasn't gotten into it, I took the sigh and the mumbling about problems with the phones.... So i gather by what she is having me doing, the "roaming" or getting onto sprints bands if needed isnt working out well.. Some of this is just me reading into things.. but you get the point.. ill play the game a little longer and see where it goes
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