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  1. And so history repeats itself... https://www.qualcomm.com/news/releases/1996/12/27/sprint-pcs-introduces-pioneer-program-san-diego-consumers http://articles.latimes.com/1999/apr/24/business/fi-30500
  2. Cool. There are easy to use apps for this if you're rooted. But I'm guessing this is for stock devices.
  3. Here is a report from ericsson about current lte bands used thoughout the world. http://report.nat.gov.tw/ReportFront/report_download.jspx?sysId=C10102211&fileNo=003
  4. I've read some docs about them but I can't find them anymore. They have a lot of capabilities. Up to 4 CDMA carriers on the same rru with a simple click ie license purchase from Ericsson per carrier.
  5. Site NL03XC507 at I-10 and I-510 is broadcasting LTE. I passed by today to test and got some really good speeds. See the pictures below. Look at that ping!
  6. I heard from a crew that there is also a site in Covington that is currently being worked on. Don't know exactly where.
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