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  1. That makes sense. Didn't know they forced everybody to use their own DNS. I guess I'll have to start using a vpn all the time now.
  2. When using hotspot or tethering, and using Cloudfare or google DNS servers, I can no longer resolve most web addresses. But Sprint's DNS servers resolve addresses just fine. Is it just me or are others having the same issue?
  3. And so history repeats itself... https://www.qualcomm.com/news/releases/1996/12/27/sprint-pcs-introduces-pioneer-program-san-diego-consumers http://articles.latimes.com/1999/apr/24/business/fi-30500
  4. Cool. There are easy to use apps for this if you're rooted. But I'm guessing this is for stock devices.
  5. Here is a report from ericsson about current lte bands used thoughout the world. http://report.nat.gov.tw/ReportFront/report_download.jspx?sysId=C10102211&fileNo=003
  6. I've read some docs about them but I can't find them anymore. They have a lot of capabilities. Up to 4 CDMA carriers on the same rru with a simple click ie license purchase from Ericsson per carrier.
  7. Site NL03XC507 at I-10 and I-510 is broadcasting LTE. I passed by today to test and got some really good speeds. See the pictures below. Look at that ping!
  8. I heard from a crew that there is also a site in Covington that is currently being worked on. Don't know exactly where.
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