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  1. I'm hesitant to write this, but I think I need to. I completely agree with Koiulpoi and centracityguy. I thought the entire conversation was very benign, and I still have difficulty finding anything in the tone that was out of line. I was shocked when the conversation turned to threats of "banning". I have many years of experience, and probably much to add, but posts like this have turned me into a reader, and made me avoid contributing. It's not worth it. Nerves seem to be pretty raw on this site at times. I understand that being a moderator on a fourm site like this is challenging. It requires patience and temperment. But the authors and moderators are the public face of the site. If there is any "allegiance" required to perform that function, I would hope that at least some of it should be to the users. Many of us are the people helping pay the bills. Some of the people reading this site may be sources of valuable information. I would hate to see them turn mute because of fear of reprisal, or because they don't trust or respect the site enough to share. Thanks for listening. Keep the good information coming.
  2. You can't just enable it, and it starts working. The hotspot feature requires an extra fee to Sprint. You can either call Sprint, or go to your Sprint account online, enable it there (and agree to the extra fee). Once you do that, you will be able to enable the hotspot feature. You can also turn it on and off on a month by month basis. I've used it for a month, and it worked fine. Here's what you should see the first time you hit the "enable hotspot" button.
  3. tremendousjohnson


    OK, but how would that cause the drop in signal strength he shows in post #2?
  4. Here's another one: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/carriercompare-find-best-service/id516075262?mt=8
  5. A very good point. The Atlantic recently did a good article on how China has bankrolled these companies. It's also worth noting that most of the big name computer and phone companies use Foxconn. Only Apple gets bashed about it, because any article about Apple instantly gets a million hits. It also doesn't appear that Foxconn is really any worse than any other Chinese company. Here is one of the better articles I've seen by a sociologist that spent 10 years studying Chinese labor. The only option might be to bring manufacturing back to north america. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple and other companies are looking into it. But it's the kind of massive worldwide logistical exercise that can't possibly happen quickly.
  6. Thank you! Plenty to like about all the current top tier smartphones. Using one or the other doesn't make anyone a "mindless sheep" or fanboi. We live in incredible times. Enjoy your device of choice. The namecalling is depressing and gives me a headache.
  7. The actual quote was "2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth can’t co-transmit; 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth can" In real usage, my 4S seems to work around this supposed limitation very well. Every day I surf on wifi (which is only 2.4Ghz on the 4S) while I listen to podcasts using my BT headphones. I also talk on a BT headset while surfing on WiFi. So I have a hard time seeing what the real-world limitations are. However, I am looking forward to 5Ghz WiFi on my soon to be Sprint iPhone 5. I have enough 2.4 Ghz noise at my house.
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