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  1. Do you have to wait until the 18th for the free phone trade in deal?
  2. Great! Could you tell if it was the huge Feb update or the little Mar update that fixed it for you?
  3. Maybe, but I am happy with the updates on my Tmobile S20 FE.
  4. My bad. It was an ATT S20 Ultra that got the March update. Guess my Tmobile S20 FE is ahead of the Tmobile S20 Ultra. Hope your phone is updated soon.
  5. Updated my Tmobile S20 FE 5G to the March security update today (Sat)! Just got the Feb update this past Tuesday! Looks like the FE is finally caught up to the other S20's.
  6. Tmobile S20 FE updated today. Includes One UI 3.1 with Feb security patch.
  7. My Tmobile S20 FE is still on the Jan Update.
  8. Good points. I kept my Nexus 6 until the screen finally broke. My wife is still on her Nexus 6. We have stayed with phones that can be used on any or at least most networks. We left sprint when we moved since indoor signal was not very good inside my new house. I guess if Sprint had bought Tmobile, I would now be wondering if Sprint would ever provide me with good indoor signal. Don't know if my neighborhood would have been saved or abandoned. Fortunately for me, Tmobile has great coverage here.
  9. I just assumed that eventually, Tmobile with expansion and Sprint keep sites, would provide most Sprint users with equal or better service then before the merger. Are you thinking that won't be the case?
  10. My sevice here in Beaufort just took a dive today. Hopefully that means they are working on my nearest tower to upgrade to 5G. I usually connect to B2 and get a great signal. Looks like I am on B12 from a different tower with terrible speed.
  11. Valid point. Is that an issue with Tmobiles implementation of VoLte, a phone issue or do we have any idea?
  12. Do we know if current Tmobile phones such as S20 Fe 5g or A71 5G would work for all of Dish Networks likely cell phone bands?
  13. I wonder how many phones are still in use that still need cdma. Even my old, old, old 2014 Sprint Nexus 6 still works great on Tmobile. Naturally it doesnt get B66 or B71.
  14. I remember the lte rollout with Sprint. It was rough for many people. We were all tracking cell site upgrades and reporting issues all over the place. It was great and wonderful and awful and frustrating. Everyday, someone was threatening to change carriers. I am glad I stayed. I only changed to Tmobile in the last couple of years when I relocated to an area where Sprint was weaker and I couldn't get a good signal indoors. I am really glad to read these posts where people are overcoming the rough patches while the new Tmobile is rolled out.
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