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  1. We have a Sprint store and a Tmobile store about two or three doors apart. Both seem to be up and running so far. I think they are third party or independent stores. They may be negotiating to see which one to keep. Can't imagine keeping them both.
  2. It looks like the S20 FE is getting a software update G781BXXU1ATJ1 starting in Germany.
  3. I changed my sim to the R15 that came with my S20 FE. The code still works ok. Note, I am on Tmobile. Looks like I might need the software update to enable SA.
  4. I will change the sim card later and then try this again. Thanks.
  5. I may need to put the R15 sim in. I still have my original Tmobile sim. It gave me (4)NR B71 NSA - Sub6
  6. How do I exit those routines once I get there?
  7. I have never gone into the engineering screens. Is that where you open the dialer and enter those codes?
  8. Does the s20 fe need an update to get Standalone 5g? I see where the other s20 versions did get an update for that awhile back.
  9. Can you switch sim cards back and forth easily? Are they both active or do you have to reactivate each one each time you change them?
  10. I was on Sprint for years and years and years. Loved it most of the time. My retirement lot even had a Sprint tower nearby that had gave me good single. That is until my house went up. I couldn't get a good signal inside so I switched to Tmobile.
  11. I have another LG G7 that we are not using, so I thought I would let her do it her way. If I decided to return the S20 FE, then I could just put my sim card in the 2nd G7 while the return process was going on.
  12. I am not sure if we have any SA 5G around here yet. Just thinking if we travel out of town somewhere, it might come in handy to have the new sim in my phone.
  13. I switched to Tmobile a couple of years ago. Sprint wouldn't work inside my house when we retired here. A new sim was in the box but she just put my old one in the new phone.
  14. Do you recommend that I use the new R15 sim instead of my old Tmobile sim card? When I traded in my old LG G7, they just put my old sim card in the new S20 FE.
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