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  1. Would Sprint have the money to implement 5g with their debt and low customer count? Just asking.
  2. There are many phones out there that have all of the necessary bands to roam on either network. They range from inexpensive phones like my moto E series up to my lg7.
  3. Are you going to start a thread on Hurricane Michael?

  4. Very light rain for a few hours yesterday and virtually no wind in Beaufort SC. Dozens of cherry pickers and other power company maintenance vechicles gathering here yesterday. Praying for all of those who were/are not so fortunate.
  5. We may not be out of harms way after all. Will keep an eye on the projected path.
  6. They came by with a loudspeaker and told everyone to get out ... Then about an hour later the Governor cancelled the order to evacuate. Glad I stayed put.
  7. Walmart covered their windows with plywood yesterday. We are not in the projected path of the eye, but people are getting ready.
  8. I am near Hilton Head SC. It is projected to hit anywhere from Charleston (about 60 miles away) or on up the coast a couple hundred miles further North.
  9. Looks like the hurricane eye may track north of me. I will report anything I see from this end. Praying for everyone in its path.
  10. IrwinshereAgain

    LG G7 ThinQ

    I don't appear to have those changes yet.
  11. IrwinshereAgain

    LG G7 ThinQ

    I got an update a few days ago. It appears to be just the security update for July. Note that I am on TMobile if that makes a difference.
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