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    • I just built this PoE and USB 3 upgraded WG3526 with an LM960 in it today   I am testing it on the two Kathrein antenna I put on my TrashMonster™ tower. It works great so far. I use 3 foot of LMR400 7/16 DIN male to SMA male. The cards are pretty on par with each other. They both get lots of aggregation combos, the Quectel is Eng samples only and the LM960 is on production revision 2, model A18 now. IMEI manipulation is more for Quectel if you need that for your plan, Telit I haven't figured that part out yet. The 960 is mPCIe so no adapters for most embedded router slots, the EM20 is M.2 so unless you get one of those fancy new routers I mentioned above you need an adapter. What other questions do you have for me?
    • How do you get your Verizon SIM to connect to LTE without active service? Mine will only connect to CDMA.       Pixel 2 can do NSG, but Pixels require a licensed/pay copy of NSG to band lock. Other phones supposedly don't. Google disables Qualcomm diagnostic mode, so NSG has to jump through some hoops to get it working. On the 4 they don't even include the driver for it, and you have to flash the userdebug vendor image every month. Pixels are fantastic for NSG and logging, except if you need to band lock and don't have a license. No other way to lock bands.   A lot of people in the NSG community really like one plus phones. They support a lot of bands, and play well with NSG. But I'm not sure how good Sprint support is with their older models (ie CDMA).   If band locking isn't super important to you, you could get a Pixel 3a since they're on sale. They support dual SIM, so you can log on two networks at once with Cellmapper. SCP doesn't support dual SIM yet, and seems to report data for the active data SIM. Neighbors will show both SIMs though usually.   Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk      
    • I use NSG SCP and Cellmapper on a bootloader unlocked rooted moto g7 power unlocked. New for $179 on Amazon (many models but can give a link if needed). Used on T-Mobile and AT&T. ..
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