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    • Got TNX'd yesterday. On chat to switch back now. SA n71 is cool, but speeds are pretty low (~30 Mbps) and unnecessary around here. Not seeing SA n41. And losing L-Sprint network access, other than 312-250 sites (which are few and far between here) is a downside. NR CA doesn't exist yet either. I'd rather catch L-Sprint LTE (and 1x) than L-TMo H+ (which is now down to a few Mbps). Only big benefit is theoretically T-Mobile roams on a solid carrier west of here, but I can just use a different (VZW/AT&T) SIM for that. Biggest downside though is that T-Mobile *still* haven't fixed the 1.5 Mbps streaming cap on TNX'd accounts. So I either VPN in (Cloudflare Warp+ works, but not while tethered) or I get heavily capped video throughput after an initial burst of speed. Of note, if you force SA (which *does* work in Samsung Band Selector; forcing NR 71 only gets you on SA n71) you can attempt to make calls, and they'll ring on the other end, but the call will fail after a half-second or so without ringing on your side. So VoNR definitely isn't there. Did some testing last night and the n41 site nearest me reaches about 0.6 mi on n41 (at which point I get 350-375 Mbps on 100 MHz). B41 LTE reaches a little over a mile, including indoors.
    • Went up to Middletown, NY again for the first time in a few months and every T-Mobile site with the exception of one has been upgraded to include Band 2/12/66/71 and n71. The sole site without Band/n71 at this point is a flagpole site that likely won't be upgraded for a while.  I got the chance to compare both Verizon and T-Mobile at more than just my friend's house this time around and they performed similarly. I got similar coverage on both carriers and generally slightly faster speeds on T-Mobile. This is because T-Mobile and Verizon are collocated nearly every tower there. There are only about two or three sites in the city where T-Mobile and Verizon aren't collocated. In those areas, one carrier or the other typically vastly outperforms the other in coverage and speeds. For example in Downtown Middletown I was getting speeds over 100Mbps on T-Mobile while on Verizon I was getting ~30Mbps because T-Mobile has a site near downtown (eNB 48775) that Verizon isn't on. On the other hand, in parts of East Middletown T-Mobile gets destroyed by Verizon because a large portion of it is served by Verizon eNB 74282 and T-Mobile isn't on that site. The good news is that Sprint is on that same tower with Verizon so hopefully that T-Mobile decides to keep/convert it.
    • Thanks everyone.  Later in the day, I went to an area of town where all carriers have weak service (a residential area where no one want a cell tower "in my backyard").  With my old S7, I would not even be able to get LTE, it would connect to borderline unusable 3G.  However, with my S21, I now get n71 and n71 only.  Thus, the user experience was way better there since it didn't have a choice.  Hope they fix the issue that occurs elsewhere, which seems to be quite widespread.  When I get some time (and patience), I may try to contact support. 
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