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  1. Sprint hasn't enabled carrier aggregation yet, at least I haven't seen any reports. It seems disabled via software on a GS6.
  2. Your poll forces an answer to both questions, yet those on unlimited are likely not on shared data plans and vice versa.
  3. I find it hard to believe less than 1 percent of their postpaid subscribers are on AWS HSPA only phones. That's all T-Mobile sold years ago, and some people hold onto their phones for many years. I suspect that number to be closer to 5%. I just talked to someone a few days ago who has been with T-Mobile for three years, still rocking an LG G2X. He will be getting a new phone soon after our conversation about LTE, but still.
  4. I would imagine a higher power output could make a difference if B41 operated as supplemental downlink in carrier aggregation to a B26 PCC, for example.
  5. Somebody could have also been running a speed test that same moment as you. There are too many variables.
  6. Why in the world would Dish build a CDMA network this day in age? Everything is going LTE.
  7. I suppose I should get around to updating that map. So little free time these days.
  8. You lose water resistance and reception. I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade, unless the improved snappiness or looks are important to you.
  9. I don't know, maybe if it was 11PM-5AM.
  10. The image is pretty low resolution, so I guess it could be debated. There appears to be more white near the end of the signal icon though. Enhance->zoom->sharpen. Also, if it was showing full signal bars you'd expect the signal icon to match the white/brightness of the battery icon spot on.
  11. Does LG have the same issue as Samsung in regards to LTE signal strength not showing the appropriate signal bars? Even in this stock image, it looks like LTE is only showing 1 bar.
  12. If only they would shorten this into a commercial. It could help wonders with the Sprint name.
  13. I buy more phones than I need, and have both Sprint and T-Mobile service. S4GRU, I have a problem.
  14. Add me to the list seeing poor RF performance. Played with a normal S6, and particularly on B41, I'm seeing at least a 5dbm worse signal compared to my S5 and Note 4. Throughput is also reduced, with line of sight it was pulling ~40mbps where the S5 and N4 consistently managed ~65mbps. Although this is the snappiest phone I have used from Samsung, the weaker radio is a deal breaker. The S5 and N4 have no problems handing off between B41 sites here, but the weaker radio in the S6 causes it to drop to B25/B26 when moving between sites.
  15. I consistently have great experiences with ~-120dbm B41 signal on my note 4. Around 10 down/1 up in many areas. Just throwing it out there, I've never been stuck on an unusable B41 signal.
  16. Integrating Google voice and using hangouts for your calls will get you the simultaneous voice and data you are after on any device. Just be prepared for a few more dropped calls.
  17. As others have said, if it's a must integrate google voice and use hangouts for your calls.
  18. Thanks for posting this. Just checked and my lines are now showing the $5/month charge now too. After removing, it shows the option is free again. They need to get that fixed.
  19. I wonder if spamming this to Marcelo on twitter could bring the issue to light. Frankly I'm amazed no Sprint employees have noticed this and brought it forward yet.
  20. Is there something to prevent Softbank/Sprint jumping in and winning all of the 30/40MHz reserved spectrum?
  21. So if my phone is idling on 1X 1900, the network can switch it over to 1X 800 or vice versa (just like LTE)? Or is this load balancing only when a device is ready to drop LTE for a phone call?
  22. I didn't know the network could get a device to change bands on CDMA, I thought it was determined solely by the phone/PRL.
  23. I don't think there's anything in the contact about future upgrades. Sprint isn't obligated to provide future subsidies at all.
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