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  1. I vote for Soft-Clear-Sprint-Bank-Wire-Nextel-SMR-PCS-BRS-EBS.
  2. I think I might leave the Note line this year. The new Huawei Nexus might tempt me.
  3. How about Sprint BRS? Personally I'm fond of Softbank, but I understand it doesn't sound cellular at all.
  4. 800MHz has better propagation than PCS, so I don't know why they'd make a backwards trade like that. Not to mention that would throw all current triband phones under the bus.
  5. Didn't realize Verizon had such little, I thought they had ~20MHz.
  6. Why not include everything in one add on then, instead of creating possible confusion? I don't see why they've separated these into two separate options. They could have just thrown in a gig of high speed data for the supported countries without making new add ons.
  7. I'm confused, will "Sprint Global Roaming" (formally "International Value Roaming") stack with the "Open World Plan"?
  8. The S6 I used had absolutely horrible reception compared to my note 4. It was 5 DBm worse across everything, so I returned it.
  9. No Exynos 7422 either, sticking with the same 7420 on the S6. http://www.sammobile.com/2015/07/24/verizons-galaxy-note-5-gets-listed-on-benchmark-with-exynos-7420-cpu-4gb-of-ram/
  10. I'm completely "meh" too. No USB C (or even 3.0), no 4K screen for VR. Lack of an SD card can be made up by the 128GB storage option, but in total it just seems to be a worse RF performing Note 4 with CA.
  11. I bet this was just copy/pasted from the Note 4.
  12. I have no problems with it at all. As long as EVDO isn't completely dead with throughput, it still works the same. Latency on Sprint's evdo is pretty good after NV. LTE dropping to eHRPD can still maintain the call, as long as your phone registers quick enough. It will even work over 1X data, but there will be a significant delay before they hear what you say and vice versa. To prevent the double calls, you need to go to Google voice settings and remove your phone as a forwarding device (I.e. forward calls to Google chat only.) Then you will only receive your calls over data. None at all, it works the same as before.
  13. Yes, if you enable incoming calls under hangout settings. I'm integrated with a Google voice number, but I'd imagine it would work the same with a Sprint integrated number. Make sure to disable your phone under Google voice settings as a forwarding device so you don't drop to 1X when somebody calls you.
  14. Enable Google voice/Sprint integration and there you go. Phone calls over LTE with the hangouts dialer.
  15. Could the trend of the Note line missing out on the latest and greatest be broken? 3X CA?
  16. I think that's the opposite of what they're wanting. Some B41 is better than no B41.
  17. I would imagine well over half of Sprint's sites have B26 LTE live at this point. San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Charlotte, Philadelphia, DC, New York, and Boston are covered to name a few.
  18. They must be including some POPs covered in Canada/Mexico now
  19. I visit family in Houston in the summer and unfortunately Sprint still needs to densify around here. On the other hand, I do get to see strange scenarios like above. I achieved this by grabbing a weak LTE signal and starting to download a file. Move the phone around a bit to get a hand off to Sprint 1X/eHRPD. While still maintaining the data connection with the download, I placed a variety of grips on the phone on and off until Sprint 1X was lost and Verizon 1X was picked up. If you grip too long, you'll lose eHRPD. Too short, and you won't drop Sprint 1X. I can't remember the last time I dropped LTE in Overland Park, they have an outstanding network there (as they should, headquarters and all.)
  20. My Note 4 does this as well, roaming voice and native data.
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