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  1. Hawaii here, none of the clear equipment has been decommissioned yet, I even see some Nextel sites :/
  2. NGN is happening, check out the NYC thread in the market section looks like they're getting it good
  3. I ported out of Sprint to AT&T now I regret it so much data speeds are much slower, latency much higher and i'm getting frequent Network Communication issues on good signal on Speedtest Currently on the phone porting back
  4. Tunnel vision, they're so blind to see if Sprint goes out of business there'll only be three major national carriers causing price hikes. Almost no competition
  5. Didn't Sprint get ahold of another 5Mhz of PCS in Maui/Ohau? That'll be interesting to see when maui gets 3xCA B41 and 10x10Mhz of B25
  6. I don't understand T-Mobile at this point why even refarm if backhaul isn't available Q_Q The cell site by Maui Market place behind the Savers building that cell site is doing piss poor on certain sectors And that thing looks like it's maxed out on sectors already.
  7. So Central Maui got 15Mhz like 3 weeks ago.. Just re-checked my slow speed issues Still present http://imgur.com/a/5C61i
  8. It's pretty good on both Sprint and T-Mobile if you want the absolute best in Hawaii Verizon is the champion for coverage here. Cell density T-Mobile vs Sprint i'd say Sprint is more dense than T-Mobile
  9. Central maui is finally 15x15 Mhz however it's still slow like a turd
  10. Sprint is getting better and better with more PCS holdings they've gained in Hawaii the future is promising. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Central maui is still crawling for T-Mobile.. I don't know why they're holding up on refarming ASAP. Sprint is blazing so far, I've been to Kehei, and Wailuku + Kahului solid 30+Mbps each time
  12. John in his office after hearing such 'speculation' of Sprint participating in the bid but under a different entity.
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