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  1. The new 5G One Plus phone will be a global 5G device, which means it should support several NR bands: https://www.xda-developers.com/oneplus-ceo-confirms-5g-smartphone-possibly-oneplus-7t/ This phone may support all of Sprint/T-Mobile's 5G low and mid bands similar to what the Note 10+ 5G might do.
  2. There will be a Note 10+ 5G coming to T-Mobile in Q4: https://www.t-mobile.com/news/samsung-note10 The press release states it will support N71 along with other unnamed mid band spectrum, so this will have the X55 modem. I assume the unnamed mid band(s) would be N25, N66, and N41. The same or similar model will likely make it to Sprint.
  3. Looks like a 5G One Plus 7 Pro or One Plus 7T Pro will be coming: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-to-launch-5g-smartphone-from-oneplus.htm
  4. Do we know of any future 5G devices headed to Sprint by the end of the year? I assume the Galaxy Note 10. Anything else though? When X55 modem devices start coming in, will T-Mobile and Sprint share the same models with support for N260, N261, N71, and N41? What about N12, N25, or N66?
  5. Exactly this. Uploads should be a lot better on the 40MHz (or higher) channel, even with the current TDD configuration. This is why standalone NR should be iimportant for Sprint.
  6. Verizon also is showing pretty low upload speeds on 5G. Are they both just aggregating NR on an LTE carrier?
  7. Verizon won't let the cellular band leave its hands.
  8. I don't think Verizon every charged more for EVDO, Sprint just preferred everyone on 1X so they wouldn't use as much data.
  9. It's too early for Note 6 rumors. We will not have 8gb memory phones in 2016, somebody just made this up on a whim.
  10. I'm guessing a 2 year contract required for the tablet, like similar deals in the past.
  11. What you do with your phone is a drop of water in an ocean. You aren't going to skew any of Sprint's data one way or another. Sprint's engineers know about the propagation effects of cell phone cases, and have an idea about how many people use them.
  12. This new $50 plan is perfect for those who could only get service from Clearwire before.
  13. Wasn't a serious suggestion, I just sympathize with Sprint.
  14. Sprint should "accidentally" shut off wimax anyway and the next day bring it back, but at minimum power. When they complain about spotty service, troll the trolls and say wimax doesn't penetrate paper bags or something, and that they should have moved to LTE a couple years ago.
  15. This is stupid, they already had so much time to transition to LTE. There is not a single reason Sprint should be forced to keep wimax up. I can't believe this.
  16. Since all Sprint devices are going to sport B4/B12, and the equipment is already deployed, might as well keep it up and shoot for being the dominant player in the area. Either way, I don't see this merger happening any time soon with either T-Mobile or Sprint no matter how much we wish it.
  17. Added a Clearwire Map for archival purposes. I wish I had more time to stitch together a higher resolution map, but at least it's something.
  18. Ringplus is doing the 1K min/text/data one last time, today and tomorrow 2-5 Central time. If you have an old WiMax device laying around, here's a chance to get it activated and watch the Wimax shutdown. My Nexus S 4G is getting another go.
  19. I agree completely, I'm just saying that's probably the reason why Samsung removed them.
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