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  1. No generator from what I see, and that's common around here for both Sprint & T-Mobile. Southern LINC, AT&T, and Verizon have generators at every site. Unlike Sprint however, T-Mobile phones don't typically roam when a tower goes offline due to a power failure. You're just stuck with no signal. Both Sprint and T-Mobile lose signal between 45 minutes and 2 hours every time we have a power outage. My Sprint line roams on Verizon 1x and AT&T LTE, whereas my T-Mobile phone displays no service. SoLINC of course stays up for me.
  2. That’s odd. The only time I’ve seen my LINC connect to Sprint is when I’ve been outside the LINC footprint, and you can’t make voice calls because Sprint doesn’t have VoLTE yet. I am able to force roam onto Sprint within the Critical Linc coverage area, but I lose the ability to make voice calls. Do you know if SoLINC had decent iDEN coverage there prior to LTE conversion. They said LTE coverage should be very similar to iDEN, but I’m sure there are some gaps.
  3. Yea there are definitely some setup bugs they are still trying to work out. Does she have the XP8? I wonder when or if they will add additional phones to their lineup besides the two Sonim? Also, what do you mean by MB? Is it the Sprint Magic Box? If so, that shouldn’t affect Critical Linc at all since they are different frequencies.
  4. I'm running SignalCheck Pro on my SouthernLINC Sonim XP8. Right now it says : DL EARFCN: 8716 (861.6MHz) UL EARFCN 26716 (816.6MHz) I haven't seen the EARFCN change at all.
  5. If the T-Mobile merger fails, then that might be their best bet for improving coverage in Alabama & GA. They could offer priority of course to their Critical LINC customers, and then Sprint customers would be able to utilize the excess capacity. In the large areas of the state where Sprint has no coverage natively, they could also let them use 1900MHz for additional capacity at key sites. If they could spin off the Sprint network within the Southern LINC footprint similar to Shentel, that would be great as well. Southern LINC would have to be in charge of the network because their reliability standards are understandably higher than any other carrier i've seen. Right now they have 7 days of backup power through fuel cells and generators at over 99% of their cell sites. They also have redundant backhaul at over 85% of their sites which impresses me a lot. Supposedly if the main backhaul connection fails such as Fiber being cut, the tower will connect via microwave temporarily to keep the site online. Though, Southern Communications which owns LINC has not shown much interest in being competitive at all. I am paying $85 for 5GB right now, though I suspect that is mainly due to limited capacity.
  6. I know it’s not Sprint, but since a lot of people are interested in Southern LINC on here, I decided to post this speed test. Since converting to Critical Linc LTE last year, my coverage has actually been better than IDEN. Unfortunately the speeds are averaging .5Mbps-3Mbps. They are only able to run 1.4MHz right now, and supposed to run a max of 3MHz once everything with iDEN is finalized. Even with 3MHz, they will be limited on capacity. My experience with their LTE is why I don’t believe Sprint will ever have a roam like home agreement with them. One thing to to keep note of is the intended purpose of Critical Linc. It’s not meant to stream YouTube or Netflix. It’s designed to support the power companies utility workers and provide access to critical data, reliable PTT, and voice/sms. Selling excess capacity to public safety and businesses is just a way for them to recoup the cost of running the network. It is definitely serving the intended purpose for me. I need reliable coverage in extremely remote areas of the state for voice, PTT, and basic internet. Southern Linc serves that purpose like no other provider can.
  7. Looks like they are reselling a form of AT&T "Wireless Business Internet" over the LTE network. What speed did you get, and what speeds are you actually receiving?
  8. Feels like it's stalled out. Honestly there are very few places it reaches, and feels more like the WiMax protection site days...
  9. The South East is a big one. Sprint is pretty pathetic in Alabama to be honest. My phone usually stays on Verizon 1X and ATT LTE when I leave the interstate.
  10. I hope it's approved because I honestly don't think Sprint can continue on its own. The ATT vs. Time Warner deal has some significant differences than this deal which is why it is being met with resistance.
  11. That’s a Verizon small cell. All B41 sites so far in Bham are MM variants. I have a feeling that work is about to stall out due to the pending merger though..
  12. That’s exactly what they do with AT&T. I usually roam on Verizon 1X and ATT LTE. I guess I will start seeing T-Mobile LTE instead when it’s active.
  13. Still not active today. Just power cycled all our devices and still roaming on Verizon for voice and ATT LTE for data...
  14. I’m in a 0 Sprint area right now, roaming on Verizon 1X for voice and AT&T LTE for data on an iPhone X with the “latest” PRL. No T-Mobile roaming yet.
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