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  1. Feels like it's stalled out. Honestly there are very few places it reaches, and feels more like the WiMax protection site days...
  2. Wireless Junkie

    Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

    The South East is a big one. Sprint is pretty pathetic in Alabama to be honest. My phone usually stays on Verizon 1X and ATT LTE when I leave the interstate.
  3. Wireless Junkie

    We Welcome Our New Magenta Overlords?

    I hope it's approved because I honestly don't think Sprint can continue on its own. The ATT vs. Time Warner deal has some significant differences than this deal which is why it is being met with resistance.
  4. That’s a Verizon small cell. All B41 sites so far in Bham are MM variants. I have a feeling that work is about to stall out due to the pending merger though..
  5. Wireless Junkie

    Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

    That’s exactly what they do with AT&T. I usually roam on Verizon 1X and ATT LTE. I guess I will start seeing T-Mobile LTE instead when it’s active.
  6. Wireless Junkie

    Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

    Still not active today. Just power cycled all our devices and still roaming on Verizon for voice and ATT LTE for data...
  7. Wireless Junkie

    Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

    I’m in a 0 Sprint area right now, roaming on Verizon 1X for voice and AT&T LTE for data on an iPhone X with the “latest” PRL. No T-Mobile roaming yet.
  8. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    Another interesting thing is that SoLINC is one of the only (maybe only) provider to migrate users to an all LTE network. They will have no legacy fallback whatsoever. VoLTE will be the voice technology from day one migrations from iDEN. Their map depicts what appears to be Sprint LTE partner coverage, so I wonder if LINC customers will be able to VoLTE roam on Sprint, or if they will end up using T-Mobile? Another giveaway that LINC has 0 intentions of working with Sprint are that they have co-located most of their urban sites on sites that contain Sprint equipment. They wouldn’t have done that if they intended to share resources. Their LTE network has been virtually deployed and every single LINC LTE site has some type of backup generator.
  9. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    I’d invite you to do business with SoLINC sometime haha. They are very set in their ways and do business very differently than any other wireless provider I have dealt with. Their #1 priority is taking care of the power company workers and ensuring their PTT services are reliable throughout the coverage area. Their second priority is taking care of the business segment customers to generate a little ROI on the network they only run for the power company. They had ample opportunities to do business with NEXTEL, but refused every opportunity and were content with only signing a 1 way roaming contract. They are not known for being innovative, and certainly not competitive. They are a great company, I’ll give them that. But they are not in the business of expanding their service market. Even with this LTE build out, they are only attempting to replicate their existing iDEN network for a smooth transition. They aren’t beefing up backhaul and filling in service gaps. I am a bit nervous to transition over from iDEN myself, and I know their data plans are not going to be unlimited. Oh, and they solely using SONIM phones for now. No iPhones or anything of that sorts :/.
  10. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    I’d be almost willing to guarantee that won’t happen. I know the people working on the SoLINC LTE network, and none of that is in their plans.
  11. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    I have SouthernLINC and from my dealings with them and their network and business crew, i'd say thats not going to happen. Their first priority is the power crew, and second is to recoup some of the associated costs of the PTT LTE and iDEN network by allowing construction companies and other PTT critical users on the network. They have never marketed their network much to personal users and have also made it very clear that their new LTE network is not there to support data intensive apps, but rather "mission critical" applications such as PTT.
  12. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    Sprint won’t be roaming on SoLINC with only 1.4MHz LTE carrier. Their interests are to serve the power company and their core clients they serve directly.
  13. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    Sprint won’t be roaming on LINC. They did strike an agreement similar to the old iDEN roaming agreement where LINC subs can roam onto Sprint, but not vice versa.
  14. Wireless Junkie

    sprint network 2018 predictions

    Their LTE network is actually 1.4MHz. Using SouthernLINC has definitely let me understand why it’s a “Mission Critical” network. It’s not for streaming or entertainment purposes. From what I understand, Sprint will not be allowed to use it for roaming at all. There just isn’t the capacity to sustain them. Sprint just needs to do like T-Mobile and expand natively.
  15. Wireless Junkie

    Verizon EVDO roaming now?

    No. Verizon roaming agreement is definitely still valid.