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  1. http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/09/att-now-throttles-unlimited-data-after-22gb-instead-of-5gb/ I guess they wanted to match T-Mobile?
  2. If they both work the same for you, choose whichever is cheapest. If they're about the same cost, I'd lean towards not supporting the Death Star.
  3. When connected to a Clearwire LTE site out of Sprint 1X range, placing a call immediately puts me on Verizon 1X. This is a software issue one way or another. I don't see how T-Mobile would be liable for providing only LTE services on 700MHz, so I doubt suing would get you anywhere. The case of the Clearwire LTE site I mentioned above in Houston is the exact same senerio as the theoretical T-Mobile subscriber would be in. Only LTE available from the native provider. If Verizon wasn't on the same tower, I would be left with LTE from Clearwire with no voice fallback.
  4. It would not take a lot of time. Any single path LTE device already does this exact thing. It just seems to be a software issue preventing 911 calls on ATT/others when connected to T-Mobile LTE. And if there is no signal besides the stray 700MHz, then you should still have the ability to send a text or have data capabilities to retrieve information, rather than have a big red X.
  5. It seems like a software issue really. When dialing 911, software should know to kick off of LTE and scan for ANY available GSM/HSPA signal.
  6. If Sprint does go with B25+B41, it would be nice to see them adjust the TDD ratio even further for more downlink capacity.
  7. I prefer how Sprint's doing it now, leaving phones close to stock from the manufacturer.
  8. Well okay then. Just when I think the world couldn't get any more strange.
  9. To save on roaming costs, they don't offer nationwide roaming on ATT.
  10. I like the S-pen, I'm using it now in fact to look at the NV sites completed map. The removal of the SD card slot isn't a dealbreaker, it just makes what was looking like a sidegrade, now seem like a downgrade from the Note 4. I prefer a plastic body as well for the better reception and durability. It feels like it has less features than it's predecessor, so it isn't a very compelling buy.
  11. I vote for Soft-Clear-Sprint-Bank-Wire-Nextel-SMR-PCS-BRS-EBS.
  12. I think I might leave the Note line this year. The new Huawei Nexus might tempt me.
  13. How about Sprint BRS? Personally I'm fond of Softbank, but I understand it doesn't sound cellular at all.
  14. 800MHz has better propagation than PCS, so I don't know why they'd make a backwards trade like that. Not to mention that would throw all current triband phones under the bus.
  15. Didn't realize Verizon had such little, I thought they had ~20MHz.
  16. Why not include everything in one add on then, instead of creating possible confusion? I don't see why they've separated these into two separate options. They could have just thrown in a gig of high speed data for the supported countries without making new add ons.
  17. I'm confused, will "Sprint Global Roaming" (formally "International Value Roaming") stack with the "Open World Plan"?
  18. The S6 I used had absolutely horrible reception compared to my note 4. It was 5 DBm worse across everything, so I returned it.
  19. No Exynos 7422 either, sticking with the same 7420 on the S6. http://www.sammobile.com/2015/07/24/verizons-galaxy-note-5-gets-listed-on-benchmark-with-exynos-7420-cpu-4gb-of-ram/
  20. I'm completely "meh" too. No USB C (or even 3.0), no 4K screen for VR. Lack of an SD card can be made up by the 128GB storage option, but in total it just seems to be a worse RF performing Note 4 with CA.
  21. I bet this was just copy/pasted from the Note 4.
  22. I have no problems with it at all. As long as EVDO isn't completely dead with throughput, it still works the same. Latency on Sprint's evdo is pretty good after NV. LTE dropping to eHRPD can still maintain the call, as long as your phone registers quick enough. It will even work over 1X data, but there will be a significant delay before they hear what you say and vice versa. To prevent the double calls, you need to go to Google voice settings and remove your phone as a forwarding device (I.e. forward calls to Google chat only.) Then you will only receive your calls over data. None at all, it works the same as before.
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