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  1. I have to pay for more high speed data if I want to stream my music from a non authorized T-mobile source, such as from a computer at home. Giving unrestricted access to certain things on the Internet violates the spirit of Net Neutrality, in my opinion.
  2. T-Mobile LTE coverage right now: When it starts showing up on crowd sourced maps, then I'll believe.
  3. Sprint doesn't require a tethering allowance to use MHL on our devices.
  4. I think that's just the battery starting to crap out.
  5. If Sprint doesn't participate in the 600MHz auction, that means T-Mobile gets to walk away with 30MHz on the cheap. Sprint needs to bid to also keep it out of T-Mobile's hands.
  6. http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/09/att-now-throttles-unlimited-data-after-22gb-instead-of-5gb/ I guess they wanted to match T-Mobile?
  7. If they both work the same for you, choose whichever is cheapest. If they're about the same cost, I'd lean towards not supporting the Death Star.
  8. When connected to a Clearwire LTE site out of Sprint 1X range, placing a call immediately puts me on Verizon 1X. This is a software issue one way or another. I don't see how T-Mobile would be liable for providing only LTE services on 700MHz, so I doubt suing would get you anywhere. The case of the Clearwire LTE site I mentioned above in Houston is the exact same senerio as the theoretical T-Mobile subscriber would be in. Only LTE available from the native provider. If Verizon wasn't on the same tower, I would be left with LTE from Clearwire with no voice fallback.
  9. It would not take a lot of time. Any single path LTE device already does this exact thing. It just seems to be a software issue preventing 911 calls on ATT/others when connected to T-Mobile LTE. And if there is no signal besides the stray 700MHz, then you should still have the ability to send a text or have data capabilities to retrieve information, rather than have a big red X.
  10. It seems like a software issue really. When dialing 911, software should know to kick off of LTE and scan for ANY available GSM/HSPA signal.
  11. If Sprint does go with B25+B41, it would be nice to see them adjust the TDD ratio even further for more downlink capacity.
  12. I prefer how Sprint's doing it now, leaving phones close to stock from the manufacturer.
  13. Well okay then. Just when I think the world couldn't get any more strange.
  14. To save on roaming costs, they don't offer nationwide roaming on ATT.
  15. I like the S-pen, I'm using it now in fact to look at the NV sites completed map. The removal of the SD card slot isn't a dealbreaker, it just makes what was looking like a sidegrade, now seem like a downgrade from the Note 4. I prefer a plastic body as well for the better reception and durability. It feels like it has less features than it's predecessor, so it isn't a very compelling buy.
  16. I vote for Soft-Clear-Sprint-Bank-Wire-Nextel-SMR-PCS-BRS-EBS.
  17. I think I might leave the Note line this year. The new Huawei Nexus might tempt me.
  18. How about Sprint BRS? Personally I'm fond of Softbank, but I understand it doesn't sound cellular at all.
  19. 800MHz has better propagation than PCS, so I don't know why they'd make a backwards trade like that. Not to mention that would throw all current triband phones under the bus.
  20. Didn't realize Verizon had such little, I thought they had ~20MHz.
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