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  1. In a bit of a situation... since the Netgear LTE 6100d router/gateway I have is being retired/phased out with the June 30th shut off date, I need a LTE/5G router that I could purchase that would be BYOD capable to replace it with... Any suggestions or help is MUCH appreciated!! 😀
  2. Have you run into any issues with double NAT or such running it the way you are? Those are very impressive speeds though!
  3. Still have 3 lines on my Framily plan and cannot beat what I have with my discounts!
  4. I actually went ahead and signed up for Sling TV after my month trial expired from the purchase of my new 4K TV. I've been really impressed with it. Added the $5 to get DIY and for just a few cents over $26 a month I get almost 50 channels. Plus with Hulu for free, it's made my Roku TV be well worth it.
  5. A 94% increase of data used over last year is quite impressive! Looks like a lot of those upgrades really paid off.
  6. @Tengen31 Ahh that makes sense! I knew about the Tri-Band... just didn't know it displayed like that on SCP. Thanks!
  7. I'm going through my SCP logs and have "B41 TB"... can anyone tell me what the "TB" means/stands for?
  8. As do I, and many, many others. Pokemon Go is a VERY big "thing," in fact they're releasing another massive update here soon and is not dying off anytime in the near future. It's a great way to get people up, moving and have fun! And for Sprint, it's a great marketing tool to bring players in by the stores and kiosks to get their items from their Poke-Stop.
  9. Sorry, no. The whole blaming of millenials has got to stop. I'm so tired of getting blamed for everything because of my age. When in fact the real problem is those who we were raised by. We "learned from the best!" We have the issues we have because we blame the young people for everything, while in reality - not everyone - the majority bust our butts to make our lives and everyones lives better. https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58b9a358e4b0d2821b4dd797/amp
  10. Is it true that what determines if a MagicBox will connect to a site is Carrier Aggregation or something else? I know that even if a site isn't B41 equipped - as stated above - it will connect to B41. But do we know what the qualifications are?
  11. Same here, this was a super pleasant surprise! I was able to go on to my account and set it up in about 5 minutes, super easy.
  12. Not to off track more, but how is Sling TV... it's been out for a while now and it's very tempting with ESPN, NFL Network, Fox Sports, etc. Has it been reliable?
  13. Nope still nothing. The first time I went up to Wausau was almost 1.5 weeks ago with LTE roaming, and now it's been over 24 hours since I was last on LTE roaming and still at 0. Both after using Cellcom and U.S. Cellular roaming data. Tomorrow we're headed down to Prarie Du Chien and will be roaming from La Crosse until we get there. I'll recreate the experience again and see what I roam on... but still looking very promising as long as I stay off of Verizon!
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