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  1. I think T-Mobile is just wanting to reduce Sprint churn, an extra free line increases value and makes it harder to leave.
  2. I think they're just showing possible long term spectrum that could be used for 5G.
  3. AT&T DSS just went live in North Texas: https://www.pcmag.com/news/atts-5g-network-gets-more-dynamic
  4. They are not using DSS, they have 15x15 running on LTE, and 15x15 running on NR. They have access to nearly the entire 600MHz block due to Covid right now. The same is in Houston, 15x15 LTE and 15x15 NR.
  5. New forum section... Are we going to do a separate thread for just NR deployment/tracking?
  6. Correction, it looks like 25 and 30 are there for N66 now. https://www.sqimway.com/nr_band.php
  7. Unused in Philadelphia, and for NYC the same frequency Sprint was previously using for N41.
  8. The latest 3GPP release shows 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 MHz bandwidth support for N25, N2 still only 5, 10, 15, 20 so I would assume T-Mobile has been dipping their hand in this. N66 also shows support for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 MHz.
  9. I'm doubting they will. I'm not sure they want to run the antennas in split mode. More and more 5G devices over the next few years, LTE is going to be an afterthought to them. NR is more spectrally efficent, so they're probably going to keep pushing hard on getting 5G devices in people's hands.
  10. It's been many years... but we're going to finally see the true power of 2.5GHz. Proper backhaul does wonders.
  11. They would be forced to probably implement DSS, and focus more on mmw. Battle VZW and ATT in the few remaining sub 6 spectrum auctions.
  12. https://business.sprint.com/solutions/sim-swap/ Anyone seen this before?
  13. All of T-Mobile's 5G phones have got the update to do this at this point. The 5G Mclaren got the capability back in February. Here are some screenshots from back then I have when it was first enabled. Ignore the missing information up top on NSG, this was a beta build.
  14. While B71 cannot be the anchor band for N71, it can be aggregated with N71 by sharing the same antenna path in current T-Mobile 5G phones.
  15. I'd kill for a source on individual T-Mobile N71/N41 sites going live. Was so spoiled with all the Sprint information during network vision.
  16. Ignore any kind of band priorty menus, those are only for the inital scan of coverage. The network will determine what band to put you on after the initial connection.
  17. T-Mobile runs LTE and NR on 600MHz spectrum, so B71 LTE and N71 NR. There are no ENDC B71+N71 combos, so if you're on LTE band 71 then you are not connected to NR N71. N71 requires a B2/B66 anchor atm. You can check engineering screens to confirm what you're connected to.
  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/fvfsay/is_there_a_5g_phone_that_picks_up_all_sprint_and/fmi6zza/
  19. I also just noticed the only 5G phones available from Sprint right now are the S20 series.
  20. Good to know! Nothing new on my route yet but I'll keep an eye out. It's a shame they weren't able to just broadcast 311 490 on all towers at once "at the flip of a switch".
  21. Yeah. The 311 490 PLMN T-Mobile towers configured around me have opened access to all bands (some previously limited to B2 or B2/B4 only), but otherwise most T-Mobile towers are still only broadcasting 310 260 with no roaming access. Haven't seen any new 311 490.
  22. Still not able to roam on T-Mobile towers around here as of now. 311 490 still only being broadcast on a select few sites, and 310 260 not allowing access.
  23. I knew this day was coming, and yet it's still a bit heartbreaking now that it's finally here. Sprint had some ups and downs. The most positive thing I can remember against the other three was the old Google voice integration. Largest negative would be the VoLTE rollout. It was a blast going through Wimax, the LTE launch, triband LTE, and then finally 5G NR. Getting to have tower maps through S4GRU was a huge part of the experience. It definitely wouldn't have been the same without this place. A big thanks to everyone at S4GRU over the years, and I hope the transition goes as well as it can for all the current Sprint employees.
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