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  1. It may just be cheaper to flood the nation with more cell sites than trying to win some 600MHz, depending on how aggressive ATT/VZN/DISH are.
  2. Try using the coverage tool on a 4k monitor, it's hilarious.
  3. My Note 4 goes straight back to B41 after phone calls most of the time, but sometimes I get placed on B25/B26. It varies based on what tower I'm connected to it seems.
  4. Turbo is probably where you'll hit peak speeds at, and regular spark is just B41 coverage.
  5. Man, US Cellular doesn't want to play ball.
  6. I think they should definitely sell excess spectrum in areas where they have more than 120Mhz.
  7. This looks nice. Can't believe the 810 is already around the corner.
  8. As others have said, rootmetrics still hasn't updated their app to support sprint triband devices, and it's been over a year. They don't seem interested in supporting their app. Sensorly seems to be the best, although they do have a few problems with their mapping. I.e. Sprint LTE mapped in Oklahoma where there is none.
  9. I had no problems with texts either at that time. Certainly not a nationwide outage.
  10. Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!
  11. Nope, texts don't interrupt data.
  12. Yuhfhrh


    My advice would be to never use satellite for internet unless it's your only option. The horrible ping and random slow speeds will give you headaches.
  13. This is a galaxy Note 4. The reason it's picking up LTE so fast, is because that B26 LTE is the only good Sprint signal it's seeing. When its roaming, it's desperate to find any Sprint service. In an area that has a weaker B26 or stronger 1x/EVDO, it will take the normal ~3 minutes or so to pick up LTE again.
  14. That's what I always thought. Areas where you should be able to hit peak speeds.
  15. ... Just look at the coverage map, it's obvious turbo isn't indicating just backhaul, as each site has a variable turbo coverage area within spark coverage.
  16. That's not entirely correct. Turbo coverage differs from spark coverage coming from the same cell site. There are patches of turbo coverage within spark coverage.
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