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  1. My Note 4 does this as well, roaming voice and native data.
  2. Should VoLTE also count against your data usage? I guess it's only a matter of time before we have data only plans, we're practically already there with everyone giving out unlimited talk/text.
  3. I just wanted to say that was a nice write up on the wall Robert, very well put together.
  4. 600Kbps at all times is pretty harsh. It would be unpleasant to have your 720P YouTube video buffering like hell, then checking the network performance with a speed test pulling 120mbps CA goodness. In that case, the network is being under utilized. Maybe just de-prioritize video traffic instead. There's a balance to this somewhere.
  5. You're right. I also though Sprint said recently it wasn't going to throttle at all.
  6. 600Kbps down from 1mbps on earlier plans.
  7. From what I understand that's not really a handoff though, you get disconnected for a moment as the call comes back through to you on CDMA.
  8. This is why the shutdown of CDMA doesn't need to be a #1 priority. Leaving a few 1X carriers can allow some impressive coverage.
  9. It would be interesting to see if you could receive any texts when these signals are aquired.
  10. I'm going with AJs theory on cell breathing, which is why you only get these signals at night. You're probably not going to be able to make a phone call/text/data past -106dBm on 1X. It is cool how far that signal must be traveling to get to you.
  11. I have a friend complaining about de-prioritization being worse than throttling. I'm going to take my $30 5GB data T-Mobile SIM in my Nexus 5 and compare it to his own N5 to see what's up.
  12. It would have some sort of positive effect. A lot of users who are pulling 70GB+ likely won't continue to use that much. Those that continue will pay more, and in turn give Sprint more cash flow for capacity increases.
  13. Sprint hasn't enabled carrier aggregation yet, at least I haven't seen any reports. It seems disabled via software on a GS6.
  14. Your poll forces an answer to both questions, yet those on unlimited are likely not on shared data plans and vice versa.
  15. I find it hard to believe less than 1 percent of their postpaid subscribers are on AWS HSPA only phones. That's all T-Mobile sold years ago, and some people hold onto their phones for many years. I suspect that number to be closer to 5%. I just talked to someone a few days ago who has been with T-Mobile for three years, still rocking an LG G2X. He will be getting a new phone soon after our conversation about LTE, but still.
  16. I would imagine a higher power output could make a difference if B41 operated as supplemental downlink in carrier aggregation to a B26 PCC, for example.
  17. Somebody could have also been running a speed test that same moment as you. There are too many variables.
  18. Why in the world would Dish build a CDMA network this day in age? Everything is going LTE.
  19. I suppose I should get around to updating that map. So little free time these days.
  20. You lose water resistance and reception. I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade, unless the improved snappiness or looks are important to you.
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