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  1. Dog Shows (This is actually one of my sisters dogs)
  2. I have noticed some changes as well around the Seattle region. I am up North near Kenmore and Bothell and been seeing more drops.
  3. This whole merger process should be a new reality tv show. Just imagine the ratings it would get 😂
  4. I'm guessing we'll have a new president before this decision happens and then it will get delayed more 🙄. I just wish they would make a decision, I think either outcome will have pros and cons.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. For Sprint and T-Mobile to combine, they need to become a weaker 3rd player which in turns defeats the purpose of this entire merger. If the government wants the US to be a leader in 5G then they shouldn't need to divest any spectrum. The government either doesn't see it that way or they don't care. Sometimes I would really like to slap some sense into certain people.
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