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  1. Exactly this. Uploads should be a lot better on the 40MHz (or higher) channel, even with the current TDD configuration. This is why standalone NR should be iimportant for Sprint.
  2. Verizon also is showing pretty low upload speeds on 5G. Are they both just aggregating NR on an LTE carrier?
  3. Verizon won't let the cellular band leave its hands.
  4. I don't think Verizon every charged more for EVDO, Sprint just preferred everyone on 1X so they wouldn't use as much data.
  5. It's too early for Note 6 rumors. We will not have 8gb memory phones in 2016, somebody just made this up on a whim.
  6. I'm guessing a 2 year contract required for the tablet, like similar deals in the past.
  7. What you do with your phone is a drop of water in an ocean. You aren't going to skew any of Sprint's data one way or another. Sprint's engineers know about the propagation effects of cell phone cases, and have an idea about how many people use them.
  8. This new $50 plan is perfect for those who could only get service from Clearwire before.
  9. Wasn't a serious suggestion, I just sympathize with Sprint.
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