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  1. That's fine and dandy, but seeing so many N41 sites in Houston with only 200-300mbps total backhaul makes me frown. Not much point if T-Mobile isn't going to or is unable to supply the backhaul to support it. Every month I'm thinking more and more that backhaul is going to be biggest hurdle of the 5G race. There are previous Sprint N41 sites that were able to pull 500mbps+ that T-Mobile is colocated on and now deploying the same N41 themselves topping out at 200mbps at 2AM.
  2. No, the new T-Mobile boost sim cards do not roam onto Sprint. The old Sprint sims will roam on T-Mobile however.
  3. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/network/standalone-5g-launch
  4. Ah, I guess ATT has 10MHz of the PCS B block then? I assumed all of B was Verizon.
  5. Verizon would be getting the PCS E block in this scenario, which I'm sure they'd much prefer over their line 5x5 AWS-3. That actually moves Verizon from 5x5 AWS-3 & 15x15 in PCS, to 20x20 PCS. T-Mobile from 5x5 PCS & 5x5 AWS-3, to 10x10 AWS-3. Though the covered area of the PCS and AWS licenses are slightly different, I don't see any other swaps possible in the Houston area, except like you said if other markets are brought into the equation. The dream would be for the FCC to take up a forced spectrum defragmentation project across the country, and just force swaps to make ev
  6. In Houston, T-Mobile could probably get Verizon to swap their AWS-3 I block for T-Mobile's PCS E block, giving them both 10x10 contiguous. It sucks ATT has PCS F&C, which basically forces the G block to remain 5x5 for T-Mobile as I doubt ATT would ever want to move.
  7. This is in fort bend county, they have the entire 196MHz there.
  8. From that site on Monday. That brings the total of 2.5GHz currently deployed to 160MHz here (60MHz Sprint LTE, 40MHz T-Mobile LTE, 60MHz T-Mobile NR.) The N41 carrier was bringing in 300-350mbps download in great signal conditions, which is short of the 900 or so it's capable of. However, this could simply be a lack of backhaul at the site. The site kept my phone on a lone 5x5 B66 carrier for the LTE anchor (there is also a 20x20MHz LTE carrier deployed).
  9. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/network/tmobile-achieves-significant-5g-firsts The X55 modem can do VoNR (Done on T-Mobile with a OnePlus 8). I would expect T-Mobile to add VoNR via software update to all X55 phones once they have SA and VoNR ready on the network side.
  10. 2.5GHz install on a T-Mobile site in the Houston area: 29.7018566, -95.7397737 Site is only broadcasting two B41 LTE carriers, no N41 as of right now. Talked with the crew for a bit and the four of them are tackling four sites per day right now.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/hkm90h/chicago_nw_burbs_n41_bandwidth/ 40MHz of N41 live on a T-Mobile site in Chicago.
  12. I think T-Mobile is just wanting to reduce Sprint churn, an extra free line increases value and makes it harder to leave.
  13. I think they're just showing possible long term spectrum that could be used for 5G.
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