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  1. Any plan that specifically doesn't mention 1080p (~6mbps) or 1080p+ (unthrottled) is throttled down to to 480p (~2.5mbps) right now on TNX. This may be something T-Mobile tries to force down Sprint customer's throats, even though it's inconsistent with how they've treated their own customers with legacy plans before video streaming limits.
  2. Unless something has changed, you can still go back. There are still immediate needs to do so- activating a phone not eligible for TNX yet like a pixel 5 for instance. You just have to do it through chat/customer support as the online portal doesn't support going back to a Sprint sim.
  3. Makes sense to me for some sites to be mid band only if the density is really high.
  4. Your site probably only has something like 200 megabit backhaul. I've hit near 1gbps with TNX LTE+ 60MHz N41 on some sites, but some other sites barely break 100mbps at 2AM.
  5. It improved 5G NR coverage by no longer requiring a midband LTE anchor. Otherwise the coverage between LTE b71 and NR n71 is going to be pretty much the same.
  6. I think it's just a control issue on AT&T's end as far as their VoLTE whitelist is concerned. This may just be a way to only allow the select devices they decide to work on the network. Fun fact- you can take an AT&T sim out of a device that has VoLTE provisioning and move it to an "incompatible" device and VoLTE will work on that "incompatible" device for several minutes before AT&T's system updates with the new IMEI and kicks the phone off.
  7. I have the same question, how is this any different than the 311 490 PLMN being broadcast on both Sprint and T-Mobile sites that both Sprint and T-Mobile users already have access to? It already allows smooth handoffs between T-Mobile and Sprint sites.
  8. I would think SA N41 would only connect naturally as a handoff from SA N71, and only briefly before the phone switches back to NSA. I would guess the reason for SA N41 to start going live is for the next generation X60 devices which may prefer to stay in SA mode all the time, aggregating together N71+N41 (and N2/25/66 if T-Mobile deploys DSS).
  9. Yeah if you have the premium add on for your line, you shouldn't be throttled. I think your plan without the add on gives 1080P video, which matches the ~7mbps throttle you're currently seeing. If you have other lines on your plan that are still on Sprint sims, you could do some testing with them to see how they're currently working. I bet they're still combing through all the initial plans they allowed for TNX and are trying to set everything correctly.
  10. As of midnight CST, I no longer have any video throttle. 100mbps+ on fast.com. They fixed that a lot faster than I thought they would.
  11. Final question, when you dial #264#, what does it say? (it will tell you binge on status).
  12. Sorry, I'm just trying to make sure. Trying to gather information for the next ticket I open. Does the fast.com test actually finish? I'm trying to figure out what your throttle point is, and if those few seconds unthrottled are bringing your average mbps way up on what you're seeing.
  13. Are you actually getting 7mbps? Is that what the fast.com test finishes at? At least for me there first couple seconds of a test are unthrottled, before the 1.5mbps cap kicks in. Just trying to figure out if it's only certain plans having an issue with TNX, or if TNX currently has the same video throttle applied across the board.
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