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  1. I honestly forget already. If it doesn't give you the option to factory reset as soon as you disable, then it should when you re-enable. But yeah, the end result is that you need it enabled.
  2. I just got a Pixel 3 XL and couldn't activate RCS messaging, it would just stay stuck on setting up and verifying number. I activated it using eSim. I found that there were people on Rogers having same issue. The fix is to goto Settings > Apps & Notifications >See All > Carrier Services. When you click disable it'll give you an option to restore to factory. RCS worked immediately. Just in case anyone else runs into it.
  3. I'm not sure why you'd not just go with a standard pi3. If for nothing more than the fact that thats mostly what people are using and if you need help, it'll be there. FWIW, a Pi Zero is almost completely unusable for at least OP25, not sure how well it would do with other SDR stuff, likely not good.
  4. DMR is fun, lots of repeaters, and you can get personal "hotspots". DMR is also pretty active. If you wanna listen to the police, get an RTL-SDR.com blog SDR (software defined radio) dongle. You can pick one up on amazon. They're 25 bucks and scanners that can listen to P25 typically suck (outside of maybe unidens newest one) and cost well over 500. Then head on over to radioreference and figure out how to install boatbods OP25 fork and listen to the Tennessee Statewide P25 system if you're in Chattanooga. You can even use a raspberrypi to run OP25. With the SDR you can listen to both analog and digital signals, decode pager transmissions, track airplanes flying over your house and even feed that data to some websites. There is quite a bit going on with SDR. Lots of cool radios out there too, µBITX, all the Chinese DMR radios, and stuff that people are doing with SDR.
  5. Got an order confirmation email from sprint with an order number. Its really cool that they made the process so simple. I tried to get one back when they were first announced and got a denial email. More recently I used the online tool and it said I qualified, however I didn't bother to call in or anything. Then i got that email above, one click later and now I definitely have a MB on the way!
  6. I also have UPS mychoice, I was just trying to see if anyone actually got a MB from one of these emails.......
  7. Did you get any confirmation that yours is coming? Or any other indication that you actually have a MB coming? I received the same email, and I clicked the link but I've not gotten any indication that a MB is actually on the way. Nothing in my orders on my sprint account and nothing on my account showing a MB with a phone number. KInda weird that it's seemed so simple, click that link and it says MB is on the way, however it almost seems too simple and now it's been a few days with nothing showing, no more emails/calls/orders.
  8. @UCPD_Cal Reason #1042 why my motto is: Fuck The Police. https://t.co/oQhmZwfrq8

  9. @zillow are scumbags.. end of story. Pull some bullshit then don't even offer a meager ass corporate apology let alone a sincere one. Fuck u

  10. I can't seem to figure out for the life me how to switch to any "new" plans using the optimize tool or any other way. I did find the image above by staying logged in and going to shop for plan but once i click it things seem to be broken and I no longer have access to the plan that includes hotspot.
  11. RT @RodneyMute: As an officer I am so sick and drained of some cops doing things like this. You are making us all look bad. STOP. #Terence

  12. You guys are assholes, threatening a Facebook Group over predictions. @AMC_TV @TSDFArmy

  13. RT @robbysoave: Ohio University Wants to Impose Cultural Sensitivity Training After Students Wrote 'Trump 2016' on Free Speech Wall https:/…

  14. Ha! Amazon had good customer service? Right! You buy something, 4 pairs of socks. Get two. Chat sucks. Refund = to one pair, or return. Scam

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