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  1. oops i meant that you can but its not worth it because of streaming
  2. the magenta max is similar to the ed 1500. but the only problem with ed1500 is that you will not get 5g sa because of sprint sim. (that is if you have a 5g phone or will get a 5g phone in the near future) you should switch to the magenta max. for me, the the new magenta max is great but its one short of our ed1500. I have the option to buy new phones with 2 year contract pricing. With taxes and fees, I have preordered the 512gb s21 ultra for $971. no trade in or anything. full retail price is $1379 and with nyc sales tax it comes out to about $1500). we buy phones every year. one line's contract ended this year, next year the other line's contract ends, and etc.
  3. with a little search, i found the answer to my own question...lol. my fault for not reading the past posts. maybe ill do more testing with my mocn line and compare it to the roamahome lines. since mocn is temporary, how would they change the mocn and roamahome later? by forcing a tmobile sim or just firmware update to use 310260 plmn? maybe by that time, all sprint users will change to tmobiles own plans? 😕 my situation is just a little bit diff. since its not a personal account. but when the time comes i bet that tmobile wont care to honor the same features. they prolly will say to take their magenta 'business' plan or not. realistically speaking. i will cry when i have to lose my ed plan..lol esp with subsidized phone pricing... boohoo i know. i know. im such a baby haha
  4. yea i guess so. Im new to these things esp about networking. is tna separate code or its part of roamahome?
  5. I have switched one of my lines from roamahome to multocn. That line connects to sprint plmn as main (312530). When i force roam to tmobile bands, the phone(s20 ultra) switches the plmn to 311490 and not 310260. my line which is roamahome uses 310260 in tmobile bands. When forcing sprint bands, the phone(s21 ultra) uses sprint 312530. I am gonna try to see about mocn. The tech support says that multocn is mocn. but isnt mocn multocn in short? so multocn =mocn?
  6. yea its bs. ive escalated a ticket about the tnx and our plan. it wont go anywhere but its need to be done. i rather have no throttling than xxGB of hotspot, also. i havent tried the vpn. does it work well? and hows the latency?
  7. i was on tnx for a very short time because i couldnt handle the streaming. in the future, 5g sa will be widespread but for now nsa is good enough for me... i did love 5g sa when on tnx but my problem is that video streaming is capped. my streaming on my ed1500 is uncapped. i have youtube tv and when i need to watch it on the go, it just sucks on tnx. unusable. i went back on my sprint sim that has 312530 as hplmn. i didnt see any 312250 whenever i checked the servicemode. when i force b41. it uses the 312530. tmobile sites come up as 310260. whats the experiences on multocn and mocn so far, esp streaming?
  8. what the... lol im waiting for my package to come. when i ordered the phone, the order said that itll come with a diff type of sim. but i guess not. thanks for the heads up. ill update you guys once i get the package.
  9. I still have the ed1500 under a corporate-liable account. I still get the 2 year subsidy for all my lines. I am keeping this plan forever until they kick us out of it lol. I shouldnt be throttled or be deprioritized but it is happening on two of my tnx lines. I am probably gonna try to talk to both sprint ant tmobile about this. if anyone in a similar situation as me, lets figure this out
  10. i dont have any official confirmation or any sources about it. but on the tmobile site, it says that sprint users cannot access SA 5G https://www.t-mobile.com/support/devices/latest-sim-for-great-network-experience like you said, tmobile mayy do nsa ca but i doubt tmobile will want sprint users or roamers using their 5g with nr ca. i will def check it out when i get my s21 ultra. ill check with both sprint and tmobile sims. my posts are based on my anecdotal experiences. didnt mean to have you think i have straight facts. but someone i know has the lg velvet 5g. he can do nr ca only with tmobile sim. (tmo version with dimensity 1000c). he only could get 5g nsa with the sprint sim and no nr ca but lte ca with nsa.
  11. i dont know about nr ca entirely. but from what i can tell when using my s20 ultra with sprint sim, i was never able to connect to a standalone 5g.
  12. i do not know about ordering from samsung directly or through sprint via chat...sorry I got my TNX card for my s20 ultra at a tmobile store. its free. whichever sim you use, thats the primary network you would be using for 2g3g4g5g etc lol you just use the sprint sim to use sprint as primary but 5g will be only NSA. also you wont be able to take advantage of the new Qualcomm X60 modem. you could do ca with 5g SA in tmobiles network.
  13. its the tnx tmobile sim card. itll let you use tmobile as primary network. you will be able to use tmobiles sa 5g.
  14. i did also. ultra 512gb 😃
  15. im on native tmobile bands now. when i band select b41 in my s20 ultra, the phone shows it as roaming. i guess they are getting people off of b41 even on small cells. i leave it on b41 because noone is on it lol Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
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