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  1. You are being throttled. Sprint used to have a 4K option for your plan (still might) where it is truly unthrottled for I think $10/mo additional.
  2. I too was on 74. Updated and now on 76.
  3. Just wanted to chime in and say that my Pixel 4 XL RARELY connects to any T-Mobile towers in the Omaha/Lincoln/Council Bluffs market. Extremely rare.
  4. "set up"? are you saying that other phones that support the same bands as those can't be set up to run on T-Mo natively?
  5. Because those are the only phones you can completely (and semi-easily) disable Sprint bands on?
  6. It's parked on a weak B41, yes. It's pretty bad in the summer, probably because of the leaves, but not much better (upload especially) even when there aren't any. wish this thing would connect to any other band besides super fringe B41.
  7. It finally reconnected but it is SLOWWWWWWWWWWW..... 1.09 / 0.75
  8. My Magic Box Gold fell offline overnight and it won't connect back to the network after a couple tries. Could be a fluke or something else...
  9. I think Sprint is currently sending out the Pebble.
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