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  1. I know they are rolling out VOLTE on a market by market basis. Do you know if it's live already?
  2. This is possible. Any trucks or action going on @ the tower?
  3. My address also shows as "not available", however I was able to get 2 of them. If you boot them up in a working location, then take them back to my address, they work, but temporarily. After a while, they will do exactly what you are describing. I have since moved them to other locations where they are listed as "available" on that site and they work as they should. My 'guess' is that you lucked out in getting them to work as long as you did, but recently the loophole has been plugged?
  4. Your address shows "available" here? https://www.sprint.com/landings/magic-box-eligibility/index.html
  5. Can only hope the $$$ gets put into the network instead of the buildings going forward...
  6. Has a firmware update been pushed out to fix issues that were going on with the newest Magic Box Gold yet? I think it was supposed to enable wired backhaul too...
  7. Try it for the heck of it. Also, as you said, run a profile update and PRL update. Also switch between LTE recommended and Global if you have those options just for fun.
  8. What happens when you set your phone to LTE-only in a 3G area?
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